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  1. Polanco is also someone a team trying to improve would agree to take in a trade (probably along with a prospect or two) for someone who might help them now.
  2. Yes, the Twins are doing a job with Miranda. But is that job good or bad?
  3. Contrary to many of the posts above, I am only presenting my opinions. No statements like "Correa will opt out" or that Lewis would have not been hurt if he played SS. No one knows that either would/might have happened. So here are my thoughts for the remainder of 2022. 1. Stay out of the battle for a good SP. The rumors I've heard are that the Dodgers, Blue Jays, Atlanta, and Mets may be looking for SP also. The Twins are probably not going to beat offers from those teams. Make a decent offer but avoid the conflict. 2. Look hard for decent RPs - preferable with a contract that extends beyond the 2022 World Series. 3. Make a serious attempt to get a commitment from Correa for 2023. The result of this effort might provide an answer to whether or not to trade Correa. (Maybe this should be #1). 4. Don't even think about trading players like Kepler, Sano, etc. Other teams probably will only trade a good player for prospects. If you can trade them for a decent RP, then that would be an added bonus. 5. Get Miranda in the lineup on a consistent basis somewhere. It seems like this is the time to find out if you have a major league player or another of the mythical AAAA players. Just random thoughts from an old fart's mind.
  4. The Twins could always trade Polanco at the deadline and insert Miranda at 2B.
  5. In Baldelli's first three years, he averaged 17 steals a season. I think he has a grasp on the concept.
  6. Just Say No! - to Jace Jung. The Twins do not need another "strong bat with a questionable defensive future." They have enough of those already.
  7. Excellent point! I remember when Killebrew got his first $100,000 contract. What a shocking amount.
  8. Highlights and replays usually show one swing. I don't think that is sufficient to make blanket statements.
  9. My experience at umpiring agrees with you. I don't remember ever using the catcher's glove as a point of reference. Of course, I have to also add that I don't remember why I got up so early either.
  10. Your comments intrigue me. You start with "I haven't see any AB live" and then go on to say that he looks better than before he was sent down, is more confident and favoring his wrist less, and is finishing his swing better. All these observations without seeing him? Remarkable. But beyond all of that, I agree that he had to be promoted.
  11. Relief is the smarter route to take. Especially with the Dodgers, Braves,and others looking for starters (my source for that is the two former general managers on MLB radio on Sirius XM).
  12. A very encouraging article. The next time I play a statistic-based baseball board game like Strat-O-Matic, I'll be sure to use Jeffers.
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