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  1. Nice job on the post. One of the best trades in Twins history, landing Jim Perry. Vic Power was also a great trade acquisition, coming with Dick Stigman in exchange for Pedro Ramos.
  2. Luis came to the Twins along with Stan Williams who was absolutely lights out in 1970. The Twins gave up Dean Chance, Graig Nettles, Ted Uhlaender and Bob Miller. Chance, one of the Twins' best pitchers ever in his brief stay was nearing the end of his career due to injuries. Nettles....ouch. Twins traded the wrong brother.
  3. You are correct that both the Yankees & Mets prospects are constantly overvalued, however Mike is correct that the Yankees do have 3 highly valued minor leaguers at this time in Volpe, Peraza and Dominguez.
  4. Both Tony and Kitty have been criminally underappreciated by the baseball community. Along with Rod and Harmon, they were great players on some of the Twins' very best teams. Territorial bias at it's worst...
  5. Barraclough, Farrell, Albers and E. Garcia have also elected to become free agents.
  6. I would first look at a Brian Bridges and Roy Clark tandem.
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