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    About 4.5 billion years ago, the Earth accreted. The rest is history.
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  1. I remember Steve Lombardozzi and Mike Pagliarulo.
  2. Yes, a fine complement to Duran and Lopez; and with the trio he shouldn’t need to pitch often on consecutive days, which was a known issue.
  3. Pretty much a description of any large American corporation, and many public institutions as well. Death by over-administration.
  4. Take one down and pass it around…
  5. Answer is simple: pony up the big contract and then trade him to the Yankees when it becomes a millstone.
  6. I imagine it would have several pages of legal jargon, some numbers, and a few signatures.
  7. Yeah, pretty much. Unrealistic expectations are the name of the game. I imagine the same goes on everywhere that isn’t New York or LA.
  8. Since Ted Williams’ head isn’t what it used to be, I suppose he’s out too.
  9. Maybe check for one on Amazon Prime Day…
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