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    The ballpark of the mind
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    About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth accreted. The rest is history.
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    At the moment, Curiosity on Mars. And my dogs.

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  1. Craig Arko

    Saddest sports city

    A ) Minnesota is not a city. B ) Maybe we can use this as leverage to end the sports obsession, at least locally.
  2. My Mother is dead; I presume she's listening to Buck Owens and Roy Clark occasionally, if possible.
  3. I suppose I should state a preference here. Simply, I don't. I expect one or both will get bona fide better offers when their contracts expire at the end of 2024, and they'll leave. That's the business called MLB. Change for the sake of change rarely results in any real improvements, in my experience. Just swapping one set of systemic issues for a different set, which could be good, bad, or simply ugly.
  4. This thread raises some questions: if you want to replace the FO, who would you replace them with, and what kind of difference would that be expected to make?
  5. On the one hand, clearly. On the other hand, predicting the past is pretty easy.
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