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  1. EXACTLY and this has been going on all season, almost from game #1. Rocco wore out the bullpen before we got to mid-June.
  2. When your starting pitchers rarely go longer than 4 innings and the bullpen rarely has anyone go longer than 1 inning, your bullpen will breakdown. The bullpen wasn't terrible in April and May but, the same guys sure are bad now. Rocco wore them out.
  3. Just say NO, to SaNO.........and move on without him.
  4. I have questioned many of Rocco's decisions on pitchers, both when he uses them and who he uses. The one that bothered me the most was the Archer move, after pitching 5 innings and only throwing 57 pitches, he pulls him. This was easily Archer's best performance so far and IF Rocco is truly following a "pitch count" plan, it makes no sense, given Archer had thrown over 70 pitches in each of his 3 previous starts. The guy was cruising and in my opinion, could have went one or two more innings. That is when he should have brought in Duran, to pitch the 8th & 9th innings. Beyond that, using 3 to 5 relief pitchers every game, will have the bullpen completely burned out by July 4th. He needs to find a balance and it appears that when it comes to pitchers, he is in over his head.
  5. He sure did. His handling of the pitchers is terrible. By my count, it has cost us 5 games this season.
  6. That ranking looks right to me. I might switch Bundy & Archer but, that's about it.
  7. With Paddock gone for the year, Ober still out, Bundy not pitching well and Archer can't seem to get past 4 innings, why not give Smeltzer a shot?
  8. Looking at comparable "small sample sizes", one could easily conclude that, Miranda should have been sent down instead of Lewis.
  9. Tim Young, Willie Plett & Gilles Meloche.
  10. He is obviously not as good defensively, as either Polanco or Urshella.......but, he is a better at the plate, than 90% of his teammates. He should be in the lineup daily, as the DH.
  11. I think the Twins front office might still be stinging a little, over the 2021 starting pitching pick ups, that ended up being complete busts......Shoemaker & Happ come to mind. The only free agents left out there are more than likely, more of the same. There are arms in the minors, that might be able to help in July and beyond. The challenge might be, staying competitive until then.
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