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  1. Correa and Buxton would be 2 elite players you can build an offense around year in and year out if they remain healthy. The contract makes sense on that front. For a year and only a year we will have excess pitching and within 2 years most of it will be gone. We will have spent a lot of prospect capital for the next 1-2 year window. I struggle with what it would take to get Correa to sign. What it will mean is the organization will have to continually hit on prospects in the next 4-5 years to make this work. They will have limited funds to fill in the gaps for the next 6 years. I think we would be better off gambling on Lewis becoming a top 5 shortstop. At this point it is a wait and see.
  2. I will say 30% chance. The Yankees will spend their money on resigning Judge, Where I think this falls is on the Dodgers and Trea Turner. I think the Dodgers are willing to resign Turner and can outspend any other team. So does Trea Turner want to go back to a team on the East coast or resign, I say he will resign. So then it really opens up. Cubs and Atlanta could outspend. I think the Twins feel comfortable with Correa. They may be willing to do a bigger contract now that he has been in the system for a year. 7 years 245 million-250 million is the end game. If the Twins are serious which I think they are, and the two major bidders are out of the equation, the Twins have a punchers shot.
  3. 1st off we paid Julien more than Seth Gray (our 4th round draft pick). He had a heck of a run in the college world series and started to ask more than was likely agreed to when the Twins initially signed, but they were able to find the initial money to sign him after he had said he was going back. To me, he was another lottery pick that year similar to Holland. Of the two I wish Holland had hit as he is a shortstop, but Julien performing well is still a win. 2nd base and our future utility player or trade chip comes down to Martin or Julien likely. I anticipate they each will get a taste at the big leagues next year.
  4. They won't so not even worth thinking about it. They may pay 1 year for Correa or another SS to try to do the same thing this year, give a potential trade chip while they wait for the young guns to take over.
  5. For Martin it comes down to getting comfortable with what the Twins are asking him to do at the plate and playing defense and getting healthy. He quietly got better on defense throughout the year. He had a very rough beginning of the year on the defensive side of things. He may never be an elite SS, but a good bat average defense has a place in this game. There is flexibility in his game that he can likely move to second or Outfield. We are starting to get a glut of SS prospects, although if all make it to the big leagues you could have infield of Martin 2nd, Lewis at SS, Lee at 3rd. My gut feel is Martin is a 300 hitter, 400 plus OBP mid .800 OBP player with lots of steals. I received lots of pushback this summer. He has now had 2 injury riddled years along with some subpar hitting. However, with better confidence and a more refined swing I think we will start to see Martin get back to the hitter he was before.
  6. Where is the article about how many players have outplayed their rankings. You would have at least 6 up to 12 players including those that were traded. Headrick, Festa, (Hajjar, Encarnacion-Strand, Steer, Povich - all traded) Raja, Varland, Celestino, Winder, Ryan, Julien, Palacios, Helman, Mooney, Raya, Rodriguez. This also doesn't consider other players that are doing well. Overall the prospects played better than expected overall.
  7. Baseball reference has him as 3.3 WAR player. He will likely get to 4 WAR by the end of the year. Personally this about as good as you can ask for and for the Twins situation I think they will be more than happy if Correa opts into another year to let Lewis get healthy. Correa will have essentially played to the contract and if he opts in good deal.
  8. The asked Falvey to name some prospects that have impressed them and could help in the future and he only named Varland. Said he would be helping the team sooner rather than later.
  9. On the interview this weekend they stated how much they like Varland, essentially insinuated he may be up with the big league team at the end of the season.
  10. But he is playing to his contract and people are acting like he is playing poor. He is not playing poor, He is still likely in the top 15% of all players, he is just not in the top 1-2% like he has had in a few seasons. A lot of things have to go right to get those types of seasons.
  11. Since when is a 3-4 WAR player considered a poor player? If Correa hits 4 WAR he will be worth 34 million dollars. No offense this is pretty good productions. Point two is check out Correa stats. He historically has an excellent season followed by a good to great season. This seems to follow that trend. If we can get an extra season out of this contract all the better.
  12. Falvey was I’m MLB on XM. Few tidbits. They view Mahle as a middle of the rotation starter. I thought they higher hopes for him. Duran will be the reliever used in high leverage points at any time in the game. Larnach and Maeda are the players most likely to get healthy and help in the home stretch in Sept. A prospect they really like is Varland and stated he may help out sooner rather than later. Also talked about trading Povich an Steer. Also How well Miranda and Gordon are playing really well.
  13. Part of the roster crunch has been resolved because we just traded away 2 players that would have needed to be added. steer SGL. Isola, Headrick, Helman, Canterino are players that need to be added or possibly lost.
  14. Correa is on track to a 4 WAR Season. At $8.5 million per a WAR he hits a 4 War season and he met his contract. No offense, that is one hell of a season. Even if it isn't as good as last years. When you are shooting for one of the highest contracts in history though, it might be slightly below what you want to go into free agency with.
  15. Correa has had a very good season, but nothing like what he had last year. The other issue is there is more SS coming out than spots available. This may be one of the few times where Boras says you might be better off staying on the deal you have or the Twins renegotiation the exact same deal again for 3 years and 2 more opt outs.
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