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  1. I just read that Correa want the Twins to "pay up" if they want him to stay. That comment says to me that Gordon or some other stop gap SS starts the 2023.
  2. I have a question!!!! By what date does Correa have to announce his "opt-out" decision? Thanks.
  3. Jim Pohlad finally gets involved. Too bad he hasn't put this much effort into rebuilding the team.
  4. I think "fleecing" is not the correct term. That implies that Buxton mislead or deceived the Twins. I'm pretty confident that he fully hoped/intended to play 150 games. But on another note, I think the entire plan of scheduled "rest" days is a failure. I can almost accept four or five a season, but these players are supposed to be trained athletes, not beer league softball players. Cal Ripken didn't take a rest day for over 13 years! Twins' players can't make it a full week? And, despite all the rest days, they still had 37 guys on the IL and finished the season with no life or energy. It sure looks like scheduled rest days did not do any good.
  5. Why should a front office get all the hype for Cleveland's pitching pipeline? What about Cleveland's minor league pitching coaches? Shouldn't they get most of the credit? They are the people that actually molded these pitchers into major leaguers. Maybe the Twins' minor league pitching coaches just suck!
  6. I have no comments today about the current team, 2023, or whether Correa stays. I just have two items. 1. Calling Royce Lewis accident prone is disingenuous. His first ACL injury came when a Texas guy wanted to see an ice storm close up. He wasn't familiar with the "shuffle your feet" method of propulsion that Minnesotans find to be second nature. I lived in Texas over 20 years and winter is an enigma to them. He really has only had one baseball injury. 2. A lot of people talk about exit velocity. Has anyone measured the speed of the ball when Correa throws? Personally, I don't think I've ever seen a SS throw with such velocity. Reminds me of some of the great right fielders like Roberto Clemente and Dwight Evans.
  7. I would also like a Lewis/Lee combination on the left side but with Lee as the SS and Lewis at 3B. I think Lee is the better fielder of the two.
  8. It might also be possible that his poor play at SS is affecting his batting. With Lewis and Lee both ahead of him at SS, it's time to move him to another position and see if his hitting improves.
  9. I noticed that Francona several times during the extra innings employed a new and unique strategy. He instructed the batter to intentionally lay down a bunt to move the ghost runner closer to home plate. How long has that been a legal maneuver?
  10. If spin rate is such a positive thing, why do names like Archer, Bundy, and Smetzer appear in these lists and Duran does not? I guess Duran is all smoke and mirrors?
  11. According to this very article to which you are responding, Greinke did only last four innings. So maybe the coaching was there after all.
  12. Wow! Same old, same old. It seems like an article similar to this one is written several times each week. And if not, several articles on other topics will spiral off topic and these same old arguments will be rehashed.
  13. If this question has asked and answered previously, I apologize. What is the reason for Wallner hitting in the leadoff position?
  14. Good article, Nick. And I'm glad you stated right at the beginning that the injuries did not absolve the managerial staff or front office from blame. Too bad all the posters ignored that statement and chose to turn it into another opportunity to dump on the managerial staff and the front office.
  15. Getting back to the actual topic, I can see the front office trading Lee for an often injured but controllable starting pitcher or a "used to be good" reliever.
  16. There is a difference between "still learning" and "learning on the job". At the end of my 50-year career in business, I was still learning. Learning on the job normally apples to a person that is new to either the job or the industry. My stupid opinion is that both Baldelli and the front office were "learning on the job" in 2019 and 2020 and have been "learning" ever since.
  17. And just for clarification, please list some of the "lot of people that would be a better manager than Rocco".
  18. I know I'm old and don't understand the new analytics of today's game but, technically speaking, .230 is below .233. Ergo, the statement by the OP is correct.
  19. Does anyone know for sure if the organization's philosophy is that starting pitchers cannot pitch past the fifth inning? It is only a couple weeks until the end of the minor league seasons and I would think that the pitchers should have stretched enough by now to pitch in to at least the 7th inning.
  20. This list would have looked much better if the front office had not succumbed to Twins Daily pressure and traded away Steer, Encarnacion-Strand, Hajjar, Gibson-Long, Povich, and Cano (plus some lower level guys that may turn out to be major league players) in a futile attempt to strengthen a team that had no chance of going anywhere in the postseason (in my humble opinion). To many of you, the chance to possibly win one playoff game was more important than building a World Series competitive team.
  21. Rocco tries to save his bullpen for the next two games and gets criticized. If Rocco had pulled Bundy, he would have been blasted for overusing his bullpen. He just can't please the Rocco haters.
  22. Pitch clock? How about a limit on the number of times you can "adjust" your batting gloves? Shift? Just because major league hitter's can't adapt their hitting to defeat the shift, the MLB decides to adapt their rules to help them. Stupid! Bigger bases? Who cares. Maury Wills and Ricky Henderson (and many others) stole bases with ease with regular bases. Players could be taught to do the same. Disengagement. Another instance of changing the rules to help the offense. Stolen bases may increase but it won't be based on skill any more. Bigger bases and limited "disengagement" are just an attempt by MLB to help the offense perform better (on paper only).
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