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  1. It's just really unfortunate. I know anyone can look this up but some notes looking at both Bux and Sano since their arrival in 2015, and yes, I get that there is a rookie season with limited AB's and a pandemic year in here but you get the point. Buxton has one season with 93 or more games (140 in '17) played. Ooooff-dah Buxton has 6 seasons (going to include this year) under 93 games played. Buxton has 1 season with over 300 ab's. Sano has never played more than 120 games in a season. Ouch Sano has 4 seasons below 81 games played Sano has only 2 seasons with more than 400 ab's, '16 & '17. The availability/reliability for whatever reasons of these two guys has had a lot of negative repercussions over years. Next year will be Bux's 8th year in the league, however, on a 162 game per year basis his on field time will most likely be only around 3 years at the start of it. Bux only has 373 more ab's than Robbie Grossman did with the Twins and he only played for 3 years. Yuck.
  2. Jeffers OPS is only 11 pts below Sano’s at this moment. Let that sink in for a moment.
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