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  1. Between their regular 1st round pick and the compensatory pick after the 1st round, I'd like to see at least one pitcher drafted. College or highly rated prep arm doesn't really matter to me, as long as it's someone that can be reasonably projected out as a starter.
  2. Really, does anyone on this team deserve an all-star appearance? My response is a resounding NO! (emphasis added) Add another tick to the "Pathetic and Disgusting" column after yet another example of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. SIGH!
  3. I agree completely with Nick on this assessment. While I'd like to say that I'm surprised by this development, I'm really not. Something needs to be done to significantly affect the heart and soul of this team because it seems more often than not in recent years that when the going got tough, especially in the post season, the Twins collapsed like a house of cards. I don't have an answer for that, but I sure hope someone in the organization does.
  4. OK. I've seen as much of this as I care to. That's what happens when Gibby tries to throw strikes.
  5. Did Smoltz just give the Twins pitching staff a bit a of a compliment? Could have knocked me off my recliner with a feather.
  6. I sure hope we play better tomorrow because this hasn't been a good exhibition of that, at least this far. Writing this just as Gibby issue yet another walk. AARGH!
  7. I would have never guessed that. lol An incredible grasp of the obvious.
  8. True. However, it almost appears as if he's reveling in that point. That's the sickening part.
  9. I wonder if the thumb is still bothering him when swinging the bat.
  10. And who with any knowledge of baseball doesn't know that Costas has been a huge Yankees fan for years. It should also be embarrassing for the network, too. However, I'm willing to bet he gets a free pass on that.
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