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  1. I guess Alcala, since he usually only gives up solo HRs? But I don't envy his decision here... he did try to get too much out of Thielbar, but it isn't Rocco's fault that Duffey also looked like crap today.
  2. I have little faith in Robles holding down the 9th with how bad he's looked, but a 3 run lead... guaranteed, at least 2 will score here.
  3. That's 3 XBHs off Thielbar... new reliever, please!
  4. I think Ober could also be a standout reliever, as he might be able to bump his K/9 rate up even higher (and he already has the highest K rate in the rotation). If they do keep him as a starter, hopefully he can start reaching the 6th inning more often, and into 2022. Jax is barely a prospect at this point, and the FO knows it, or they would have protected him in the Rule 5 draft in either of the past two years. He's a classic case of "very good minor league track record, but doesn't have the stuff to get MLBers out".
  5. I would guess it's a mix of how close the player is and how likely they are to reach their ceiling. Ober has shown the ability to strike out MLB hitters and has had a few good starts, while Sands and Enlow are further back in the minors. If those two were to keep pitching well as they progress, I would imagine they would jump up higher in the rankings.
  6. I would entertain a one year extension, but I wonder if Cruz will get more from an NL team with the DH likely coming back in 2022. There is also a high chance of a holdout happening, which would make extending Cruz riskier (I assume all contracts would be pushed back a year). If he is intent on hitting the market again, I would trade him, since we wouldn't give him the qualifying offer.
  7. I watched that Larnach play 10 times and I have no idea how he was out. Foot was clearly on the bag before the tag.
  8. Ohtani has been better at the plate, but he's neck-and-neck with JD Martinez. Methinks he should get a spot on the bench for the All Star team.
  9. Maeda found his command today, but now Rogers has forgotten how to throw a strike.
  10. He's just 6 for 42 in RISP situations, but he's still young, and I expect that to improve. What concerns me more is that Donaldson has a .590 OPS in RISP. Don't know why he's fantastic with nobody on, but awful when it counts most.
  11. Jax looks exactly like a guy who has been passed up on the Rule 5 draft two years in a row. It's pathetic that we have multiple pitchers who are only here at the MLB level simply because they have a pulse and can throw multiple innings (Jax, Happ, Dobnak, and Shoemaker up until a few days ago).
  12. Rortvedt is light years ahead of Tortgua defensively. The best outcome for Rortvedt will probably be hitting .220 with some pop, and top-notch fielding as a catcher - there's a reason why Drew Butera lasted so long in the majors.
  13. Yes, Kepler's career is generally overrated, but he's currently faring worse than he's usually been, hitting around .680 OPS. Plus, since he returned from injury, he's hitting .158 with a 37% K rate. Right now, I'd rather see Sano in the lineup than Kepler.
  14. This team is just the absolute worst with the bases loaded.
  15. I think this is Rocco's way of saying "DFA Happ please, thank you!"
  16. This isn't something I'd be worried about, if they're moving some of the big pieces (Berrios/Rogers), I have no doubt they will get a substantial return on paper. My concerns lie with their ability to develop the prospects they get into legitimate MLB players.
  17. We missed our chance to trade Kepler for a haul... now, when he's supposed to be in his prime, he's a shell of his former self. Yes, I know his overall track record isn't great, but since returning from injury he's been abysmal at the plate.
  18. Over, the Twins FO loves to give their FA acquisitions way more rope than they deserve.
  19. Vallimont is 37th in my rankings - I think he will end up in the pen in the majors. Steer seems properly ranked, I think Colina is too. He is a hard guy to rate because it's easy to rag on him (one bad MLB appearance, elbow issue and hasn't pitched a workload since 2019), but he has electric stuff that can play in the pen.
  20. Cruz could deserve a spot, though Ohtani is winning the DH spot if he isn't considered a pitcher. JD Martinez is pretty close to Cruz's numbers, too. Rogers probably gets the spot over Berrios. Jose is having a decent year, but compared to other starters in the AL, it's really nothing special. Rogers' ERA and FIP are over 1.00 less, and also has a 164 ERA+ compared to Jose's 117.
  21. I felt like I've heard the phrase "any potential hope that was remaining for a comeback season is gone" once a week for the past month. They've been cooked for quite some time now, so even if they do win some games back against the Royals and Tigers, I don't want to hear about "OMG, we're only 11 games out of 1st place!!" Now that it's July and we're out of contention, it's time to see what we've got in the high minors / young guys in the majors. Rooker and Cano are getting old, let's see what they've got. Give Gordon as many PAs as he can handle. Find out where Arraez's future position is. Give Charlie Barnes and some of the relievers with an ounce of potential up just to see what they've got. I am sick and tired of the waiver wire relievers like Law, Waddell, Minaya, Columbe.
  22. Agreed, right now I would add Palacios simply because we don't have many pure SS prospects. I would be OK losing Javier, since I have my doubts that he'll ever hit well in the majors.
  23. I recall earlier in the year that fans wanted this team to "show fire" and "be passionate" and that would help the team... but like you, I don't really care for Donaldson's antics. It's nice to have a unique personality in the clubhouse, but when we're this bad and Donaldson is clowning around, it rubs me the wrong way.
  24. So far this year vs CHW: 1-7 (counting today's game), run differential of -36 (66 - 30). Yeah, we've been getting embarrassed almost every game against them, not to mention the inane "unwritten rules" fiasco.
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