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  1. If you are watching the AL west at all go find the home run Alvarez just hit. 4442ft at 16! degrees.
  2. If we are using the 8th or 9th reliever to pitch things are either going very well or very poorly.
  3. Maybe so, but as the last arm his presence matters and can help off the field. He's pitched in 9 different post-seasons. In a positive blow out he can eat a few.
  4. Jeffers flipped from a negative to a positive as well.
  5. I've grown oddly comfortable with Kuechel making the postseason roster. I don't see a place where he would be my first choice, but I see a lot of places where it might be nice to have him.
  6. The AL stolen base leader ought to know better than to try that against this battery.
  7. He does look pretty spry for a catcher late in the season. The load sharing seem like its worked for the most part.
  8. I hope Rocco remembers to take Pablo out mid inning like opening day so he can get his ovation. Bravo Pablo.
  9. Why? When he's available he can run. It's the next day that's the problem. This is the playoffs and he probably hasn't had his last shot (of cortisone).
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