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  1. There was a brief moment in time when my favorite Twins player currently on the team was Bobby Randall. Those were dark, dark times. All-time, Kirby, Carew, Hrbek, with Buxton closing fast. I remember standing screaming in my apartment in California after Herbie took Ken Dayley deep in '87, What an incredible moment. Definitely topped by "And we'll see you tomorrow night!" four years later. I too did the Carew batting stance. Didn't work as well for me, but I felt pretty cool.
  2. There's a new standard: if Harold Baines made the Hall, X should go in. OK, that's not my standard, but whaddya gonna do? It's a thought experiment. X definitely includes Nathan and Hunter. Not AJ, and not Morneau. I'm only sorry about one of those last two. If you take Morneau's talent and put it in AJ's games played you'd have a surefire HOFer.
  3. Hamster necks are not conducive to a good bobblehead, though. The BUDDY headband doesn't work either.
  4. Good article, but I believe you missed Buddy the Elf. Agreed, 75 games without a loss, half of them with a team who seldom won, has to be worthy of some kind of career memento. Imagine a whole stadium full of fans wearing headbands that said "BUDDY". Wouldn't that be heart-warming?
  5. Moving to pitchers- Mike Marshall, age 36 in 1979. Led the leage in games, games finished, and saves. 142.2 IP in 90 games. ERA+ of 166. Jerry Koosman, age 36 in 1979, 20-13, 263.2 IP, ERA+ of 130.
  6. I'd like to know the predictions made by the owners, the player's union, and the American Medical Association so I can take the average. I sure hope he gets to play 131 games, that would be a really good summer. However it works out, Buck deserves to be on the field.
  7. My comment is a bit off track, but the A's had this problem when they weren't trading off stars, too. I lived in the Bay Area for most of the 80s, when they were a team of stars, and traded for/signed very good players. No one went to the games then, either. I went to Opening Day in 1988- they had a great team with huge hype. Walked up, bought tickets sat in the bleachers that were one-third full. There were always good tickets available for A's games. It wasn't a terrible stadium, either, though of course my baseline was the Metrodome.
  8. I don't know who on earth would have predicted that Wade would hit 18 homers. I don't blame them for trading him, especially given that he was left-handed. I do wish they would have gotten a player that had some actual value, though. That's the real mistake to me.
  9. Yeah, of course the Mets would do that trade again. They basically gave up Gomez about four years before he was any good and nothing else. Phenomenal trade. It does point out the risk of a free agent contract, though. One good year and a few memories for $130+ million, signing a guy with no history of injuries. Yikes. Glad it's not my money.
  10. Yeah, Doug Corbett was a good player for the Twins, sorry to lose him, but very happy with the return on that trade. Big Shane Mack fan, too. Jim Holt...not so much. Making matters worse, one year it seemed like every pack of baseball cards I bought had a Jim Holt in it.
  11. Thanks, this was an interesting look back. Gonsalves- totally agree, I had high hopes for him and busted. Baddoo- was surprised they left him available, was surprised he was taken, was really surprised with the results. I'm predicting a big sophomore slump. Wade- didn't mind trading him, but I wish it had been for someone who might actually be a major league pitcher someday. Littell- also agree, I always liked him and was surprised they let him go.
  12. He wasn't really a short-timer (300 ABs over parts of 3 years), but like Rick Dempsey, his time with the team was far too short. He was one of four players (including Dean Chance) traded to the Indians for a half-season of Luis Tiant and a season and a half of Stan Williams: Graig Nettles 6 All-Stars, 2 Gold Gloves, 390 HRs, 67.9 WAR, 2nd all-time in assists from 3B
  13. One of my earlier memories is going to Met Stadium with my Dad and sitting in the grandstand behind home plate. We almost never went to games, so I have a very clear memory of this one. It was all so exotic. Dad seldom listened to games, but when I was a kid I had a portable radio so I would sit in the backyard and listen to the day games. It might have been Herb Carneal that made me fall in love. What a guy, what a voice. Hello again everyone, and a pleasant good afternoon to you!
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