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  1. Established MLB Pitching is expensive. Maeda is a good pitcher, and the Twins will miss him.
  2. Kepler raked in the second half of 2023. Raked. Like 4th best in all of baseball raked. I would not be shopping him at all, as I would rather try and extend him. However, if they can't extend him and someone gives up good trade value for a year of Kepler, so be it.
  3. Glasnow is the opposite of what this FO is looking for. He is expensive and not controlled. This FO wants inexpensive starting P's with multiple years of control. Glasnow is headed to a big market team like the Dodgers.
  4. Me, I am thinking the opposite direction, at least for exploration. I would approach Kepler and his agent with a 2 year extension offer, something like 2/!12.5M. If he takes it, RF is locked up for the future. If he declines, explore the trade market for him. This FO has shown the propensity to trade established players in their last year when the FO determines they will not offer the QO at the end of the year. Kepler--unless he absolutely mashes in 20240--does not justify the QO.
  5. I strongly suspect one of those Seattle starters are going to cost the Twins Lee. They probably ask for Lewis and the Twins decline. Lee plus Kepler should get them in the door. That would be a tough decision.
  6. I would do this deal if the price was reasonable. I would not give up ERod, but would consider a package of other players. The reason I feel the Twins need to keep ERod is due to Buxton's health, or lack thereof.
  7. All this discussion about Julien vs. Lee as long-term pieces, and which to trade, brings to mind the whole Buxton issue. Consider: If the Twins had the DH spot open, they could have 5 excellent IF's rostered with Lewis, Correa, Polanco, Julien and Kiriloff. They would have the flexibility to rotate one of them to DH every game to minimize work load and keep everyone fresh. This would benefit Correa's PF, Lewis' knee, Kiriloff's wrist/shoulder, etc. You still have Famer and Castro for injury backups. And Lee is waiting in the wings unless he forces the issue with Spring Training performance. But Buxton needs to either play CF or stay on IR for all this to work. Me, I would like to keep both Julien and Lee at this point and see what the Twins can find in FA pitching instead. Roster construction is so much fun to speculate about.....
  8. Boy, on Woodruff, I cannot think of a more worrisome injury than the throwing shoulder of a MLB starting pitcher. The repetitive wear and tear on that joint while healthy is extreme; post-surgery it is a total cr*pshoot whether he can pitch again, effectively.
  9. Trivino worth a shot if cheap. Don't want any LH former power hitters with no defensive position and high K rates.
  10. Minimal trade value. More value--IMO--to go into Spring Training and let the chips fall as they will. Injuries, slumps, other trades could all impact his value to the Twins' roster in 2024. He may continue to blossom and make the roster at a very economical price.
  11. If Lee's bat plays its way into the MLB lineup, IMO you slide him into 2B. The value is that he can play both SS and 3B, too, which many 2B cannot. Does anyone expect Correa and Lewis to play 162 games next year? I sure don't. I suspect--unless he tears it up in Spring Training--that Lee starts the year in AAA and is the first infielder called up. Whether the Twins deal from their IF depth to bolster the rest of the lineup is TBD.
  12. Larnach needs to stay healthy and hit breaking balls more consistently. He also needs the opportunity to do so. Right now, he appears blocked, but we are months away from opening day; injuries/trades/signings can all change that. Can trade him now, likely trading at low value.
  13. Of course I don't want the Twins to lose talent. I find it disappointing we don't have more pitchng talent to lose! :)
  14. Sabato does not seemed destined to ever be a MLB caliber player, unfortunately. I would have been very surprised if they HAD added him to the 40 man. Prato is borderline. Hellman very borderline. Martin and ERod no brainers. Disappointing that we did not have more eligible players to protect.
  15. No idea whether the FO was able to insure all or part of Buxton's contract. If he can't play, they can submit for reimbursement. The other option is to convert his contract into, effectively, an annuity to spread his income out over his remaining lifetime, decreasing his annual tax liability. Lots of creative options. The best thing for everyone would be to find out the plica really was the source of his discomfort, and he is healthy enough to play CF next year on a semi-regular basis. I put that at about 10-20% probability.
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