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  1. You forgot to mention Kyle Gibson and Lance Lynn getting grabbed by the Cardinals. Although I have no idea what that means, except I'll be betting the over in Total Runs Allowed.
  2. Sure, the guy has an OPS+ of 167 at age 26, and the Twins refuse to sign him to a new deal. Probably too expensive. Cheap Pohlads! Just had to say it.
  3. I look forward to him coming to camp in The Best Shape Of His Life (tm)
  4. Gotta give Louie another chance as a starter. He'll still be a really good bullpen piece later. We, and everyone else on the planet, needs starters more.
  5. I'm more than OK with trading for a very good pitcher, but I would need to see a really good deal before trading for someone with just one year before free agency.
  6. It's also interesting to see what those teams did in July. Texas traded for: Jordan Montgomery Max Scherzer along with Kevin Plawecki (who was later released), Chris Stratton, and Austin Hedges Arizona traded for: Paul Sewald Tommy Pham Jace Peterson along with Peter Strzelecki
  7. Keith Law has a piece in The Athletic on his recent week at the AFL and some players that caught his eye. No Twins were mentioned. He bemoaned the dismal state of AFL pitching overall.
  8. Kiriloff has to be injured again or they couldn’t have made the change.
  9. TRIGGER WARNING Eddie Rosario, 2017-2020 Twins: 5/23. .217 BA, .522 SP Eddie Rosario, 2021 Braves: 23/60, .383 BA, .617 SP Eddie Rosario, 2022-23 Braves (so far): 1/12, .083 BA, .083 SP 😬
  10. Throw it in on his hands. You don't need to hit him, but interrupt his swing. Do it four times hard in his first at bat, let him take his base, and then let him think about it in subsequent at bats.
  11. Good....good...I feel your hate. Give yourself to the dark side...
  12. I, for one, cannot imagine why they kept pitching to Alvarez. Were they trying to let him kill one of our firstbasemen? What kind of stupid idea was that?
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