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  1. Yeah, I don't get all the Woo and Miller chatter here when the one Seattle SP known to be on the trade block is Gilbert. Don't overcomplicate this.
  2. LF is fine, but he's really slow. Speed is such a core component of OF defense. That lack of speed is also why I don't love him at 2B. That said, his defense at 2B was shockingly average by the metrics. He's the opposite of Gio Urshela. Julien looks bad, but grades out decent, while Urshela looks decent, but grades out bad.
  3. Lewis's arm is certainly suspect at 3B. I remember turning on a game midway thru and Lewis uncorked a throw that was an absolute missle to 1B and I said to my son "I didn't know Lewis had that in him." On the replay, it was Castro at 3B...and Lewis still doesn't have that throw in him. For reference, Lewis's arm ranks at the 44% for infielders. He's perfectly adequate at 3B, but he'd likely be a good-to-very-good 2B. Lee, meanwhile, projected as a 3B the day he was drafted. He might make an average 2B, but a good-to-very-good 3B. And @Cory Engelhardt, I agree with you on Julien. He's probably the primary DH while filling in once a week at each of those positions to give the primary fielders a regular breather. That said, his arm(the 14%) screams 1B/DH.
  4. I suspect Bader will be closer to 4-5 mil. MAT is likely to cost 6-8 mil more than Bader. I'd rather allocate that 6-8 mil to a SP, via FA or trade, than MAT. Bader had some excellent prospect pedigree and has shown signs of offensive prowess that MAT never has. Bader also strikes out at half the rate of Taylor while walking more as well. The career wOBA, xwOBA, and wRC+ of each player, and Kiermaier for that matter, are all within a few points of each other. On that note, both Keiermaier and MAT are coming off arguably career years offensively which means likely getting overpaid for 2024 relative to the production of Bader, who is younger and coming off his worst season offensively. If both are healthy, Bader is probably the better bet to have a marginally superior 2024 vs Taylor, possibly even Keirmaier. For half the cost, I'd go with Bader.
  5. You're probably right. I always get a free subscription thru friends that have T-mobile.
  6. What if I just download the MLB app on my kids's phones instead and they listen to the radio broadcast thru that? I'll see myself out...
  7. I don't think 1/20 will get it done regardless. Maybe 1/25. And any contract he signs (sort of) has a team option built-in with the QO.
  8. Seems like Twins Daily members are going to be floored when Giolito signs a deal for an AAV that is just a few million less than what Sonny Gray gets. I would guess that the fanbase seeing the Twins largely handle the former Cy Young contender so many times over the years has caused some freezer burn on their view of his value.
  9. Ryu and Maeda are both mid-rotation guys. No thank you. Paxton is a top-rotation guy, but hasn't had a healthy season...ever? No thank you. Gray would be great, but there are deeper-pocketed teams that will sign him. They'd need a Correa-like series of events to get him back. I still think the SP the Twins add is thru trade. Mitch Keller maybe? Another Marlins deal? Reid Detmers? Tyler Glasnow? All those, no matter how unlikely, seem more likely than any of the SPs listed here. I could definitely see them adding Pham. If the Twins add any non-RP player in FA at all, I would put heavy odds on that player being a RHH OFer on a 1yr contract. Pham fits the bill. As does Taylor. Both smashed LHP in 2023 with a solid track record over their respective careers.
  10. I would guess it's because he played for more than a decade at a high level after the suspension. Tatis, Polanco, and many others are in the same boat. Compare that to a modern player like Cano, who was busted near the end. Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, Palmeiro, A-Rod, Clemons, etc. They were all busted near the end. Those last 3-5 years dominate the memories of most players and their careers.
  11. Many MLB orgs have a team of hitting coaches at the MLB level. It's certainly worth offering Cruz a position as an Assistant Hitting Coach.
  12. Agreed. I'd stay in-house. A mix of Buxton, Castro, Gordon, and Austin. Castro and Gordon make an average-defense, good-bat platoon. If they are dead set on going outside the org, Harrison Bader makes the most sense. He is 4 years younger. He is Taylor's equal on defense, if not his superior. He's also Taylor's superior on offense while striking out literally half as much. Bader's flaw is staying healthy. Both Buxton and Bader can be counted on for about 80 games each, making them a perfect pairing for a 162 game season😜
  13. We have Farmer under contract at a reasonable cost. He had a better OPS against LHP in 2023, as well as for their respective careers. Farmer is also younger and a far better defender with more versatility. Next question.
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