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  1. Torres was just moved back to 2nd base because he isn't a shortstop. Why trade for another 2nd baseman? I don't mind looking beyond the big names in free agency, but the Twins need a glove at shortstop.
  2. I've seen comments like this quite often at Twins Daily, but I have yet to see any name mentioned. Who are some of these "many other qualified candidates"? And if the Pohlad's do use the same search firm as you suggested, why would the result be any different?
  3. If only we had signed Trevor Bauer and Brad Hand like everyone wanted. Then we would be planning for a World Series run???? Hindsight is wonderful, but not really useful. The important stuff will happen between now and February. Let's hope it's something good.
  4. Why should the Twins be "relegated to bottom feeding and foraging" if they have a dozen minor league arms that are being advertised as future stars? Bring up the young guys and see what happens. Use what money you have to resign Buxton (if it makes sense), bring in one of the free agent shortstops (preferable one that is solid defensively), and aim for 2023.
  5. I was always hoping for a Robbie Ray signing. I also recall many people pleading for a starting pitcher named Trevor Bauer and a closer named Brad Hand. That would have been a great use of $45M. Hindsight is always easy.
  6. The current pitching staff can definitely compete without any additions to it. It can easily stand up against any High-A or Low-A teams.
  7. This is a question for our resident medical examiner, Lucas Seehafer. Does the absence of a 2020 minor league season account for the less effective late-season pitching performances? Or is it more of a crutch for people to use to explain what's happening?
  8. If you see a dead horse, you should beat it. This thread is supposed to be about the approach to take for 2022; not some rehash of the history of the Twins front office.
  9. If the Twins really spend as much time as you are saying on fundamentals, then they are very poor students. Maybe a remedial class in baseball fundamentals should be mandatory???
  10. On MLB radio yesterday, the commentators were talking about a National League umpire who worked Wednesday night. His game was reviewed by the league and he correctly called 125 of 126 non-swing pitches. The one he incorrectly called missed the strike zone by less than an inch. Do they train NL umpires differently?
  11. So you don't want anyone brought up because they "might" be not great? That's a great outlook for a front office to have and a real morale boost for the minor league players.
  12. While working (I'm retired), I made my living dealing in numbers so I have some appreciation for their value as an analytical tool. But as Viola so clearly points out, without baseball fundamentals and a passion for the game, you won't have a winning team. While numbers have their uses, catching, throwing to the correct base, hitting the cutoff man, making contact with your bat, etc. will probably win more games than studying a piece of paper lodged in your cap.
  13. I've read several times that bother Twins and Buxton (and his agent) agree on the 7 year $70M guarantee part of the contract. If that is the case, give him all the incentives he wants as long as they include both number of games played and performance goals. If he plays out of this world in 2022, he's worth $30M a year. If not, the $10M is not much more than any mediocre free agent center fielder. I'm more than willing to put the Twins' money where my mouth is, aren't you?
  14. Jax did not have his best night but he wasn't helped by the horrible umpiring behind the plate. The Twins' hitters had multiple pitches outside the strike zone called strikes but Jax had many pitches in the zone called balls. A very uneven performance behind home plate.
  15. I'm watching the game on NESN (the Red Sox station). It's the bottom of the first and the Sox announcer is going through the Twins' defensive alignment. He finishes up saying that "on the mound is Jackson Griffith". How much preparation do you think he did?
  16. The game will be on NESN so I can watch from the comfort of my couch. And beer is only $7 for a six-pack rather than $10 for 12 ounces.
  17. Between 1903 and 1961, there only were 16 teams in major league baseball. So in that timeframe, every team won at least one World Series. Your example is very misleading.
  18. Is it possible that Alex Colome might be a realistic piece of the 2022 bullpen? Since July 1st, he has pitched 16 innings, given up 11 hits and 5 walks (only one in August) for a WHIP of 1.00. He has given up 4 earned runs (none in August) for an ERA of 2.25 and struck out 11. Of the 11 hits, only 5 were for extra bases and he's allowed no extra base hits since July 21. If he performs like this for the rest of 2021, I would think he might be a strong option to bring back.
  19. I would love to see Miranda and Palacios man the left side of the infield for the remainder of the season. Time for "early" spring training to begin.
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