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  1. With as much money that the Twins haven't spent this offseason, why not sign all three?
  2. This is the first mention of Las Vegas which has added the NHL and NFL teams in the last couple years. I'm pretty sure that town has enough money to build a state-of-the-art domed stadium. (I don't care if it is a "dry heat", 115 degrees in the summer is too hot to be outdoors for most people.)
  3. Do you actually believe a free agent would pass on a million dollars just because no team has been persistent? If that is true, then they are paid too damn much for playing a game.
  4. My opinion of trying to achieve parity? That's just stupid. I have no problem with a team that is dominant over an extended period (and that can be three years, ten years, or fifty years) as long as the dominance is gained through superior coaching, great personnel decisions, and inspired on-field performance. My problem is the silly idea of giving away huge amounts of money to players who may be approaching the backside of their careers to try to buy a championship. I am not providing any sort of blueprint to remedy this because I do not have the information needed to propose changes. Any one not in the front office of a major league team does not have the information. Many theories, assumptions, and guesses, but as long as the accounting books are sealed from the public we just don't know the true situation.
  5. The latest I read at MLBRumors.com is that the draft is postponed for now but expected to happen after the CBA is agreed to.
  6. ERA was lower in the second half. Batting Average Against was higher. Slugging percentage was higher. OBP was lower. K/9 went up. BB/9 went down. WHIP went down. FIP went down. xFIP went down.
  7. Is this the third or fourth year in a row that someone has asked "what to do with Sano?" I guess the obvious answer is: His trade value is so low right now so let's wait and see what happens.
  8. I am a little confused by the logic behind the statement that the FO should be blamed for everything went wrong that could go wrong. It isn't their fault that Simmons refused vaccination, or injuries hit the team, or that players performed poorly. If those factors were known ahead of time, they would have been addressed. I am losing faith in the FO (just as most fans have) but I'm not about to blame them for things not in their control.
  9. I've been watching the Vikings sink into a pit of despair and wishing the NHL would get it's act together so the Wild don't have to wait two weeks between games.
  10. Remember "Spahn and Sain and pray for rain"? How about: Bailey and Ober, pray for rain, and start over!
  11. Buxton and Bryant in the outfield, and Donaldson, Story, Polanco, and Kirilloff in the infield should be an incentive for good pitchers to venture north. Go for it. Nothing much to lose, is there?
  12. Your observation didn't match his observation. Ergo... You must be wrong! FWIW I agree with you so I must be wrong also.
  13. I have too much modesty to allow me to do that - and I'm too lazy to find the article.
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