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  1. Yep, he's a young'in. It's why so many people are so bullish on him. You're forgiven for expecting the Twins traded for a 28 year old re-tread with poor control, though, hahaha
  2. I noticed another issue with the minor league reports the last couple days. Miranda's batting line showed less than 3 hits per game... that just doesn't seem right?
  3. For me, it's about production based on the award name. Awards that ignore production and focus on popularity have long been an issue in baseball. I'd feel differently if this was an award for "Prospect of the Month" but it's an award for Minor League Hitter of the Month.
  4. Woods-Richardson has had a rough month, not a rough year and at only age 20 in AA after missing a year because of the COVID-19 canceled season. The general thought is missing a year of playing time is much harder on younger prospects because they have less experience/muscle memory and their bodies are still filling out. He could be tiring out or he could just be working on a pitch or pitches instead of focusing on results themselves. Woods-Richardson was owning high A pitching at age 18. That's extraordinary. Besides that, he was certainly getting results, pitching excellent through June 20th. 7 GS, 30.0 IP, 2.70 ERA, 6.3 H/9, 3.3 BB/ 9, 14.4 K/9 in AA. Oh, and apart from 3 games this year, Woods-Richardson has a 2.7 BB/9 walk rate. He's just not consistent yet. It's not like Woods-Richardson is guaranteed to turn into an ace pitcher that makes Twins fans celebrate the Berrios trade, but the potential is there.
  5. Stroatman is a lottery ticket, IMHO. I don't expect him to pan out, but if he does, awesome!
  6. Palacios is definitely a prospect which has rebuilt a lot of his value in my opinion. He's average age for the competition in AA this year at 24, but he's overdue for a promotion to AAA. I'd like to see him in MLB this year. He has more plate appearances in 2021 than the last 2 years combined. His walk rate is way up, and the past couple years (with not many plate appearances) showed some really horrible BABIP luck. If Palacios can hit .700 OPS at the MLB level, he can fill in at shortstop until Lewis or Martin is ready (if they make it). If Palacios can hold a .725 OPS, he could very well be a legitimate MLB shortstop.
  7. It's been two years of physical maturing for Lewis so I'd expect him to showcase improved bat speed and power. I share the concerns about his bat, but 2 months of .900 OPS play at AA would go a long ways to allievating any concern. It's too early to make a judgement based on what very much looks like just a down year to me. Don't forget, at age 19, Lewis was holding his own at A+. He actually took a step back at age 20. His BABIP has seemed a bit low in A+ and AA considering his speed out of the box, but there was no jump in K rate between A+ and AA, either. There's a lot of good signs.
  8. If I were to choose a shortstop from the list for a short term deal, it would be Crawford, provided he's available.
  9. I'd certainly think it's high time Palacios was moved to AAA. I'd really like to see him playing shortstop on the roster in September. It seems like the Twins have moved on from Gordon and are now trying to transform him into a center fielder. Honestly, no friggen clue what the front office is thinking. Maybe they'll move Miguel Sano to center field next. He used to play shortstop, too. I suppose it's not shocking. After all, I seem to recall Gardy started Chris Parmelee in center field one time.
  10. Top shortstop options are: Correa, Story, Simien are tier 1. Baez and Seager are tier 2. Crawford is tier 3 based on age. There are some other options who could provide stability, but no real value like Simmons, Rojas, Iglesias and Galvis. I think the combination of Polanco and Arraez needs to be addressed. Both are starting 2B, and while I think Arraez could play 3B, he's blocked by Donaldson.
  11. That's good news. All the guys are throwing a whole lot more innings than 2020, obviously. Maybe the thinking is Winder was tiring out a bit and they're hoping a break will help him bounce back? Any news on Canterino? He was expected to come back any time now, right?
  12. The take on Balazovic is about 2 weeks out of sync since he's has had two rough starts in a row. 8.1 IP, 10 R, 9 ER. 9 BB, 7 K, 3HRs Winder has also gotten knocked around in his last 3 appearances 11.2 IP, 8R, 8ER, 1 BB, 7 K, 4HRs. He hasn't pitched in 10 days and isn't scheduled to pitch today, either. I haven't heard anything about injury?
  13. I see nothing to indicate the Pohlad family is willing to "spend money to make money;" I believe that is a foreign concept to them when it comes to baseball. I also feel strongly the Pohlads are not interested in building a World Series caliber roster as I believe their primary desire is to field a team built to win 85-90 games and rely on luck the rest of the way. Still, I hold out hope they will break the mold, make me eat crow and spend in free agency to address obvious needs for next year. Short term ace (like Verlander) plus a solid upper/mid rotation starter (like Stroman) along with a shortstop and cement their outfield.
  14. My thoughts on Lewis vs Martin. Royce Lewis is near Buxton speed and should be a lot faster than Austin Martin. Lewis has a speed grade of 70 with an 80 grade speed out of the box to first compared to Austin's 50-55. That said, blowing out his ACL could have long term impacts on his speed. Even though return from ACL injury takes 9-12 months, the speed can take longer to come back, if ever. I mean, unless you're Adrian Peterson. I think Martin's potential ETA depends a lot on whether or not the Twins are willing to invest time in trying to make Martin into a shortstop. Since Martin doesn't have the elite speed optimal for a CF, spending time to try and get him to grade out well as a shortstop is worth it, in my opinion. Martin doesn't have a plus graded arm, so he'll have to rely on reaction time, a sure glove and a quick release. Polanco has a similar arm grade at 50 which is borderline for a SS. If the Twins do invest in the shortstop route, I'd expect Martin to be an ETA of 2023. If the Twins just want Martin as soon as possible, I could see him at the MLB level roster next year. My thoughts on Lewis is... who knows? If he's able to heal up quick and get back to his original full speed before the start of next year, he'd have to absolutely rake at AA/AAA and excel defensively to make the Twins roster in September 2022. I'd put him on the same basic timeline as the shortstop version of Austin Martin.
  15. The Twins were deadline winners. Almost every trade they made was viewed highly favorably, but yes, there were a couple moves they didn't make which are a bit perplexing. Simmons and Pineda still being on the roster makes no sense to pretty much anybody and I'm sure there was a market of some sort for both of them. I don't agree the Twins should have burned it all down if they are truly going to compete next year. Buxton and Rogers are still extension candidates, Donaldson is controlled for multiple years and can slot into DH as needed. For all the talk about his injury risk, Donaldson is 4th on the Twins for games played and the only time he's missed significant playing time this year is a sore hamstring at the very beginning of a season which saw catastorphic early season injury rates across the board. Now, if the Twins wind up being their typical selves in free agency, they are not going to compete next year and not starting the full rebuild is a major mark against the team.
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