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  1. Pagan just doesn't have an out pitch. If he pitches in the zone, he is consistently fouled off, and his control and nibbling off the plate is resulting in walks. So frustrating.
  2. Cleveland unraveling. Lets get this insurance run with Kepler.
  3. Alright, got out of that inning, Lets see if we can tack on a run to take the lead.
  4. Look, I really like what Wes did for this organization, but this has been a philosophy that was instilled from the top. Wes communicated it well, but at this point the game plan on what works well is ingrained in this organization. Look no further than what is occurring at A ball or AA ball. The growth and teaching of the pitchers at all levels is going really well. I actually expect maybe just a little bit of a fall off. The biggest thing may be the talks on the mound to calm a pitcher. Right now you have a lot of pitchers that have bought into the system, that will not just fall off a cliff. I am curious whether they fill the position internally, fill temporarily for the rest of the season, and or whether they hire someone from outside the organization. I think we have enough internal candidates that understand the direction the Twins need to go - which will likely be the direction and they hire from within. If the bullpen coach does well for the rest of the year he may get it by default.
  5. The other thing is I believe he was on the last year of his contract. The Twins may have made him nervous by not previously extending him. We can't kid ourselves, if the Twins felt he was underperforming they would have cut him like many other coaches in the MLB. Coaches have to do what is in their best interest. However it doesn't appear he is getting a huge pay increase. He was making $350,000 and it is now going to $380,000. https://sports.yahoo.com/heres-lsu-baseball-paying-pitching-195556274.html?src=rss
  6. LSU had an immediate opening that needed filled ASAP. What I am slightly curious about is who initiated the contact, Wes or his agent or LSU. It appears LSU targeted Wes. I don't think this was Wes's initial plan this year to look for a new job but the opportunity came open. I wish him well. He did well here and I think helped instill a strong program. Ultimately I think that is all we can ask of him. He did his job. Wish he would have stayed on for the rest of the year but fully acknowledge that wasn't a possibility in this circumstance. I do think he was one that has a short shelf on any team. He wants to see continued progress and improvement and is probably a perfectionist. He is a fixer. Granted we needed more fixing on our bullpen, but that wasn't really his issue (cough, cough). Thank you and good luck Wes.
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