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  1. To ask if the front office "misevaluated" the pitchers they brought in last off season is silly. If you don't think they "misevaluated", then you must believe that they actually believed that the new additions would perform at ridiculously poor levels but signed them anyway. I cannot believe for an instance that any front office would intentionally sign garbage. Ergo: "misevaluated."
  2. When I recently learned that Roberto Clemente was a rule 5 pick by the Pirates, I didn't feel quite so bad about losing Baddoo.
  3. Torres was just moved back to 2nd base because he isn't a shortstop. Why trade for another 2nd baseman? I don't mind looking beyond the big names in free agency, but the Twins need a glove at shortstop.
  4. I've seen comments like this quite often at Twins Daily, but I have yet to see any name mentioned. Who are some of these "many other qualified candidates"? And if the Pohlad's do use the same search firm as you suggested, why would the result be any different?
  5. If only we had signed Trevor Bauer and Brad Hand like everyone wanted. Then we would be planning for a World Series run???? Hindsight is wonderful, but not really useful. The important stuff will happen between now and February. Let's hope it's something good.
  6. Why should the Twins be "relegated to bottom feeding and foraging" if they have a dozen minor league arms that are being advertised as future stars? Bring up the young guys and see what happens. Use what money you have to resign Buxton (if it makes sense), bring in one of the free agent shortstops (preferable one that is solid defensively), and aim for 2023.
  7. I was always hoping for a Robbie Ray signing. I also recall many people pleading for a starting pitcher named Trevor Bauer and a closer named Brad Hand. That would have been a great use of $45M. Hindsight is always easy.
  8. The current pitching staff can definitely compete without any additions to it. It can easily stand up against any High-A or Low-A teams.
  9. This is a question for our resident medical examiner, Lucas Seehafer. Does the absence of a 2020 minor league season account for the less effective late-season pitching performances? Or is it more of a crutch for people to use to explain what's happening?
  10. If you see a dead horse, you should beat it. This thread is supposed to be about the approach to take for 2022; not some rehash of the history of the Twins front office.
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