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  1. I haven't been nearly as negative about Baldelli as many people, BUT...... I wonder what players like Cal Ripken, Joe Morgan, Ernie Banks, etc. would think about being told to take a day off after just a few days of playing. When I was still young enough to be playing sports (hockey, softball, and golf until my mid-70s), I always felt that the more I played, the better I played. I would hate coming to Target Field every day just to be told to ride the pines once or twice a week. IMHO, the "scheduled" day off philosophy is something that sort of sounds like a good idea but really isn't. If a player feels like he should sit, he should be professional enough to tell the manager.
  2. After reading this article, the minor league report, and articles about Canterino and Woods-Richardson, I'm thinking that trades and free agent signings for pitchers like Paddock, Bundy, and Archer may become a thing of the past. There is a possibility that by mid-2023, those battling for the starting rotation may be: Ryan, Ober, Gray, Maeda, Canterino, Winder, Woods-Richardson, Varland, and Balazovic and those trying to make the team as part of the bullpen consist of: Duran, Sands, Cano, Duffy, Alcala, Moran, Jax, Cotton, and Smith. My thought is that this would be damn strong and there are more in the minors ready to move up to St. Paul. I think pitching won't be a major area of concern any longer.
  3. My expectations are that Yennier immediately becomes the next Mariano Rivera and dominates MLB for the next ten years. I don't think that's asking too much.
  4. Everyone remembers Wade's flashy start but forgets the rest of 2021. Wade hit .253 last year and has been on the IL until a couple days ago (1 for 4 so far). I would call that pretty middle of the road.
  5. Why wait until July? MLB Rumors wrote today that Cincinnati is willing to entertain trade proposals right now for Luis Castillo. Let's see if that could be done now and then worry about the bullpen later.
  6. By the way, I'm in Maine and can't view the game. For some reason, even though it is on MLB network, it's blacked out here. So could someone throw in the score once in a while?
  7. So we can assume everyone not available won't be an option? Good analysis, Captain Obvious.
  8. I'll jump in with: 1. Ryan 2. Gray 3. Over 4. Winder 5. Woods-Richardson 6. Sands
  9. Because I am not around the team every day, it is very difficult to determine the impact that Correa is having. But, since when has that ever deterred a Twins Daily poster from joining the conversation? I'm in Maine and I've only seen parts of several games. But from what I've seen, the clubhouse and the playing field are both places where the players seem very happy. The huge smiles on Buxton are something I'm not familiar with. Chemistry on a team is hard to explain/define but this team seems to have it. If Correa is a big factor, enjoy it while he's here. Who knows, maybe having fun at work is enough motivation for him to sign up for a long stretch?
  10. The Mets dumped Robinson Cano even though they still have to pay his $30M contract. The Twins should follow their example and drop Bundy. His contract isn't that hard to write off as a bad investment.
  11. This situation has all the earmarks of a Broadway musical! The musical begins with a flashback to the day a young Lou Gehrig replace an injured Wally Pip at first base and history is made. Now flash forward to Jose Miranda stepping in at first to replace an injured Miguel Sano. Will history repeat? Will any songs win a Tony? If only there was a famous Broadway personality to write, direct, and star in this musical....????
  12. So let me see if I understand your position. You are saying that being taken out with two on and two outs in the fifth inning does not deserve to be referred to as "impressive"? Correct so far? But if Ryan had been left in the game, thrown one more pitch and gotten the hitter out, and completed five innings, then you would entertain the opinion that the performance was "impressive"? So one additional pitch determines if a pitching performance meets your standard? Have I got this correct? Interesting.
  13. That catch by Correa of the pop up was spectacular. He is worth the $30M for his defense alone. And now he is contributing on offense? Yikes.
  14. I saw what I think is the stupidest tweet I've seen (and I am not on the tweeter, I just saw it in a thread about the game). It was commenting on a Jeffers at bat where he hit the ball with an over 100 exit velocity and a launch angle of 36 degrees. The tweet made it sound like a tremendous at bat for Jeffers. And then it ended with "and a fly out". So Jeffers made an out but the tweeter was ecstatic about his advanced metrics. Oh barf!!! I would rather Jeffers got a Texas League single or a seeing eye dribbler through the infield than a fly out that meets advanced metric standards of excellence.
  15. I appreciate your response. Because I am on the east coast, I am not aware of the daily interaction (or lack thereof, as you indicated) and I don't hear any interviews with the front office. All I get is Red Sox, Bruins, Patriots, and Celtics 24 hours a day. I've never liked the Red Sox or the Patriots, haven't liked the Bruins since Bobby Orr retired, and because I am a short, fat, white guy, I've never liked basketball. So Twins Daily is my window into Minnesota Twins baseball. I wish the Vikings and Wild had sites half as good.
  16. As a supporter of the current front office, I am ecstatic with the results this far. Great starting pitching, brilliant defense, solid hitting, and the appearance of a clubhouse happy to be playing together. Now my question: Where did all the Falvey/Levine haters go?
  17. My opinion is that this article proves that "advanced numbers" are made up to provide excuses for bad performance. You can slap all the lipstick you want on his numbers but he is still hitting under .100. That is just awful no matter how you gauge it.
  18. Exactly! The only criticism seems to be that he lacks power. So what? Everyone complains that the Twins have no offense. Well, this kid exudes offense. Get him in the outfield in St. Paul and then be prepared to promote both Martin and Lewis sometime this summer. As long as Correa remains a Twin, Lewis can play 3B. And if Kepler continues his lack of hitting, Martin gets RF. Otherwise, put him in LF, insert Larnach as DH, and Use Sano and/or Kepler as trade bait this summer.
  19. I agree about Neshak. I wouldn't say that "making multiple all-star teams" is defined as "falling on hard times."
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