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  1. It's at its best when done in a game where a player plays all 9 positions. Not including DH, of course.
  2. Astros just no-hit the Yankees. One of the great things about baseball is exactly the unpredictability.
  3. As I recall, Cory Koskie was not a good 3rd baseman when he started. He got better. It's been known to happen.
  4. I wonder if there is data to normalize this against how defenders are placed in the various shifts that are employed? Maybe there are range issues because batters are hitting ‘em where they ain’t.
  5. I’ve finally realized who Bundy reminds me of: Carlos Silva.
  6. Seems to me he’s getting a shot. I remember with Polanco he was up and down for short bursts for a couple of seasons, despite hitting pretty well when getting those opportunities.
  7. Probably to pitch one of the doubleheader games in Cleveland next Tuesday.
  8. And the dresses knew their parts? I’ll bet the shoe rehearsal was one for the ages.
  9. Might be time for a return of the knuckleballers. I seem to recall Wilbur Wood starting both games of a doubleheader.
  10. He has his moments. I always liked Howard Sinker best of all the Strib sports writers, back in the day.
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