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  1. Newbie here; I googled the Twins record with/without Buxton in lineup. From Gleeman: "Since the beginning of 2019, the #MNTwins have played at a 99-win pace when Byron Buxton is in their starting lineup and an 81-win pace when he isn't. 100-64 record with Buxton. 106-106 record without Buxton. During that time, he's slugged .557 and rated +27 runs defensively. 8:49 AM · Sep 25, 2021·Twitter Web App" I'm not a WAR/analytics person, but this is entirely extraordinary. Twins are +36 wins when he plays and 0 wins when he doesn't. When he first came up, he couldn't put the bat on the ball, now, Crush-er-oma! If he isn't worth the money that they are talking about, then just field the AAA team in Minneapolis (like they used to do).
  2. What do you guys think? Sign Baez to be a long-term SS solution and then bring back his brother-in-law Berrios in '23.
  3. Ryan didn't wait for the starting pitchers market to mature before he signed Hughes, Nolasco and then Pelfrey. If you want the guy, just do it baby..... A healthy Wilingham at 6-8 $Mil is just about right, 2 year deal/extension?
  4. I like the "Thome" approach; let him have about 100 less at bats per year to keep him fresh not only for the end of this year but into next year also! Yes, if Josh W keeps producing, sign him for another couple years.
  5. my point is: "learning how to win"; that urgency, what can I do to help the team... If Meyers can do that with the Twins, I am all in, but the current Twins must prove that they can be in this pennant race.
  6. I think the Twins are bringing in guys with a winning track record; Kubel with the Twins, Morales with the Angels.... And then just some half-way decent players, Willingham, Corriea; to see if they become decent players who help make the Twins "Pennant Race" capable About Meyers/Mays, the Red Wings are in a pennant race, I think it would be wise for the Twins to let them try to win said pennant race, as opposed to bringing them up for a month or so of Major league experience (at least this year)
  7. Perhaps that would spur him on a bit...... Hmmmm.... Motivation??? How about introducing our friend J Mauer to our other friend M Zimmer; I believe his quote was: "I like the weight room!" Wouldn't that be something to have J Mauer beef up a bit, a little more zing on those line drives. Heck if J M worked for the Red Sox or Yankees and their "chemical engineering" shop, he'd be about 6'6" and 270 lbs (remember when Texeria's head looked very small)......again, Hmmmm.....Or how about the occasional weight room visit
  8. This guys got it!!! Now the elephant in the room: When do you look to trade J Mauer to Boston? There is no real 1B in the pipeline (Vargas/Sano???)
  9. I like a team with some senior leadership. What is wrong with keeping Willingham to provide this if he can keep hitting like he's been since his DL time. Is the AAA CF/2B Farris ready to come up and play a bit? Is he infield or outfield? Don't we have too many Infielder/Outfielder types? When are the AAA pitchers going to see the bigs (new M&M boys May and Meyer)?
  10. Buxton can shake off the rust up in Minnie just like he can in NB or FM; what are we afraid of? The guy is a man has a child, give him some room to grow; what if he hits 260 up in the bigs, better than what we got now....
  11. Aren't you guys tired of having these light hitting center fielders up and playing?? Again, why not let Buxton come up for a month and see what he can do. Put him as the 9th hitter and let him go. His D is already there; Hmmm, perhaps he could hit say 260 in his initial development!! Or perhaps, 270, uuuuuuuu Or you guys probably want to get Pressley back; and the others of bygone years......
  12. When does Buxton come off the DL? I believe the Twins love to coddle their top prospects, we are seeing it here again in Buxton. Why not let the guy come up to the bigs and see what he has? Our current lead off guy, although hitting for some power, is hitting around the Mendoza line? Why not let Buxton have a couple of weeks; hey, better D in the outfield is never a bad thing....
  13. when does Buxton come off the DL? Be nice to see him up for a week or so..
  14. PatG


    Just tired of the bad pitching; wanted to give Deduno a shot; Dodgers need another catcher and they need to get rid of one of their outfielders. Twins need a shot in the arm and can take on some money; Kubel won't last forever.....
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