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  1. That might be- Steve Stone was basically done after his Cy Young year and says he knew he was throwing too many curves and wrecking his elbow, but as he said, you don't get many chances to win a Cy Young. On the other hand, you have guys like Frank Tanana who were fireballers, got hurt, and then started throwing breaking balls because they no longer had heat. I suppose different injuries lead to different outcomes. I think he had a shoulder problem, though I'm not sure I remember that correctly.
  2. There were an awful lot of guys back in the day who had a really good three-year run and then were never the same. Consider Dave Boswell from the Twins. 19 years old in 1964, 23 IP. Worked his way up to 106 IP, then 169, then 222, 190, and in 1969 he threw 256 innings at age 24. Went 20-12 with 10 complete games, ERA+ of 115. That was it- he threw a total of 130 innings over the next 4 years. Career over at age 24. He said that his career effectively ended when he threw a slider to Frank Robinson in the tenth inning of a game (he lost 1-0 in 11 innings).
  3. And we were all so looking forward to putting 2020 behind us. Be careful what you wish for, I guess. Good luck, Mr. Enlow, I hope the recovery goes well and perhaps you are fortunate to be able to sit out the rest of this train wreck.
  4. Absolutely inept in the field, no clutch hitting, no apparent thinking. Granted, there are a lot of injuries, but can't even minor leaguers generally be expected to catch and throw the ball accurately most of the time? Reliever has a great inning, hey he threw 12 pitches, gotta get him out of there so we can bring in...anyone. Ridiculous. I continue to believe that Astudillo has no business being on a major league team (I know, everyone loves him etc), but he's just one problem in a whole broken toolbox right now. Just think what the score would have been if the Yankees were hit
  5. Would the last healthy Twins player please turn out the lights when he leaves the dugout? Thanks.
  6. These games were closer than the Twins game??? The Falklands War was closer than this game. The "war" also lasted 72 days, roughly as long as the first two innings last night and hopefully about as long as Shoemaker's career with the Twins. (The United Kingdom vs. Argentina in 1982, for you young 'uns.)
  7. Happy to trade Donaldson for anyone who might be able to help us in the next few years. That does not include anyone mentioned in this article.
  8. My understanding was that Donaldson would make us a better team, as long as he could stay on the field. I believe that I was badly misled.
  9. New Twins strategy: pitch a shutout, have a chance. I've never been this disappointed in a Twins team, ever. Very short time left to man up and right the ship.
  10. Arraez in left, Rooker in right, and Astudillo at second. Run, Byron, Run!!!
  11. I don't understand how LoDuca could even make that claim since it was so easy to disprove. Why would he make that up? I'd love to know if there was a kernel of truth there or if it is just the result of concussions. Maybe Country Joe will take his money and retire, leaving baseball in a potentially better place. There's been some pretty bad umpiring so far this season, so replacing him might not be as much of an upgrade as I'd like to think. I don't think he's a terrible ball and strike guy, compared to some others. He just thinks he's the show. At least a robot is unlikely to change its dem
  12. Gagne was very solid with a strong arm. Simmons appears to have far more range and surer hands. I don't think there's any real comparison, and I thought Gagne was a good player.
  13. Some updates from yesterday's Former Twins Showcase (Detroit vs. Cleveland): Eddie Rosario, 0-4, 1 K OPS .542 Robbie Grossman, 3-4, HR, RBI, K OPS .933 Niko Goodrum, 0-3, OPS .649 Akil Baddoo, 0-3, K OPS 1.165 In Colorado, CJ Cron, 0-4, 3 K, OPS .504 In LA, Sam Clay, 1.2 IP, 2 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1 K (his first two games were excellent)
  14. And so darn unpredictable these days. How did those guys pitch 300 innings a year all those years? I guess maybe the answer is we only remember the survivors. Or they mainly threw fastballs.
  15. Randy Rosario was another guy some here were really gnashing their teeth over losing. So hard to tell who's going to make it and whether it's for more than a year (or even just a few appearances). Glad my industry is more predictable.
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