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  1. It's only available in 5 markets to start with. I believe, as mentioned a few posts above, that these are the only teams with verbiage in their deals that includes streaming rights. As more teams sign new deals with SInclair it will expand.
  2. Expand the rosters to 30 players, 16 pitcher limit. 26 players eligible for the days game. SO make the other 4 SP inactive and that leaves 12 pitchers available on the day of the game. I can't believe I said that. No team should ever need more than 3-4 pitchers in a nine inning game.
  3. I wouldn't take Bundy out after Sunday's performance.
  4. That's a very thoughtful answer.
  5. If the hitting continues to came around like it has the last week we don't need a change.
  6. Let's go one step more with the Angels. they also have Michael Lorenzen, who has played some OF so they could actually go with 15 on any given day.
  7. Bally does not own the rights. Sinclair owns them. Bally pays Sinclair for the naming rights of the RSN's.
  8. Yeah this is what I saw while watching the game.
  9. They also have Lorenzon who can pitch and plays OF on occasion. So they could carry 15. Not that I heard the convo since Ballys is glitching again and I currently have no picture or sound on my tv.
  10. The defense is so bad it's knocked out the sound on Ballys. At least the picture came back...
  11. He didn't read it until yesterday morning.
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