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  1. Plus they gave $140M to Javy Baez who's basically turned into 2021 Andrelton Simmons... yikes. Only 2 qualified hitters are hitting over .700 OPS for them and they're both at .710. Woof!
  2. It's not an "off day", his knee injury has flared up (he had ice on it yesterday so I assume it was swelling up) and it's not a "planned day off" thing, he's actually unable to play. Hence why Rocco told us that the plan was for him to play both games, but he couldn't.
  3. Can't say I'm a fan of this. Bundy keeps his spot in the rotation, and hopefully Winder will be back soon.
  4. Defaulting to the same guy only in the 9th inning is overrated, having a good bullpen is not. But it's true that many here thought that Rogers was overrated, if that's what you meant. I just don't know if there are many, if any managers out there who could navigate this awful bullpen to perfection like for those who think it's possible. Sure, I would have pulled Pagan quicker, but when your options are Jax (after losing the previous day's game), and Duffey and Thornburg (two guys who should be pitching in AAA right now), I can understand Rocco's call. I'd just like to see more criticism directed at the front office rather than Rocco... it's not his fault Pagan and Smith were our biggest bullpen additions.
  5. Yup, just as I thought, Buxton seems to have had a [minor] setback and it was not the plan to have him on the bench today. Maybe it's time to IL him and see if his knee heals up... of course, he'll inexplicably hit 3 HRs the next few days because I suggested that.
  6. https://twitter.com/dohyoungpark/status/1539810230439141376
  7. These two games have felt like how the Twins play against the Yankees... enough offense, horrid pitching. Horrific play in the clutch.
  8. There were 13 to 1 odds after the Twins took a 10-7 lead that the Guardians would win the game...
  9. Wow. This bullpen is destitute, it's nothing but Duran at this point. Time for drastic measures - trades, get Sands and Canterino working as relievers, etc.
  10. I feared our bullpen would not be good this year at the beginning of the year... and yup, my fears have been realized. You can't just trade Rogers away and expect Pagan and Smith to perform as your top acquisitions. What happens if Duran gets hurt for any amount of time?
  11. I am not in favor of keeping in Thielbar over an inning against RH hitters... dude's been pretty brutal this year against them.
  12. Kinda feels like Gray had the opposite kind of start that Ryan had yesterday - great start, ugly end instead of the other way around.
  13. Gotta wonder if Buxton's knee is flaring up. For as cautious as the Twins are with him, you've got to think he'd at least be DH'ing today following the 'plan'.
  14. This one stings. Gotta score a run when you've got two runners on, no outs in the bottom of the 10th. Yuck.
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