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  1. That is the most common comment of someone realizing that finance isn't their strong suit.
  2. If all those changes you list "must" happen to make you a happy fan, I think it would be far easier to pick another team to cheer for.
  3. So who's job is it to tell Buxton and Berrios that they have to sign an extension because the fan base mandates it?
  4. Who is the breakout hitter in the minors this year? Jose Miranda, Jermaine Palacios, Spencer Steer, Wander Javier??? All are having great seasons. And what about Ernie de la Trinidad and Eduard Julien? I'm really excited to see a lot of infielders on this list because the past several years have been all about the outfield prospects. I actually think that things are looking good for 2022 and beyond. If the major league team just sheds a lot of dead weight, the team will be improved.
  5. A lot of posters seem to dismiss Rooker as a lost cause. But I would prefer him hitting .200, hitting 20 home runs, and making $600K than Sano hitting .180, hitting 35 home runs, and making $12M. The savings of $11.4M could be put to good use elsewhere.
  6. I really wanted to weigh in on this but the arthritis in my hands won't allow me to type for four or five hours. Other than Berrios and Pineda, they all have been below expectations.
  7. It will set them back further than waiting until they walk away and the Twins get nothing?
  8. If the front office can sign Berrios between now and July 20th - great. If they can't trade him now for the best offer. His trade value will only diminish after that. The same for Buxton.
  9. As someone that spent over 20 years in Texa, you can skip Amarillo.
  10. That sounds to me like it probably violates some unwritten rule and he should expect a fastball in the ribs in his next at bat.😁😁😁😁😁
  11. If Berrios and Buxton sign extensions, that would be great. But that's not what I hear from the "experts" on MLB radio. They are saying that both are committed to testing the free agency market. If that is true, the front office has to trade both of them in July.
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