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  1. Read on the game thread that by the 5th inning the Mariners had a 94% chance of victory, the Twins - 0%. I suppose the other 6% belonged to the probability that Mt. Rainier would erupt and cover the ballpark in volcanic flow. Soooo, an inanimate pile of rock had a greater probability of a winning outcome than the Twins. Wonder if it can pitch....
  2. One of if not the best Twins rotations ever - Kaat, Grant, Pascual and Perry.
  3. Neither Vallimont nor Faucher have pitched particularly well. I would go with a couple of BP arms first - Cano, Moran and possibly Mason.
  4. Probably preferable to throwing wind without caution....
  5. Absolutely broke my heart when Calvin gave Rod away, but losing Lyman was also a crushing blow.
  6. I dunno. A couple of guys in the front office he's been fooling for a while.
  7. That revamped slider tamed a couple of those dingers keeping them in the city limits. Otherwise they may have killed a few people in Duluth.
  8. What became of Vodka Dave? Saw little of him after the Dozier to the Dodger trade speculation.
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