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  1. It's getting buried under the Dennison news, but here you go:
  2. There are several Vikings who are not going to like this... [twitter url="https://twitter.com/AlexMattison22/status/1418638166140104706"] [twitter url="https://twitter.com/PhilMackey/status/1418631089996779521"]
  3. It gets better: It looks like they're lowballing him... and on top of Rodgers quitting on the team, Adams has to be very upset.
  4. You should check out this thread on 40 Man Roster Management, as I delved into how many spots could be open and how much room there will potentially be for protecting prospects from the Rule 5 draft. It's looking like the Twins will have to protect at least 7 guys at this point.
  5. Let's remember that many here thought that Cruz wouldn't get much in a trade, since he's a 41 year old DH. In that context, getting two quality pitching prospects, even if they end up as relievers, is an easy "A" on paper. Well yeah, we should technically wait a good 3-5 years before we know how much value we got from the trade, but I'm assuming we're grading the trade on how it looks "on paper".
  6. This seems like another off-the-wall move from the Rays, but I think they're making a prudent move getting away from a starter that they think is close to collapsing. They should be able to replace him just fine with their pitching gurus, and I wonder if they will find a new project to fix up for their rotation.
  7. With the Cruz trade in place, you can put Strotman in the Locks list and Joe Ryan in the Notable Rule 5 Eligible Prospects, which means that our 40 man flexibility has been further limited. I am now thinking that it is likely that Thorpe and Smeltzer will be DFA'd for their 40 man spots after the season is over... there's a decent chance they get plucked off waivers, but we need the space and if they do make it through, they will be nice to have in AAA while not taking a 40 man spot. My 40 man now: #1-20: My aforementioned locks (Strotman is now on that list) #21-26: OF Max Kepler, UTL Nick Gordon, RP Cody Stashak, C Ben Rortvedt, OF Rob Refsnyder, SP Charlie Barnes #27-35: SS Royce Lewis, 3B Jose Miranda, SP Josh Winder, SP Blayne Enlow, SP Cole Sands, RP Joe Ryan. RP Jovani Moran, RP Yennier Cano, SP Chris Vallimont (Palacios removed, Ryan and Vallimont added) #36-40 : Spots kept open for free agents / players or prospects acquired in deadline trades We've certainly got a lot of pitching coming from the minors in the near future!
  8. I don't see why not, but it seems all the guys they've put 1 year fliers on have went down in flames (Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, Josh Doctson, Tajae Sharpe). DeDe Westbrook seems like the next logical name in that line... others available include Larry Fitzgerald, Alshon Jeffery, Danny Amendola, and Golden Tate.
  9. I do think the Twins refusal to "go for it" has been a big problem over the years. 2019 was a prime opportunity to make a splash, and they traded for a couple of setup relievers and that was it... and the one time in the last 20 years they got risky with a deadline trade, they bet on Matt freaking Capps. But the thing is, he wasn't given away. He was a fine reliever who got traded for two quality prospects, but the real issue was that he immediately became one of the league's best relievers simply by making a few tweaks thanks to Houston's pitching gurus. Pressly never reached that level of play with the Twins... nor did Gibson, nor Lynn, nor Hendriks, and so on. We've had some success with pitchers in 2019-20, but outside of that stretch we haven't been able to develop pitchers consistently, and when many of our arms leave, they improve elsewhere. To me, this is way more important than any "spending issue".
  10. I'm still mad the Twins didn't trade for Iglesias over the offseason. The Reds got a very underwhelming return for him... and I still don't know why he was so cheap. *sighs*
  11. Well, the Odorizzi trade went very poorly for them. Palacios flunked out of their minor league system and is back in ours, and we got two reasonably priced seasons out of him.
  12. Another bad send from 3B coach Tony Diaz... hopefully Larnach and Stassi are OK.
  13. Rortvedt has returned from the minors to replace Garver, who's on a paternity leave. In the Cruz trade, our 40 man roster stays full with the addition of Strotman. Also, Garlick is likely done for the year as he underwent hernia surgery after not feeling right in his AAA rehab stint.
  14. I guess we play a man down today, with Cruz gone. I'd imagine Rooker comes up tomorrow?
  15. I like the return. I was right in thinking that the Twins would get "more than a low A prospect" and that he would command a decent return, and he did. Fangraphs marks them down as their #17 and #18 prospects, but their farm is loaded and these guys are close to the majors. Ryan profiles as a reliever with some nasty stuff, and Strotman has been inconsistent, but could end up as a #3/4 starter, or possibly move to the pen and see his stuff tick up. This is a solid return. Cruz will be missed. Trading him was absolutely the right move, as he deserves a chance to win it all with the Rays. I will be cheering for them. ...and it looks like I'll have to update my avatar now. Thanks, Twins! Also, is there anyone on Twins Daily who actually knew who Calvin Faucher is? I hadn't heard of him before today.
  16. Seeing that he was only at 73 pitches, that's an early pull even for Rocco. I certainly wouldn't rush to get the pen involved in this one...
  17. This sucks, but as Seth said it’s not a huge surprise. Just gotta hope his wrist holds up from now on. Now Kepler and Sano can go back to playing full time in their old roles, though I thought they might bring Rooker up to play some 1B. Perhaps he’s DH-only at this point.
  18. It could make sense for them to call him up in September (they’re already using an option year) just to build up more innings in preparation for 2022.
  19. I'm sure the Rays would be licking their chops to buy low on guys like Colome and Robles for a low level prospect and turn them back into great relievers. Or if they could get their hands on Alcala, they'd turn him into their next closer. And then trade him in 2023.
  20. Alcala has been a pretty massive disappointment this year. I thought he may take a big step up, but instead he's closer to a AAA demotion rather than getting closing opportunities. Yet another disappointment from our pitching staff.
  21. I just saw the perfect article for this, it goes over exactly what you were asking for here - how have centers drafted in the 1st-3rd rounds fared in their first three years in the NFL: https://purplepainforums.com/thread/4809/bradbury-analysis-prove-turning-point
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