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  1. Yikes, both Balazovic and Sands had bad starts in their postseason appearances. Darn.
  2. That looked like an error to me, it was a groundball that went in between the 2B's legs. That's an error in my book.
  3. 8 Ks in 4 innings is still pretty darn good. Only 4 baserunners in that stretch.
  4. Well, Garver's picking up where he left off. He nearly hit a HR in his first AB, too!
  5. An hour in and we just got out of the 2nd inning? Yuck. Jax doesn't look like an MLB pitcher.
  6. Simmons and Garver were activated today, taking the spots of Maggi and Rortvedt. It looks like Maggi may never get a MLB PA. Rortvedt deserves more ABs in the majors…
  7. I think it’s safe to say they will be adding a SS in free agency/trade, it just depends who that is… Lewis might be the guy in 2023, but the other internal options really aren’t “options”.
  8. Strotman and Ryan are pitching as polar opposites. Strotman looks like he needs to try AA again, and Ryan already looks like our best starter. The Kernels are hitting really well, even Sabato is hitting well against this competition. Is the pitching in A+ worse than A for some reason?
  9. I think the horrid fielding needs to be a talking point in the Lowlights… how did this team go from being one of the better defensive units last year to being a complete train wreck? I know 2020 was a SSS, but they added Simmons and moved Polanco to his natural position, yet the gaffs have been far more frequent.
  10. Y'know, I had a feeling the Vikings were going to cover the spread and not get blown out. They played better than expected on offense, but man, the defense is just a trainwreck. We pumped all that money in FA for this? And then, of course, the kicker misses an easy one to lose it late, after he already missed an XP. Perhaps giving Joseph zero competition was a bad idea... ugh.
  11. Oof. I think we’ve seen enough AAAA get shelled this season… perhaps for a lifetime.
  12. Wow, offensive eruption against a very good starter in Ryu!
  13. Rooker is back from the paternity list, and they’ve added Nick Vincent to the 40 man and called him up again. Albers to AAA and Simmons restricted. The Twins have given every mediocre reliever in AAA a chance and then some!
  14. So they had SWR pitch again today, huh? I guess that explains why he only got three innings last time out. Good to see Steer with the big hit. His numbers have taken a hit since arriving at AA, but within an acceptable limit for the sizeable jump from A+ to AA. If he takes another step forward next year, he will be poised to do damage in the bigs. I would like to see a bat or two from AAA come up and get a chance... Miranda should be up here now, and I'd like to see Jimmy Kerrigan. He's raking as of late and has plus speed. If I'm not mistaken I believe he will be a free agent, so why not give him a shot?
  15. Moran didn't look great, but with a real defense he probably only gives up 1 run there.
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