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  1. Fun fact: Simmons since the COVID outbreak: .213/.276/.284 (.556 OPS). He's turned into Pedro Florimon - great glove at SS, but is simply feeble at the plate. He's never been that good at hitting, but he's also never been this bad.
  2. Yup, looks like Mitch has indeed started back where he left off! That's 10 HRs in just 137 PAs this year.
  3. I think a drop down in the order and a few more off days would make sense before demoting him.
  4. Rortvedt finished the game catching, but Jeffers caught most of it.
  5. Looks like Garver is in the lineup hitting #6, and Rortvedt appears to have been sent down. Maybe he can pick up where he left off, as he was hitting well before the injury.
  6. Burrows was sent back down to the minors for Columbe, who's off the paternity list. Jax was used as the 27th man. It has been confirmed that Garver is being activated for Game 2, so I imagine Rortvedt will head down to AAA in return.
  7. I completely get why, they didn't add a proven veteran and going to be relying on a bunch of prospects to solidify the unit, which includes Bradbury who is trending towards bust, and Cleveland who looked promising, but struggled with pass protection. Here is a little snippet from an article from the Athletic I like Darrisaw and Davis as prospects, with with the odds of 1st and 3rd round picks panning out, it's going to be unlikely that they will both play well in their rookie seasons.
  8. No, you are correct. I've corrected the list, as the roster I was looking at didn't include him for some reason.
  9. Thorpe is iffy since he's out of options, but I still think there is something there if they commit to moving him to the pen. Stashak had two quality seasons before looking bad this year, and still had good peripherals. I think if they DFA him, he definitely resurfaces with another team and we look dumb (see Littell, others). I assume we will know a lot more about Rooker after seeing many ABs in August and September and we can make a more informed decision then. Good point, I see them as re-sign candidates, but it does make more sense to do that once the Rule 5 draft has passed. I could see them keeping one of Refsnyder or Garlick as the RH OF, though they could also look to free agency to find that guy.. Agreed on all those. Also, Derek Law should be on the Likely Gone list.
  10. The Twins have many decisions to make as to how they will fill the 40 man roster in 2022. Assuming they plan on fielding a competitive team in 2022, they will need to balance the number of core pieces, prospects to protect, and new free agent additions. I've parsed out the Twins' current 40 man roster into categories below: First we have the "locks" - 15 players who will likely be back barring a trade, and another 5 prospects who are unlikely to lose their spot. You could consider Dobnak and Colina are on the fringe, but Randy's contract and Edwar's potential to help our bad bullpen should keep them on the team. I've then sorted the rest into a few other categories - Potentially Gone has players who may leave due to contract reasons. I see Sano and Kepler as possible trade options over the winter, and Thielbar might get moved at the trade deadline. Likely Gone is fairly obvious - Cruz could be retained, but they might choose to wait until January/February because MLB free agency is slow as heck. Fringe Veteran categorizes players who have played well enough to warrant consideration to be retained on the 40 man, but could also be DFA'd without being a big deal. Middling Prospect entails 1st-3rd year players who are in danger of losing their spots. Fringe Prospect has a few guys who will likely be DFA'd and make it through waivers. Of course, then we've got the Rule 5 Prospects. The first 5 listed should be shoo-ins, but the Less Notable list should create some debate as to who is worth protecting. I also call it the Baddoo List since it includes debatable additions that are talented enough to possibly make an impact in the majors. Akil Baddoo is going to haunt our Rule 5 articles for years to come. I'd like to see how you guys would fill your 40 man rosters. You can use my chart above, but don't forget there are other players in the minors who could be added at some point too. Here is a template with some initial suggestions: #1-20: My aforementioned locks #21-27: OF Max Kepler, UTL Nick Gordon, RP Cody Stashak, C Ben Rortvedt, OF Rob Refsnyder, SP Lewis Thorpe, SP Charlie Barnes #28-35: SS Royce Lewis, 3B Jose Miranda, SP Josh Winder, SP Blayne Enlow, SP Cole Sands, SS Jermaine Palacios, RP Jovani Moran, RP Yennier Cano (not Rule 5 eligible, but I want to see him pitch in 2021) #36-40 : Spots kept open for free agents / players or prospects acquired in deadline trades Now it's your turn, give it a shot!
  11. C'mon, Max, why aren't you swinging at that pitch? It was a good pitch from Peralta, but clearly a strike when you had the runner going. Great job.
  12. They’ve already been demoted once each this year, and since this is a lost season, I don’t see a good reason to stop playing them. Astudillo is a big downgrade defensively, plus he hadn’t been hitting well the few weeks before his demotion.
  13. Yeah... this is a pretty mediocre list. Contreras, Whitefield, and De La Trinidad all profile as bench OF bats, and I don't think we need to see any of them in 2021. Palacios interests me, as from what I've read it sounds like he's a quality fielder at SS, so perhaps he could be our Adrianza replacement at some point. He will probably never hit well enough to be a starter, but I would entertain putting him on the 40 man to protect him, which means calling him up in late 2021 is a viable option. Rooker should be up in August, and Miranda also might be soon. That's all of whom I'd really like to see for the second half of 2021 when it comes to hitters who are in the minors.
  14. This team finds some incredible ways to lose games. It's at least more exciting than the 2011-14 stretch where they would lose games because they flat-out sucked.
  15. Donaldson is the last guy you want up in RISP situations... his OPS drops by over 200 points and he simply chokes when we need him to come through.
  16. I think he will probably take Celestino's and Gordon's OF ABs, but I think he will certainly be behind Kirilloff and Larnach in the pecking order.
  17. White Sox give Lance Lynn a $38M extension over 2 years... pricey, but he's played up to that tag so far. He has gotten paid well after failing to find a multi-year deal before getting a one year deal from the Twins.
  18. Minaya should be on the bullpen chart, as he's rejoined the team and added to the 40 man roster... for some reason. He's looked bad in AAA, bad in the majors, so why give him another chance? We have reliever prospects with more upside than him! Does it show a lack of confidence if pulling a guy early is automatic? I don't like it either, but it seems to me that the rookies/guys who didn't pitch in 2020 are on pitch counts.
  19. So Barnes goes 4.2 and gives up 1 in his first career start... and Maeda has already given up 3 by the 2nd inning. Maeda has been beyond disappointing... and I would be open to giving Barnes more chances, even if he looked only decent against a middling lineup. I can't get upset losing to the Tigers after sweeping them in a 4 game series, but they could really start a calamitous fall if they fail to get things done this weekend and then get pounded to dust by the White Sox in another 4 game series.
  20. Since Target Field opened, what player did we lose signed a big deal elsewhere that we couldn't afford? I can't even think of one. And shouldn't it be more about total payroll rather than by player? I have a hard time wrapping my head around giving big money to a guy who will only play about 40% of the games every year rather than committing that money to the next Yu Darvish/Zach Wheeler/George Springer/other options on the market.
  21. Not to change the subject, but at the time I thought the Red Sox got a really good return on Betts. Verdugo is no slouch (he got MVP votes last year) and Downs and Wong are nice prospects to have... all for one year of Betts. That's a great return IMO. Buxton isn't going to command this kind of return since his track record with the bat and health isn't close to what Betts has put up, but if you could get a poor man's version of this deal for Buxton, I'd do it.
  22. Huh, that is very surprising... though it looks like Atlanta's farm system isn't that good, and Bryce Ball (aforementioned #12 prospect) would likely be in the #18-24 range in our system. Cruz is a way better hitter than Joc and they are both on expiring deals, so the Twins should certainly get a bigger return than this one. They won't get any top prospects, of course.
  23. I really doubt they're offering him a 7 year extension... I would guess 4 or 5 years. 7 years stacked on top of control of his 2022 season, for a guy who can't stay on the field... I don't see this FO offering a deal of that length. I do like that as far as we know, they're taking the "extension or trade" route to this. If they do go to trade him, it may not moving him at his peak, but his value isn't going to get higher in 2022 with less control of him.
  24. I believe it does not cost an option year if he gets called back up within a certain amount of time. However, I don't think any of this is an issue since even if they used an option this year, he wouldn't run out of options until 2024, and he'd be 28 by that point. Barnes is a fringe prospect and is far more likely to be DFA'd in the next year or two rather than stick around enough to be brought up and down for 2021, 2022, and 2023.
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