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  1. The bullpen implosion was a disaster - unfortunately, not that unexpected of this club. I mean, we are kinda getting used to it, right? Pagan is, like, 9/15 in save situations. The thread will focus on this I’m sure. However, the little things from the position players once again bit this team in the rear. Arraez’s throwing error in the first was unnecessary and led to a run. Celestino not picking up the 3rd base coach and stopping at second likely cost the Twins another run. That’s a net two runs, proving costly. No need to even mention the passed ball. We need to clean up these little things because they are having a big impact. Our relief corp isn’t strong enough to overcome these mental mistakes in the field, at the plate, and on the base paths.
  2. I used “showboating” which might be a bit harsh, although he certainly was “admiring” his hit. Regardless of whether he thought it was a dinger, a foul, or two perfect throws nabbed him, you run hard out of the box. We’ve all been taught that since tee ball and your team is playing your top nemesis in a close divisional race for goodness sake. Hey, but no harm no foul. I like the kid and hopefully he was reminded of a good lesson. So go get ‘em today Jeffers!
  3. So much to like in this game. There are lots of ups and downs in a season, but right now our starting staff is very solid. Also, just for the psyche, it was a superb bounce back win, Now to nitpicking. We still need to clean up our mental errors. Jeffers showboating out of the box instead of running hard led to him getting thrown out at second. Then on the next pitch, Miranda gets picked off third on a failed Celestino safety squeeze. Instead of 2nd and 3rd with no outs, we had nobody on and two outs. Luckily, these mental lapses didn’t come back to haunt us as similar ones have in the past. If we truly want to contend, we will need to be mentally tougher. Great win though after a disappointing morning.
  4. It’s perfectly ok to question some of Rocco’s moves when his strategies don’t work. It also is appropriate to give him credit when they do. Having Pagan up and ready if needed in the 6th was a good move as was having him come in to finish the inning. That move may have saved the game. Good move Rocco. Also, several people commented yesterday about Archer’s pitch count. Rocco is making a good call saving him for later in the year. It’s not clear Maeda will make it back and we have a number of young guys who might be near their ideal yearly innings count come September. Another good strategy by Rocco.
  5. Geez, let’s not be so touchy everyone. I’m sorry for pointing out that we didn’t move a single lead off batter on first over, despite having 5 opportunities in the first 8 innings in a close one run game. That’s a managerial decision. It didn’t work out. I didn’t say fire Rocco or that he’s an idiot or that he’s a bad person. I just said that his strategy did not work and he has to be held accountable for that. After all, it’s his call. The Rockies successfully hit and run with one out and a guy on first - who made it to third on the play and then scored the winning run on a infield grounder fielders choice. I’m sorry if it upsets some of you that some of us would like to see the Twins, who have been shut out a league leading number of times and seem to struggle to score runs some nights, try to use a bit more small ball to manufacture a run or two in tight, low scoring games. It’s just an opinion from someone who watches every game and cheers hard for the Twins at all times. I think we all want to the same thing - to see the Twins win! It’s ok to disagree about the manner in which we hope to see that accomplished.
  6. Actually, I take back everything I wrote on this thread. Rocco had probably predetermined that he was using Duffy in this game come hell or high water. Therefore, in his mind, moving a runner into scoring position in a tight game would have been fruitless. He thought a big inning would be our only hope. So once Duffy making an appearance was inevitable, did Rocco really have a choice? Lol.
  7. Sorry, but in a close game like this one clearly was shaping up to be, moving a runner into scoring position with a man on first and no outs is paramount. Can anyone really argue with this tried and true baseball paradigm? The Twins had five chances to do so in the first eight innings. The fact that no efforts to steal, sacrifice or hit and run were taken is a managerial decision. So yes, I blame Rocco for at least not trying to move the those runners up. Remember, the Rockies scored their only run as a consequence of a successful hit and run. So their manager took a chance and ours didn’t.
  8. The issue tonight was the inability to move a lead off runner on first over to scoring position. They had five opportunities in the first eight innings tonight. Not once were they able to accomplish that time proven demand on a hitter with the first two batters following the lead off batter. The only time they got a runner in scoring position was on a throwing error in the eighth with two outs. Sorry, but that is inexcusable on two fronts: 1) batter execution and 2) managerial strategy. Both are all to common to this team. Would it hurt Rocco to just try to manufacture a run once in a while? So yes, I blame Rocco for this one too.
  9. Well, after watching these two games, I’d say it’s likely we are sellers at the deadline. It’s not because we lost these two games per se - although they both were horrific losses. Rather, it’s because it’s very clear that the Guardians are a better ball club. With respect to hitting, the two clubs are probably pretty similar, although the Twins probably have the edge if Buxton is mashing versus flailing. The Guardians staff is demonstrably better, with the most significant difference in the bullpen arms. At the moment it’s hard to say if the Twins even have one shut down arm (maybe Duran). The Guardians have several. The key to a truly contending club is a shut down pen (many of us TDers have been raising this point constantly). The Twins do not have a shut down pen and have no hopes of having one unless they raid their prospects at the deadline. The Guardians pen has had shutdown performance and looks like it has legs for the rest of the season, Fielding wise, the last two games show how many little mental mistakes we make. Rocco has never developed a mentally strong fielding team. It was our bugaboo last year and it’s starting to rear it’s head again, Don’t focus on the actual errors - that stat is misleading. Focus on the little league mental mistakes (Larnach throwing home in the 9th was the sole reason the winning run scored later in the inning) - there are just too many of them day in and day out. And now we are also developing a mental block about finishing off games. Finally, Francona is a better manager. That actually counts for a lot - probably 6-12 games a year. Rocco’s in game strategic decisions are simply too often mistakes. The last two games are just the most recent examples of this blinding statement of the obvious. We have a fun team. Love to watch them. But the Guardians have the better club - pretty much across the board. Hope we turn things around - things can change. But the sad truth is that Guardians are better constructed to contend than the Twins.
  10. Nick, after my booster I immediately contracted tinnitus. I have permanently lost 50% of my hearing in my left ear and have the constant sound of static in the ear. It is INCREDIBLY debilitating. I’m told it will never go away. According to my internist, my ENT doc, and my wife’s cancer drs., this is a documented long term side effect of the Pfizer shots and is prevalent in a higher percentage of people than is being reported. None of those physicians are anti-vaxxers, in fact, just the opposite. And I’m not either. But the risk is not zero and is likely as high or higher than my risk of long-term health issues from getting Covid - particularly these latter strains. I am a mid 50s active male in great shape and no morbidities and my remaining years will be significantly negatively impacted by my decision to get the booster. Just an FYI from an incredibly reasonable person.
  11. Great points and I know you never meant anything to sound derogatory. You have a tough job and you do it well. Peace my friend.
  12. Brock, I graciously recognised your role and its inherent difficulties. But there really is no need for you to continue to denigrate the very people who come to this site and make it what it is. I don’t consider myself or anyone else on this site a “Random Joe” and you know nothing of my reputation or “motives” (whatever that means). I’m pretty sure if we ever met, we’d be pretty decent friends. You’ve made your point - the car is off the lot so there is no need to keep selling. That’s just some friendly advice from someone who cares about this community.
  13. Brock, I didn’t mean to contribute to setting off a fire storm when you felt the need to comment about deleting some posts (mine included). Some might have enjoyed what I wrote, but others might not have. Although it didn’t contain any bad words or it wasn’t critical of anyone on the TD or the TD itself, it’s your call as the moderator. It’s a tough, thankless job. I get it. I’m glad I’m not doing it. So no biggie - I’m out of this politics thread (I’m really sick of the whole damn thing anyway and there is just no upside in it - it just causes dissension on the TD and I’m mad I got suckered into it this morning by Stu’s post) and will head back to the baseball posts and focus on our Twins.
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