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  1. Can't say I like having Minaya go a 3rd inning. He was consistently going 2 innings in AAA, but not 3...
  2. Maybe we need to get Garlick into the lineup more over Gordon?
  3. Likewise, I think we've overestimated our pitching because all teams are experiencing a drought of hitting - heck, Archer's ERA of 3.86 coming into this game was only 95 ERA+, meaning that was below average, when you'd think that'd be a good number for a starter.
  4. I guess they just don't think very highly of Hamilton, or is he hurt? I'm not much of a fan of Minaya, but he did put up good numbers here last year. Maybe Coulombe should have got some rehab appearances in before being brought off the IL, looking bad, and going straight back. Hmmmm.
  5. Cano has been optioned, no word on who is coming up.
  6. I appreciate that they've given Cano several chances, and he was dominating at AAA... but man, he's just getting shelled and it's not even by the good teams. Our bullpen (non-starter to reliever) prospects just don't ever seem to be that good.
  7. I think he's still on the IL? Also, yeah, Kaat isn't terrible. Maybe not a great announcer, but he's still fun to listen to.
  8. Heck of an inning for the hitters... glad they can finally take the stress off this game. If only we could have saved a few of this ABs for the past couple days, though.
  9. Quantum of Solace (James Bond). It wasn't too long, but still, only 5 innings?
  10. I started a movie when it was top of the 2nd... just finished and now it's the top of 7th. Yeesh, guys, can't we speed this up a bit? Ober back to the IL would be a big bummer if it's true his velo was down. We can't keep taxing the bullpen like this. Good to see Megill holding up. Maybe send out Thiebar for the #8 and #9 hitters, then have Duran face the rest.
  11. Yeah, I'm thinking Canterino to the bullpen is going to need to be a move if they need a top-end option. With Cano and Moran not looking like they're going to help, there's not much else in the minors, so they'll need to make some trades, but that probably won't happen until July... so perhaps it's time to prepare Canterino for his new role (call up him to AAA and have him pitch shorter stints?).
  12. Losses to bad teams is inevitable over a 162 game schedule, but do they need to be so brutal like this?
  13. Would be nice to have Royce Lewis in the lineup in a time like this... over the struggling rookie who everyone said would be in AAA by this point... and now we're resorting to PH'ing Gordon with his .600 OPS. Prove me wrong!
  14. You think we're going to trade him for a reliever(s) / trade him for prospects and flip them for a reliever(s)? I have a really hard time seeing that happen.
  15. That was an abysmal inning, and I can't argue Rocco isn't at fault (using Duffey there isn't egregious, but you had to get him out of there faster)... but we shouldn't expect to win games when only scoring 2 runs against the likes of the Royals and Tigers. Offense needs to step it up.
  16. Thanks ump, that was strike 3, and now the inning continues. Ugh.
  17. Heck of an outing so far for Smeltzer, got to wonder if Archer goes to the bullpen so he can stay. Speaking of 'staying', I'd love to see him go out for the 7th inning...
  18. Maybe Buxton needs to go back to his old #9 spot in the lineup...
  19. It's disappointing that Balazovich and Sands haven't looked good and have spent time on the IL, but Winder was expected to be there instead of on the MLB roster the whole year, so I suspect he would have been putting up gaudy numbers there. At least we've got SWR, Canterino, and Varland dealing at AA. Enlow should get into the conversation next year.
  20. Yeah, right now you'd have to probably call up Chi Chi Gonzalez or Dereck Rodriguez, but hopefully Winder will be ready to go sooner than later. I could see Canterino as an option to be a multi-inning guy, I think he could go directly from AA to MLB.
  21. Sands has been on the injured list for some time and actually hasn't pitched all that much for AAA, Henriquez is only 22 and has thrown only 20 innings so far, so I'm not concerned about him yet. Balazovich is concerning me, even though that's just a small sample size - he's been brutal.
  22. Yes, but you should usually win games where your pitchers only give up 3 earned runs in 10 innings, especially when you have the bases loaded 0 outs in the 10th inning.
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