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  1. Maybe I’m just a worrier. But I’m worried about all four aspects of the 2023 Twins - and, if we sign Correa, the position player lineup is the least of those worries. In order: 1. Starting staff - sorry, but we have two decent starters on whom we can reasonably rely (and one of them, Gray, should not be expected to be healthy throughout the season). Might be able to get through the year on depth, but a true inning eating #3 would be a huge hedge on Mahle, Maeda, and Ober. 2. Relief staff - Four or five fairly reliable one inning guys. Lopez is a big if. With a two times through the order starter strategy, our depth needs augmenting by at least two/three solid additions. 3. Coaching staff - Rocco has not proven he and his staff can develop young talent or keep the players on the field. In addition, his in game decision making needs to be a net 5 wins vs. a net 5 losses over the season (can’t back up that stat with data, but it feels like about that). 4. Sign Correa and a catcher - no worries then.
  2. Even if Lewis is healthy you still pay up for Correa. No brainer. 2024 starting infield is Lewis (3B), Correa (SS), Lee (2B), Arraez (1B) and Miranda (DH and primary utility infielder). Those five players should essentially be in the lineup every day. That infield has decent defense, a good mix of hitting for power, average and OBP, and great interchangeability/flexibility. Oh, and even with Correa and Arraez, it’s very affordable.
  3. It’s an interesting bidding situation. On one hand you have four sellers. If there are five or more buyers willing to purchase any of the four (even not necessarily at the same price), and it appears there are, then it most likely will maximise the value of the last seller to wait until the end. From a buyer’s perspective, you may want to overpay slightly early in the process so as to avoid having to overpay if it appears you may get shut out in the musical chairs at the end (and particularly if you are marginally more budget conscious than the other bidders), It behooves the Twins to slightly over pay early in the process for their top target. For Boras, he very possibly may find himself in a conflicted situation in that the interests of each of his clients are not necessarily aligned - not that he cares, However, if one, on the margin, would prefer one buyer over the others, his best strategy as the agent for two sellers is to get one deal done early at a slight over pay with the seller with a preference and then build greater value as the sellers diminish for his second client.
  4. Innings Pitched by Starter Projection - Most to Least Ryan (solid, healthy season upcoming) FA/Trade (we need an innings eater SP) Gray (solid season with one or two IL stints) Maeda (gets ramped up but he’s had his surgery) Ober (in and out as the #5) Mahle (oft injured - very sad) Winder (spot starter out of the pen) Varland (call up starter) SWR (call up starter) Paddack. (DNP)
  5. I’m actually way more worried about Mahle than Maeda; Kenta has had his surgery. Sorry to be Debbie Downer, but in terms of innings pitched in 2023, there is a strong chance Maeda>Mahle. Winder, Varland and SWR need their chance this year. And they will get it. But none of those young guys is an every fifth day guy looking at 30+ starts. In fact, only Gray and Ryan out of our pencilled in starting five (with Mahle, Maeda and Ober) could be expected to play that role and Gray really doesn’t have the history. Therefore, 1. Maeda is absolutely a starter until a) the rotation proves it’s durability and/or b) Kenta doesn’t perform; and 2. the Twins absolutely need to add a durable, inning eating #2-4 SP.
  6. Hope Mahle gets healthy and contributes - CES and Steer was a big price. Even if both of them were blocked and/or had a hole in their games, the return for those two needs to produce.
  7. Couldn’t agree more. C’s ideal, B works, A is we are looking to 2024.
  8. No doubt - not even close. Marshall was very good for a long, long time. I was only referring to the rationalisation for getting hit.
  9. A lockdown pen, given our “two times through the order” starter strategy and one dimensional, low run scoring offense is a must if we even remotely want to contend. I’ve got the under on Pagan being a key part of a lockdown pen. The argument for Pagan reminds me a bit of the old Mike Marshall days. He’d blow a save and his pedantic response was usually ‘Hey, he hit a quality pitch”. Yeah, a quality pitch that cost us the game. Pagan sounds like the new Mike Marshall except Pagan fortunately doesn’t get 90 appearances in a season.
  10. The “M” hates are horrible. Just flat out horrible. I’m just trying to imagine Pagan wearing one - what a nightmare that is. Buxton looks like a stud in the Twin Cities uni. I think that will be a best seller and a smart move by the club.
  11. Just saw that the FO had Polanco modelling the new uniforms alongside Miranda, Buxton, Arraez, and Ryan. Polanco stays until the deadline.
  12. Two down (Sano and Urshela) and one more (Kepler) and possible another (Polanco) to go. Cleaning house, redeploying cash, and making room for young players. Things are just starting…..
  13. 100% expected. Had them tendering all eight, so the trade of Urshela was the only mild surprise. Four of the tendered players were pitchers the Twins acquired in trades. For each, some of the “value” was the tender option so that each could be on the club through at least 2023. So the FO doubles down on their trades even though all four have been major disappointments to date. We shall see if any of them meaningfully contribute to the Twins. I’m pulling for each of them - but, to be honest, I’ve got the under on all four. Hope I’m wrong.
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