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  1. They were routinely sold for $5 a seat in promos early this year. Guess we have different definitions of expensive.
  2. I think that might be the raffle? I have utterly, completely, totally no interest in gambling so no clue.
  3. The tickets aren't expensive, but the increased prices were announced to season ticket holders at the beginning of August. The Twins have an auto-renewal system in place for season ticket holders right now and the ticket holder is required to provide a written opt out by the end of August. That necessitates ticket prices being determined mid-season. I suspect the increased prices are a result of the $155MM payroll and the increases in other operational costs.
  4. Arraez is pulling the same disappearing act he pulled last year as the season got longer. He's totally refusing walks, leading to poor contact and automatic outs. He's had less success almost every single month this year. If Arraez is going to play triple crown spoiler, he's going to have to stop trying to get a hit on every single pitch which is thrown, regardless of how poor the pitch is. If he'd take some walks, he'd get some better pitches. Sep .282/.301/.366 .667 OPS, wRC+ 91, 1.4% BB, Aug .269/.316/.394 .710 OPS, wRC+ 103, 7.0% BB Jul .314/.352/.465 .817 OPS, wRC+ 133, 5.5% BB Jun .324/.386/.471 .857 OPS, wRC+ 148, 8.8% BB May .376/.480/.412 .892 OPS, wRC+ 170, 15.7% BB Apr .317/.386/.397 .783 OPS, wRC+ 128, 10.0% BB
  5. They do quite a few. Here's the remaining calendar (not much left). Twins Caribou Coffee stocking cap. https://www.mlb.com/twins/tickets/promotions
  6. Nothing against Cleveland. They're the Rays of the AL Central... for whatever that's worth.
  7. So I do love what Wallner is doing with the bat... but he basically reinforced that defensive reputation with titanium alloy tonight. Take a look at Salvador Perez's RBI "double" https://www.mlb.com/gameday/twins-vs-royals/2022/09/21/662633#game_state=final,lock_state=final,game_tab=videos,game=662633 It was not a graceful display, haha.
  8. Written like a guy who hasn't bought a baseball game ticket in the last two years. I really feel like you'd be happier rooting for a different team or a different sport. Maybe soccer. They don't score much so you can be really excited about the defensive side of things?
  9. I appreciate you looking out for me and all, but I got my money's worth for my seats this year. Season ticket holders get: 1. 15-20% off all food, drink & merchandise.* 2. Guaranteed seats, in the spot they chose, for each of their games. 3. Free season ticket holder merchandise, special prizes, etc. *In addition, the Twins DID give season ticket holders a huge gift starting September 9th by doubling our food & drink discounts. We'll be getting 30-40% off all food and beverage purchases. Side note, ticket prices are increasing about 12% for next year. I expect there to be a lot of discounted seats available in 2022.
  10. Rodriquez posted an overall line of .290/.361/.605 OPS .966 with a .315 ISO including quite a few doubles. His walk and strike out rates were 9.6% BB, 23.7% K, but I'm not sure what to make of it for the DOSL and a kid who was still just 16 at the beginning of June.
  11. @Cody Christie the link for Jose Rodriquez in the article goes to the wrong Jose Rodriguez It took a couple searches, but here's the correct link . https://www.baseball-reference.com/register/player.fcgi?id=rodrig106jos
  12. Why are you trying to attribute the quote to me? That's @Trov's quote, not mine.
  13. Farm systems are expected to graduate guys. That's why farms exist. The farm was "okay" before Balazovic dropped off a cliff and Martin took another step back. Once the Twins got to the trade deadline they had exactly zero elite prospects to bargain with, other than perhaps Brooks Lee, who went 8th overall (which would normally be out of the top 100) and had yet to play a single game in the minors. The Twins traded away what looked like some of their strongest assets (because they had to) at the deadline. The Twins had some guys take big steps forward since, but there's still a chasm between the elites and the C level prospects in the system.
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