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  1. I would first look at a Brian Bridges and Roy Clark tandem.
  2. Always thought Lewis and Martin were at their best together. Glad to hear they reconciled...
  3. Looks like Alcala is playing the part of Phil Regan tonight. Ah c'mon, I know some of you have to be that old....
  4. Think so but I really can't remember. (Not so) premature senility..
  5. Remind me again how many warning points I get...............
  6. Had something to add but got distracted by Tom's picture at the bottom of the page. Thought I had wandered onto 7th Avenue during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade....
  7. They have updated player values minutes to hours after trades to reflect the large discrepancies in returns. Check the changes in the Yankee prospects sent to Texas for Gallo among others. Fun site to provoke thought but not remotely close.
  8. It will be interesting to see the development paths of Martin, Groshans and Martinez. Hope we identified the best one.
  9. Actually SWR was doing extremely well, especially for a 20 year old in AA until his last 4 starts.
  10. Pearson, Groshans & Otto Lopez for Berrios + although I am really intrigued by Orelvis Martinez & SWR.
  11. Gore is an enigma. Can this organization fix him? That also is a real consideration. That's why Lange plus possibly Elliott would need to come back to mitigate the risk. I would be a bit surprised if SD moved on from Gore at this point. If not, you can possibly pivot to Campusano - not a need but makes one of the three catchers a very enticing trade chip. It's all about building assets at the moment.
  12. Abrams would be a nice get, but I was thinking more Hassell/Gore/Lange/Rosario for Berrios+(Duffey? Rortvedt?)
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