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  1. EXACTLY. I have run into this in the business world multiple times over the last 10 years. Some guy wants to shoot his mouth off in the workplace and screams "1st Amendment" , when the company disciplines him for it. The employer (Twins), would be well within their rights to send him down the road for anything they don't approve of.
  2. I was thinking the same exact thing about the Maeda comment.
  3. I couldn't help but notice Sano, striking out with the bases loaded, with 2 outs and on 3 pitches, in the 10th. Pretty standard stuff for him. Then, he has a base running blunder in the 11th inning. How can this man possibly have a future with the team?
  4. Really enjoyed Jim Kaat and his analysis. I was initially surprised at his analysis of some of the batters but, then after thinking about it, it made perfect sense. His job was to get those guys out when he played.
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