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  1. Did you see the pic a few comments below on the tweet? The foot was clearly on the plate.
  2. If you're talking about Anderson he had already been activated and sent to AAA.
  3. Garver as a DH playing 150 games is probably 40+ HR's.
  4. No that was Ke"BryanGHayes. Witt was at AAA Omaha. He clearly stepped on home plate and likely swiped the other foot across it but the other team appealed and the up said he missed the base. One of the most absurd calls ever. Scroll down a few comments on twitter and there's a close up pic of his foot on the plate.
  5. Innings limit. None last year and 78 2/3 is his highest in MiLB. I don't like him being pulled but not going to lose sleep over it.
  6. Nice of Smalley to say that Donaldson being out of the game is easier for him because he keeps calling him Bryan. Absolutely uncalled for.
  7. Well Maeda was announced as starting before Pineda got hurt.
  8. Considering MLB can't quit making decisions that are ruining the game I can't trust them to fix a tv situation.
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