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  1. How many playoff games did we win with Nelson's leadership? Even the bathrobes didn't work.
  2. I know Pagan doesn’t have 10 blown saves, but it sure feels like it.
  3. The good news is that Pagan won’t be available for the second game.
  4. To paraphrase Gary Gaetti, it’s hard to throw a strike with both hands around your throat.
  5. Only two walks so far! Classic Pagan. They fell into our trap!
  6. They should have Emilio Pagan Heart Pills night as a promotion.
  7. I wish Buxton would quit swinging at strike three in the dirt.
  8. I still maintain that one run won’t win this game, but I’m not willing to bet nearly as much money on that.
  9. Shades are for losers. and guys who really want to see the ball.
  10. Actually it would seem to suggest that he pay more attention to the laptop.
  11. 0-2 plunking for lead off hitter. Smeltzer may not have his best stuff today. Let’s get one of those double play things.
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