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  1. Does anyone know for sure if #3 is even an option? I have not read C-4's contract but it would not surprise me if Boras insisted on a no trade or very limited trade clause. No matter the answer, I would not trade him when the team is in first place.
  2. I think there are an abundance of shortstops being drafted by the Twins because shortstops are usually the best athletes (sorry Bert) on the team. And I will pile on in offering a shout out to the Twins Daily team for your continued coverage and articles.
  3. Rocco is an over thinker. I hate that. He reminds me that I'm a mentaly lazy slob that coasts through life. The mental highlights of my day are remembering to tie my shoes and solving todays Wordle. Lets give the Ivy league front office and Rocco their credit. The Twins are in first place again and nobody could have predicted the pitching staff would be this successful.
  4. Pagan reminds me of Senior Smoke. The game gets too interesting when he is the closer. I vote we name him Junior Smoke and only let him pitch with a 3 run lead or a deficit. The starting staff is carrying this team just like we all predicted it would. Baseball is a funny game to predict.
  5. >>>I haven't really played games on the East Coast too much.<<<Somebody better show Curtis Terry a map. He is barely East of the Mississippi River. But he is right, it is a beautiful stadium.
  6. The average age of all the Saints players has to be almost the same age as the Twins' players.
  7. The man did not give up a run. A pitcher can not do better than that. Smeltzer in a run away.
  8. why the contradiction ? >>> that the Twins won't need a fifth starter very regularly at the beginning of the season. In some years, off-days and weather delays can push back the need for a fifth starter, but that won't be the case this season. <<< They either need a fifth starter often or don't. Either way if the bullpen has to go 6 -7 innings in consecutive games the Twins are in trouble. I see overuse as the main bullpen problem for the last few years.
  9. The first thing I did was check the calander date on my computer to make sure it wasn't April 1st.
  10. One 63 year old mans opinion. JD is a fine hitter but I cringed watching him run last year. Every routine double turned into a bang bang play because of his jogging to avoid a leg injury. His defense also suffered from the effort he put forth to avoid injury. He was overpaid in his current capacity. The Yankee trade appears to be a dump of JD for a dump of an over the hill catcher at less than 1/2 of JD's salary so the Twins had to add useful players to make it work. Nobody knows how he fit into the clubhouse but watching him showoff (sticky stuff) after he hit a homer with the Twins down 6 runs says enough for me. I wondered how he was going to fit in with the loosy goosy Bomba Squad after they signed him. I remember him chastising Arraez for moving while on 2nd base and he was at the plate. This trade sure looks like a big win in 2022 and beyond for the Yankees. If it is it's because of the mistake made 2 years earlier by signing JD for too much money. If Rortvedt isn't involved, I say the trade was even. If the Twins got a lottery ticket in return, I'd say it was an even trade. But not to be. Like the saying goes, beware what you wish for, you just might get it. For months I was wishing the Twins would do something, but this seems like they're going backwards.
  11. I wouldn't draft him in the first round. Flunked his Mets physical, won't disclose medicals, didn't pitch for his college team as a senior even though he was eligible, Boras for an agent. This is a recipe for an ulcer. And a drafted player who 'suddenly' has arm trouble after signing the $6M bonus. Second round flyer at the soonest draft position.
  12. Has anyone checked to see if the Bad Luck Cloud that has hung over Target Center for decades has drifted over Target Field? I'd swear Lewis and his bad luck was part of the Timberwolves organization.
  13. Seeing that starting rotation in writing makes me wince. Young guys with more potential than experience is fine but not 4 out of 5 starters. The bullpen is fine until it needs to pitch 5 innings a day for weeks on end. I know the game has changed since the emphasis on metrics but this Twins team is way short on pitching and defense. The two fundamentals that don't go into slumps.
  14. I hope Tori Hunter helps Lewis as much as he helped Buxton. If Lewis can hit big league pitching I say let him play short and show his stuff. No matter what the Twins brass is saying I don't see them competing for the top spot in the division nor do they have a pitching staff geared for a championship run.
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