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Everything posted by Tlaker

  1. Pitchers and catchers report! That’s all
  2. Big deal Little deal No deal my vote….no deal I looked to put this in n a different thread, but then no one would ever see it so….
  3. Turned the game on just as Sox tied it up……I’ll show myself out.
  4. Yes Rocco saw Fulmer pitch, but his computer doesn’t care about that, because numbers never, ever lie! Don’t ever believe otherwise
  5. Here’s another left turn for today’s somewhat meaningless game…. has anyone else sensed a bit of tension from time to time between Provus and Gladden? Gladden blathering on and on basically just repeating what Corey just explained seems to once in awhile make Corey go into extended silent mode for more than usual. Might be imagining it but……
  6. Love me some Halsey Hall and the new lyrics to that classic! Put’s me in the mood for “the beer refreshing”….ice cold Hamm’s!
  7. Maybe I should have said…..will you be happy to have Rocco back next year and any of the front office?
  8. Can’t stand Sox….. and it’s all about for one reason….. it’s Harrelson for years and years
  9. Just curious….could you recommend a good headache remedy?
  10. I think Rocco is really close to loosing the locker room….tonight’s decision to pull Ryan is not going to win over many of those players sitting on the fence.
  11. I can’t stand Rocco and his laptop….. but the fact that he pulled Joe tonight just solidified the fact that he doesn’t have a clue or a “human” feel for the game! Fire his ass immediately and start looking for someone else, cuz he’s not going to be better, ever! of course the FO isn’t any better so….
  12. So if an outfielder juggles a fly ball 4 or 5 times and the batter reaches first before the outfielder secures it in his bare hand or glove , is the batter safe?
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