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    The ballpark of the mind
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    About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth accreted. The rest is history.
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    At the moment, Curiosity on Mars. And my dogs.
  1. Both Star Trek and Ghost Rider referenced. Bravo!
  2. Yes, Harmon Killebrew's career BA was .256. That's not what got him into the HoF.
  3. Doesn’t all human behavior have a scad of unwritten rules? And if we eliminated them would society be better and/or function more smoothly? Sure, refine them as necessary but getting rid of them entirely does not seem plausible. As people go, so baseball goes.
  4. Monitor their pitch count carefully and build a nap room if necessary.
  5. I think the main color should be powder blue. With pinstripes.
  6. A rehab assignment would not be shocking.
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