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  1. Three positions- 3rd, 1st, and outfield. Or should we say that the outfield played him? It was a bad experiment.
  2. I'm happy for Jake Cave. He's done yeoman work at AAA after being a big leaguer, glad to see him having some success. That triple last night was a big hit, at least for my blood pressure.
  3. Happ managed a 2.22 ERA with the Cardinals in August, then regressed to a 5.96 ERA in September and appears to be out of baseball. A sudden change, but a pretty short one. I hope Duffey can turn it around and get back to big leagues eventually, ideally in the National League. He's a lot younger than Happ.
  4. Very true. Jax and Megill both had blown saves in that game where the White Sox kept coming back and finally won. Still, 19 blown saves is a terrible sign, even though it thankfully doesn't mean 19 losses.
  5. I'm a little surprised about Cotton, but realistically I was ready to DFA him last week. I shouldn't let a couple of good innings against the Tigers persuade me of anything. Pagan's a tease. Such great stuff- if we could just help him harness it...I'm willing to keep trying, at least in low-pressure situations.
  6. Given his last month, yeah I hope that Cleveland claims Smith too. If not them, then the White Sox please.
  7. He looked safe to me. Beside, I think I am only a jinx when I enter the chat. Staying shouldn't hurt. I'll let you know in three innings how that works out.
  8. The Twins are ahead when I enter the thread, and immediately give up run(s). This is not the first time this has happened. I am The Jinx.
  9. Hosmer to Boston so that question is resolved.
  10. True, but it might depend on if another major leaguer gets traded instead of him, Who it is might have some ramifications, I would think. My guess is those players support his right to get paid, but they want to win a World Series too and he might not be all that crucial to the cause.
  11. Snell...Hosmer...Snell...Hosmer...yeah you're right.
  12. Tough position for Hosmer. He has every right to enforce his no-trade clause and he has to look out for his best interests. He made his money, but he can't be in a good mental space. Three years left, they yank him for better defense, they've been trying to trade him for years, and there will be some frustration with office/teammates/fans that he wouldn't negotiate and then go to DC. Now he's there, waiting to get the call that someone on his ok-to-trade list has agreed to take him for a couple of cracked bats and salary relief. Sure, he's cashing his checks, but it's a big comedown from KC World Series hero. This must be about as close as MLB gets to the trades in the NBA where someone is valuable only because their contract is expiring and it creates future cap space.
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