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  1. Alcala's raw numbers have been good, but when it counts he's been disappointing, just like the rest of the bullpen. Gives up lots of solo HRs.
  2. Kepler activated off 10 day IL, Celestino optioned. ...and Buxton remains with the team, yet they won't play him.
  3. When a 'bad' Berrios start is 5 innings, 3 runs... OK, that's not that bad. Not close to as bad as a Shoemaker/Dobnak/Happ bad start.
  4. He'd be one of the top starters on the trade market if he's available. Methinks they'd get plenty of offers.
  5. That list includes the 60 day ILs and Celestino twice, so they should be at 39. Even if they aren’t, there are quite a lot of options to open spots, like sacking Shoemaker or putting Smeltzer on the 60 day IL.
  6. It was previously announced that Shaun Anderson was activated off the IL and optioned to AAA, but evidently he was DFA’d. Rangers claimed RHP Shaun Anderson off waivers from the Twins. Anderson struggled mightily during his time with the Twins this season but has flashed some late-inning relief potential in the past. He'll be assigned to Triple-A Round Rock for now.
  7. I think the negotiation starts at 5 years, $100M. He’s asking for market rate money and has been more healthy than McCullers with similar numbers. A month back I was more on the Trade Berrios bandwagon, but with the way our rotation has imploded, I am swinging towards keep Berrios, trade Buxton.
  8. I've read they're under 50%... I'll have to double-check my source, as that seems very low...
  9. I'm not worried. When it has come to Falvine's top hitting prospects, they are either in the lineup every day or playing that much in AAA. "Passion"? He'd routinely show little effort running to first and would misplay routine flyballs. I in no way hate Rosario, but if the Twins retained him and the he hits like he has for the Indians, Twins Daily would be slamming him. He hasn't been all that much better than Sano this year and has certainly not been worth the $8M Cleveland gave him. He still can't get on base and his power is suddenly gone (4 HRs in 240+ PAs). You're basing t
  10. People like to say Rocco uses a spreadsheet as gospel, but I can assure you there's no analytics that suggest your starter should be pulled this early in a 7 run game with a historically bad bullpen. It's been a really bizarre season management-wise.
  11. I really don't get why Ober has such a short leash, he's looked pretty good. Let him at least go 5, dang it!
  12. Thielbar activated from 10 day IL, Jax optioned.
  13. Larnach never struggled at any level in the minors over a full season, which is why I thought of him as the "safest" prospect in the organization, and it looks like he's taken the promotion well, and he's here to stay. Hitting against MLB pitchers is incredibly difficult and Larnach will surely have some slumps, but I have confidence he will become a cornerstone for the Twins for several years. Here's hoping their pitching prospects can come up and show similar poise and competency that Larnach does.
  14. You don’t give up on your front office after a single bad year. If 2022 goes the same way, then I would entertain the conversation seriously. Falvine’s prospects they’ve been drafting are just starting to come up, and through the next 2-4 seasons they will be debuting and seeing how good they are at drafting and developing MLB talent. The pipeline has been mostly purged of Terry Ryan-drafted prospects, and it would be rash to reboot the system now. I do have problems with how poorly they handled this off-season and what the heck they have Rocco doing (IMO Baldelli is mostly a puppet
  15. Good to see Cano get promoted. Let’s see what he can do in AAA and see if he’s worth giving an audition in August/September.
  16. I'd really rather trade Buxton to the NL so I don't have to see him very often. I certainly wouldn't ship him off to the Yankees!
  17. Yikes, Happ, now you're just serving up breaking balls right down the middle because your fastball isn't enough. $8M right down the drain! I can hardly believe he almost had a no-hitter this year. He's got zero trade value, even at his finest, the Yankees had him ride the bench last year in the playoffs, so who would trade anything for a bad starter?
  18. Just a random thought, but after going over some past Twins' history, Nick Gordon reminds me of Danny Santana. Lower tier prospect who came up to play SS, but then ended up in CF due to need. Hit way better than expected Year 1, but then fell off a cliff in years 2 and 3.
  19. Dang, that's cheap. The middle market for FAs crashing has certainly helped the Vikings this offseason.
  20. If RBIs are so important, then Sano is the best hitter on this team! 😉
  21. Clearly our outfielders are the clumsiest in baseball... Also, long time no see, Chargois.
  22. Sano now 1 for 11 with the bases loaded with 5 Ks... if you like RBIs and HRs, then you might be deluded to think he's having a good season, but man are so many of his PAs just brutal. His K% rate is now up to 39%.
  23. I'm already liking Larnach a lot. I feel pretty good for putting him #1 in my prospect rankings, as he looks like the real deal. He doesn't seem to have a big problem with MLB lefties, which is impressive. Now just stay healthy please!!
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