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  1. Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but seems to fit here for most of us….. Vikes pass defense gave up 23 and a half yards on a 3rd and 24 on the way to a Raider’s score. Some things never ever change
  2. I understand, but it’s just difficult to watch this team anymore and especially this manager.
  3. Vikings game on as the same time as the Twins…. looks like not so many of the regulars on here as usual. Soooo, just a question…..which game will keep our attention longer?
  4. My bad should have said “the great satan that shall not be named “ any clearer?
  5. Are you friends with that qb from east of Minnesota? Sounds like you have been sharing some “stuff” with him?
  6. I don’t believe he preaches fundamentals…. because, you know, player’s manager. They believe they are beyond that at this level. Earl Weaver would have him on the bench for a week
  7. I will take your word for it…. I am one of those regional Twins fans that are relegated to radio only because of black out rules!!! Maddening
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