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  1. The asked Falvey to name some prospects that have impressed them and could help in the future and he only named Varland. Said he would be helping the team sooner rather than later.
  2. On the interview this weekend they stated how much they like Varland, essentially insinuated he may be up with the big league team at the end of the season.
  3. But he is playing to his contract and people are acting like he is playing poor. He is not playing poor, He is still likely in the top 15% of all players, he is just not in the top 1-2% like he has had in a few seasons. A lot of things have to go right to get those types of seasons.
  4. Since when is a 3-4 WAR player considered a poor player? If Correa hits 4 WAR he will be worth 34 million dollars. No offense this is pretty good productions. Point two is check out Correa stats. He historically has an excellent season followed by a good to great season. This seems to follow that trend. If we can get an extra season out of this contract all the better.
  5. Falvey was I’m MLB on XM. Few tidbits. They view Mahle as a middle of the rotation starter. I thought they higher hopes for him. Duran will be the reliever used in high leverage points at any time in the game. Larnach and Maeda are the players most likely to get healthy and help in the home stretch in Sept. A prospect they really like is Varland and stated he may help out sooner rather than later. Also talked about trading Povich an Steer. Also How well Miranda and Gordon are playing really well.
  6. Part of the roster crunch has been resolved because we just traded away 2 players that would have needed to be added. steer SGL. Isola, Headrick, Helman, Canterino are players that need to be added or possibly lost.
  7. Correa is on track to a 4 WAR Season. At $8.5 million per a WAR he hits a 4 War season and he met his contract. No offense, that is one hell of a season. Even if it isn't as good as last years. When you are shooting for one of the highest contracts in history though, it might be slightly below what you want to go into free agency with.
  8. Correa has had a very good season, but nothing like what he had last year. The other issue is there is more SS coming out than spots available. This may be one of the few times where Boras says you might be better off staying on the deal you have or the Twins renegotiation the exact same deal again for 3 years and 2 more opt outs.
  9. It has been reported the twins coveted Mahle more than any other pitcher on the market. Whether due to his lower cost or the expectation he may be as good or better than Castillo or Montas. Mahle cost quite a bit but we have the option of giving him a qualifying offer and if he does as well as we think he will that would turn into a pick at the end of the first round. Or we get him for another year. So right now we are looking at 1 year 2 months and a future end of the first round draft pick, or 2 years and 2 months for Mahle. That is a pretty good return. I truly think the twins think he is an ACE. We will see if that comes to fruition or not. As to Lopez, this current version of him, he is a stud. 7 pitches 3 up 3 down. I was talking with my uncle yesterday and he thought I needed to know what a closers roll is since we haven't had one since Molitor left :). It was refreshing to not load the bases and hope we can get out of the inning by the skin of out teeth. Lopez for 2+ years for 1 solid prospect, and older reliever with control issues and 2 flyers seems like a very good deal for the Twins. Fulmer for a player potential at risk in the rule V draft works out very well for the Twins. Its another reliable arm to spread out the stress and responsibilites. If Maeda can make it back and be a solid reliever in the bullpen, the bullpen is suddenly a strength of the team. The trades made help as much for next year as this year. The cherry on top may be that Correa seems to be really invested in this team and organization. There is more of a possibility he may be willing to either not opt out or take a team friendly deal ( I use this term loosely). This puts the ball in managements court on how they want to attack next years team, but if Correa stays, we will have likely one of the top 5-6 teams in MLB and a legit shot at the World Series.
  10. Beyond the trades the most interesting thing of the trade deadline is Correa. He is engaged, passionate and seems to want what is best for the organization. The fact he was not only lobbying for players to trade for but now has vouched for Miranda twice this season, once to keep him up with the big league team when he struggled and now to say he doesn’t want him traded. He appears to be playing the long game with the Twins and doesn’t seem to want to leave any time soon which is fantastic. If so I would love to be a fly on the wall at the end of the season. The best option may be for Correa to not opt out and remain on the team. Honestly with Lewis injured and rehabbing this would be a great outcome. We have a long way to go on this but needless to say I am pleasantly surprised.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if the twins are able to add another tick or two to the fastball.
  12. Brock who was the other starter they were looking at Lopez? I can't figure out how they would have gotten a deal done. Maybe SWR headlining a package.
  13. The Twins did well today. It tells you a few things, one they are confident in their drafting ability and the 2022 draft class, and they were able to convert their bats into some strong pitching. Fulmer for Gipson-Long. Sawyer has some ability, but likely not MLB talent. He would have been needed to be added to the 40 man or had the potential to be lost in the rule V draft. That you found a viable reliever seems like an extreme steal for me. Lopez also seems like a player we got for quite a few prospects but only one that was possibly in our top 20 prospects. For a closer that we have for 2 1/2 years this seems like a very good deal. One of the prospects might hit for Baltimore but This was a major area of need for the Twins. One this tells me is there wasn’t as much demand for Relievers as past years. The Twins did really well improving their biggest weakness. Mahle for Steer, CES and Hajjar. Steer looks like a solid MLB player to me but was likely blocked at the MLB level. CES I was a tad disappointed but due to the lack of a defensive position and his strike outs there is some question marks. Hajjar looks like he has talent but will take a few years to be a finished project. It was a lot for 1 1/3 seasons of Mahle, which means they really like him and his talent. Maybe he can be our future #1 pitcher we can sign to a long term deal.
  14. Ashbury this trade pretty much answered whether someone would have been interested in taking him in the rule V draft. Detroit is obviously willing to add him to their 40 man roster and would have been willing to take a flyer on him.
  15. Gipson Long likely would have been lost in the rule V draft. We found something that could help us this year. This is good trade.
  16. Sawyer Gipson Long - that was one of the 4 prospects at risk of rule 5.
  17. what did they give up for Fulmer?
  18. Do we have enough healthy prospects to pull this off? who would be the headliner?
  19. He was stating another starting pitcher. But so far nothing on the other deal.
  20. The first four picks along with Steer and a couple flyers netted us Gray, Mahle and Lopez. 2 starters and a closer with decent control.
  21. Miranda hit 344/401/973 last year in AA and AAA. Steer is hitting .269/361/889 in AA and AAA. Both good, Miranda had the better season last year.
  22. Steer is a top 100 prospect when the new prospect listing come out. Encarnacion Strand is rising. I likely have him rated higher than most. Errors is his issue so maybe loses some value there.
  23. For a year and 2 months of control, I deem this an overpay. The first time I can say that about this Regime. It may work out. But its a heavy pay out.
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