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  1. So they had SWR pitch again today, huh? I guess that explains why he only got three innings last time out. Good to see Steer with the big hit. His numbers have taken a hit since arriving at AA, but within an acceptable limit for the sizeable jump from A+ to AA. If he takes another step forward next year, he will be poised to do damage in the bigs. I would like to see a bat or two from AAA come up and get a chance... Miranda should be up here now, and I'd like to see Jimmy Kerrigan. He's raking as of late and has plus speed. If I'm not mistaken I believe he will be a free agent, so why not give him a shot?
  2. Moran didn't look great, but with a real defense he probably only gives up 1 run there.
  3. This team's fielding needs a "come to Jesus" moment. Just too many mental errors for guys who should know better. Also, Arraez is not an average fielder at 3B.
  4. I want to get behind Jax, but he doesn't look like he has MLB stuff... he's 26 and has already been passed up in the previous 2 Rule 5 drafts. I don't see much upside here.
  5. It is a sign that the Vikings are not ready to give up on him, but I'm starting to think that it's going to take another coaching staff to fix him, since Zimmer just doesn't get the most out of young CBs. After spending 1sts on Waynes, Hughes, and Gladney, why even bother drafting CBs when they can sign veterans that will make Zimmer happy?
  6. Why is Barraclough coming in to defend a 1 run lead? That seems like a really bad idea.
  7. CBS sports claims that Barnes was called up as the 29th man, and Albers was actually called up for Gant.
  8. As far as I can tell he’s healthy now and he was healthy in 2020... I don’t see him suddenly turning back into what he was in 2018/19. He’s striking out about as much as Sano this year and has worse plate discipline... and that’s not to mention his frustrating fielding. There will be many superior 4th OF options out there, I see no reason to retain him.
  9. Rooker hit the paternity list earlier today, allowing for Barraclough to be called up. He and Gibaut remain on the 40 man... for some reason.
  10. I love Arraez at the plate, but I am unsure about how good he is defensively. From just using the eye test he looks well below average at LF/3B, but I will have to check on the advanced stats to see if that is backed up.
  11. I would caution you from doing that... from my perspective that seems like an over-reactionary bet, since it would be no surprise to me if the Vikings at least covered just because we play better by default and Arizona regresses somewhat. But this is coming from someone who has sworn off gambling, so you do you. However, the Yankees-Twins matchups have transcended common sense. They've won something like 80% of their games against us in the past 20-25 years. Unless that is priced into the line, I'm willing to break my embargo.
  12. That's it... I might just bet on a sports game for the first time in 2022 and put money on the Yankees every single time they play the Twins. Either I will make a profit since the Twins are guaranteed to poop themselves every time they play New York, or I will break the Twins' horrible streak by losing money. A win-win, perhaps.
  13. Two? Wyatt Davis played nearly all of camp and all preseason games and is active. It did come out recently that he showed up to camp overweight, but he has gotten back into shape quickly.
  14. I know this is a bit off-topic, but I do agree with the idea that OPS can be an unreliable stat sometimes. Especially when you're looking at a hitter like Arraez and his penchant for 1Bs and BBs over XBHs. Heck, Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki has a career OPS of .757, which is lower than Sano's in 2021, but I think we can all agree that we'd all rather have Ichiro at the plate.
  15. Today's game was a big disappointment, but how 'bout them Packers? Woof. I thought they'd be starting a Tour de Force.
  16. I guess they trust him more than Mond... but ideally I wouldn't want Mond getting into a game before he is ready. So if they're guaranteed to lose without Kirk, then it doesn't matter who's at QB. Then again, if Mond is ready to go... they had better not let a mediocre vet like Mannion block him.
  17. It's about darn time... we've seen more than their share of AAAA filler guys in the pen, so why not give an actual prospect a chance? I suspect he won't be part of the Opening Day pen in 2022, but he's a guy you have to hope will make an impact on next year's club at some point.
  18. Jorge Alcala has quietly been pitching very well since late July and in high leverage situations... 🤔 Our pen certainly has internal options for 2022, but most seem suited to the middle innings.

    1. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      In a small sample size of September, the Twins' entire staff has the fourth best ERA in MLB. Things no longer look nearly as dire as they did a month or more ago.

  19. Alcala's last 10 outings: 13 IP, 15 Ks, 2 BBs, 7 hits, 1 ER. And all mostly in high to medium leverage situations... he may be turning a corner here. And it's about time, too!
  20. Yeah, I am aware of that (I went over this in my 40 Man Roster Management article). I would DFA Thorpe, Smeltzer, Albers and make room for some FA additions. Yeah, I'd prefer quality over quantity, I suspect we are going to see an approach similar to 2020, when they added (or re-added) Odorizzi, Pineda, Bailey, Hill, and Maeda. Falvine doesn't seem comfortable putting big money into a single pitcher.
  21. If you go by ranking the FA hitters by their hitting skill, Simmons is near the worst ever. But his strong defense should keep him away from the likes of Nishioka, who not only couldn't hit a lick but also had horrible fielding skills.
  22. Ober should be a lock and I think Ryan is good enough to be in the rotation from the onset. Other than that, fill the rotation with FAs and trade options. Dobnak, Jax, and others on the 40 man can function as depth.
  23. You have it backwards, Rogers makes $6M this year and Duffey is at $2.2M. I don't think Cave has played enough to compile a low enough WAR/WPA (only 150 PAs). If he did play more I think he'd crack the list.
  24. I'm glad they extended him, but I do think it's an overpay. O'Neill is maybe the 8th/9th best RT in the game, probably deserving of $13/14M a year, but instead they're paying him like a LT. Hopefully his game will improve as his contract goes up in cap hits.
  25. Man, if this kid can keep this up... getting him for 2 months of Cruz is insane value. Not to mention he's only half the deal.
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