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  1. Give me Gordon over Astudillo. No question. Speed and a little strike zone discipline? Happy to have it.
  2. I feel somewhat better about this group now than I did in July, that's for sure, but it still needs an upgrade or two. I forgot about Stashak. Like what I've seen from Gant and Garza Jr. Been hearing about Thorpe for what seems like ten years, and it never pans out. He'd better have a lights out spring training or I wouldn't give him another shot.
  3. It's also his second time facing them. Easier to fool them the first time.
  4. Agreed that the Twins should play to win against teams in the playoff race. Leaving him on the roster for the Cubs series and letting him have a couple of at-bats would not have had any impact on the playoff race. The team plays this up as a big feel-good story and then ships him back without even letting him get a little dirt on his uniform? Bad play. This game has always been about stories like this, much more than any other sport, mainly because we have these long-term minor league guys who pursue the dream. I hope he gets another shot during what's left of this nightmare season and can get in a game.
  5. I choose "neither", unless the draft position race is between first and, say, tenth.
  6. "Fun" fact from the Cubs broadcasters (including former Twin Jim Deshaies): the only two players on the current roster who have not missed time due to injury this year are Jorge Polanco and Alex Coulombe. If you include the earlier trades, I think Berrios gets added to the list. That can't possibly be a regular injury rate for a major league team, can it? I've been arguing that we should use these last games to evaluate our younger players, and I still believe that is true. However, I think that the Jax-as-a-starter evaluation is complete and I do not wish to see any more of it. Thank you. Unfortunately, we currently need starters and I'm not sure we have any options.
  7. In tonight's "Wait, no...what?" category: Robbie Grossman has 23 homers and 18 steals this year. Former career highs: 11 homers, 9 steals.
  8. "The price would certainly be high, perhaps involving an already established player such as Max Kepler or Mitch Garver. " I've given up on the idea that anyone would trade a decent starting pitcher for Max, unfortunately. Right now I don't know that we could get a decent outfielder for him. Other people's projects...I'm not convinced about our ability to work magic with them.
  9. Is there a rule limiting the number of players a team can lose? I think there used to be one, anyway. That might create a little strategy about who you choose to leave available, though I would have to think a bit to see how it might work.
  10. This is both the funniest thing that I've read in a long time, and something that explains the last 15 years of Twins history really well.
  11. Without having any idea what the future holds: I had hopes for Gonsalves and Stewart. Looking at guys who were in double AA or above in 2017 , I'll take the current group in AA or AAA over the 2017 group. Could we do worse?
  12. The quote "you can make a good case to put him ahead of Gordon" certainly casts a pall over the rating Gonsalves had, and the remainder of your post throws (much-deserved) shade on the general ability to foresee the future with minor leaguers... So he's the best prospect at that time, and I think others have pointed out we might have 5-6 prospects right now who are somewhat comparable or are thought to have a higher ceiling. I don't really see how the argument about the strength of our pitching prospects in 2017 vs. now can end in favor of 2017. Not even close. And to repeat the post above: Tyler Jay???
  13. And giving Gordon 10 more starts this year might solidify that choice toward Simmons for everyone. I get it, he's probably not a ML shortstop. But we might as well give him more chances to prove it, or prove us wrong. Absolutely nothing to lose.
  14. What does it cost us to look? More at-bats by Simmons? I'll pay that.
  15. I'd rather have Gant than Happ. Assuming Gant doesn't need arm replacement surgery, but maybe even if he does. The Dodgers returned Vasquez to the minors after two appearances. It will be interesting to see what happens to him. So many relievers move around, some successful (at least eventually), some not. Deolis Guerra (Johan Santana trade) is having a good year with Oakland. Took him 9 years to get to the majors, He's been with 5 teams in his 6 years since then (counting Pitt two different times) and he's having his second decent year, the only two times he's been in 20 or more games. Who knows, maybe this is the start of something great!
  16. Yes. Gordon at SS. Good or bad, let's figure out what's happening next year. What do we have to lose right now? Fourth place? Big deal, look ahead and figure out how to move forward. If he can't play SS, fine, figure out the next step. Agreed on Moran- how is it helping him develop by leaving him in for multiple innings until the wheels fall off? What are we learning there? Ridiculous. OK, let's go back and check the betting lines- who had Jax/Ryan/Ober/Barnes/Albers as our starters in September? That pretty much describes the year, doesn't it? I would add Pineda but he's about due to get hurt again, I think. I want to learn as much as we can about our young players' chances and then end the 2021 season with a stake in its heart.
  17. Loved that interview. Sounds like a guy who would be a great teammate. A shred of some hope for the offseason, anyway.
  18. Yeah, earlier in the summer I thought maybe we'd found something in him. Now...Jake Cave Lite?
  19. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but man would I like to see Nick Gordon earn a job on this team. Starting shortstop, for example. We might have an opening.
  20. Does anyone see anything in Jax that leads you to believe he has a shot at being a starting pitcher? I was hopeful, but not optimistic, a few weeks ago. Now I'm neither. Albers, Gibault, Burrows...let's see what the kids can do. Move on.
  21. Nice to see Alcala doing well. He's started to show the stuff we hoped he could maintain. Like to see him finish the year strong.
  22. Without bothering to check comparative schedules, because who really cares at this point, I think the Twins have a decent shot at ending up in second place in the division. Maybe 20+ games back, but second place.
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