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  1. Martin tearing up the AFL so far. Batting .500 with a 1231 OPS and 4 SB's too. Wow. If he breaks out, huge shot in the arm for the Twins O and makes the Berrios trade look very good for the home town squad....
  2. I want to try Urshela and Gordon at SS until we see what we have in Lewis and his recovery. I don't want to dump money in that position unless it is for an elite player, e.g., Correa. Otherwise, use that money for a right-handed hitting OF and a Catcher, plus whatever pitching you can find that doesn't break.
  3. Per ESPN, Correa is opting out after a strong season and at "the peak of his career". No surprise whatsover, but there it is. He also is careful not to burn bridges with Minny, indicating he enjoyed his season and is open to returning. Just get a Brinks Truck lined up. (OK, I added that last part).
  4. I would like the trade, but substitute Meyer for Lopez. We trade good bats for a good arm. We need the arm, they need the bats. Fair re-allocation of resources for both teams. All players have years of team control for both squads.
  5. Like the trade ideas, seems too light for Montas and Puk. Don't want to trade Festa until we see one more season of development. Young man has chance of being special. But these are along the lines I was thinking.
  6. I don't think anyone can look at the Twins objectively and believe they can compete with the Yankees or the Astros even if they hold on to make the playoffs. (I know the Braves did it last year, but they had pitching.) I believe the Twins need to be both sellers and buyers at the deadline. They should explore trades of Correa, Archer, Bundy and any of their rental relievers that draw interest. They should try and convert some of their depth in position players for pitchers with long-term control, e.g., convert Miranda/Steer/Martin types (not all 3) for a player like Bednar. They have more hitting depth than quality pitching depth. Thoughts?
  7. Barring injury, Correa is gone. Unless you think the Twins are going to pony up a monstrous, long-term contract. Which they shouldn't and will not do. Boras is going to maximize Correa's income and security. And he should, and he will.
  8. I would not want to trade for any of the 3 "short-timer" Oakland SP's unless you have permission to work out a long-term deal with their agents before the trade. Twins are not in a position to be in the 1 or 2 year rental market, and I have zero confidence the team will sign extensions for these players unless it is agreed to ahead of the trade.
  9. Congrats to Jose. Disappointed that the Twins did not think he was worth this $20M/year for an extension. 7 years is certainly risky, but he has been amazingly durable. Time will tell. Thor also gone on a one-year deal for $21M. Big money, but only one year protects against injury risk. Again, seems like a deal that would have been affordable for the Twins, although we are not on the West Coast, either. Agree with poster above: This is a black day for the Twins, and FA so far has been lousy. Nowhere to go but up, right?
  10. Lefty Rodriquez to the Tigers for 5/80, so $16M per year AV. Tigers are going to be good this year, especially if they land Correa, too.
  11. Since it is not my money anyways, I would offer Verlander 2/50, and hope he has returned to form. He, when healthy, is the stud we have not had in many years. Backfill the rest of the rotation, preferably with trade with the Marlins for one of their young arms. If it takes a 3rd year option of some type for Verlander, so be it.
  12. The reporting from late last summer is that there was agreement on the base guaranteed salary, but disagreement on the incentives. Have no idea how far apart the two sides were, but that sure sounds like something that could be hammered out if both sides are interested in getting a deal done. Twins FO should be happy to pay the incentives if achieved, and BB gets long-term financial security no matter what happens. Sounds like a Win-Win.
  13. If Gray is the big pitching acquisition, needle does not move much. If he is the second or third SP added, sure. GIven a choice between Gray at $10M x 3 or 4 seasons and Pineda at $7-8M x2, prefer Big Mike. Happy to have both if there is someone else ahead of them.
  14. Verlander, assuming he is back from TJ surgery, big yes, but he will be highly sought after. Kershaw, no thanks. I think he is done, and may just retire.
  15. They lose Cruz's salary, Berrios last arb salary, and assorted FA/non-tendered players with total savings of well over $30M. They need to sign Buxton. If not, get a haul for him and pray he doesn't turn into Willie Mays for some other team. I like the idea of trading with the Marlins for some of their SP depth. Young and talented players there. I am neutral on trading Kepler. He is earning his contract, but not exceeding it, and we have other corner OF prospects deserving opportunities to play. Donaldson is also earning his contract. So unless a trade offer brings real value, he should be kept at 3rd. Chris Taylor seems like a total gamer. Not sure on his defensive metrics at SS, or whether he is capable of playing there FT. This will be a very interesting off-season, starting with the CBA negotiations which could lead to major changes.
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