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  1. I originally thought the trade was a mixed bag - it was a fine return for Rogers (and Rooker, but he has zero value to me so it's really just Rogers), and it seemed like Paddack was going to rebound from his 2020 and 2021 seasons, and we definitely needed another starting pitcher. I didn't go into the positive range because it made our questionable bullpen even more shaky. And now it just looks like a bad trade. Getting so little out of Paddack in 2022 and 2023 irrevocably ruins the trade for me. We gave San Diego one year of one of the best relievers in baseball, and now all we've got is Pagan (whose peripherals suggest that he'll be sharply regressing sooner than later) and Brayan Medina, a 19 year old pitcher who is several years away from debuting, which I'd consider a lottery ticket. That's simply a bad trade for a team that is looking to be in playoff contention. All that being said, the bullpen has overachieved thus far, and it's absolutely possible to add help to the bullpen. Maybe Alcala will return and finally become the reliever we've hoped he could be. But we can't go into another playoff series with the pitching staff being duct taped together and having to convince ourselves that they have what it takes to go on a run when they never had a chance (looking at you, 2019 Twins). A single bad trade doesn't have to loom over the season if they don't let it.
  2. Not sure why Benintendi didn't swing at that one, seemed like a good pitch to hit... we escape again in the 9th inning alive from a Pagan encounter! We really shouldn't keep counting on that happening.
  3. I think we should officially call it the Emilio Pagan Experience (EPE).
  4. Wow, Polanco's making plays out there and Celestino makes a Gold Glove caliber putout! Gilberto is the real deal out there, great speed and great arm.
  5. Seeing Miranda in the lineup over Lewis, facing a lefty... ugh. Not putting our best lineup out there.
  6. Chad Pinder, who usually plays LF for the A's, was pitching and trying out some sort of breaking ball that he clearly hasn't tried throwing in years, and it harmlessly bounced off Miranda's leg. It was quite comical.
  7. Disagree, that's an extra hit that would have counted on the pitcher's stats. I prefer getting things right, even if the game is a blowout.
  8. Yep, Gordon just isn't very good and hopefully Larnach will be back quick... or else I'd rather see Lewis out there, even if LF is foreign to him. That hasn't stopped the Twins from using a whole bevy of players who didn't belong there in LF.
  9. Nice contact from Arraez, glad to see we're finally hitting up the A's.
  10. Rocco said Lewis will be playing several other positions than SS at AAA, so going off your first sentence, you shouldn't be happy about this...
  11. I can't find a reasonable way to justify this move... if you're trying to win more games, you've got to put him in your lineup every day no matter the position. It would make more sense if there were an actual log jam, but with Miranda looking completely lost at the plate, I don't get how he's still here. If anybody needs to get back to AAA ASAP, it's him. And if it's because we need a backup 1B - suddenly why do we not care about Miranda's development and only Lewis'? I would consider DFA'ing Nick Gordon, he's a .600 OPS hitter when we've already got Celestino and Garlick on the bench (once Larnach is healthy), with his main strengths being speed and hitting singles. Very poor OBP, little power, not a big threat to steal bases, can't hit at all versus lefties... with Contreras as a fine backup on the 40 man, I'm not sure if Gordon is needed anymore.
  12. Yeah... if Nick's going to cherry pick a game that Rocco managed well, it'd only be fair to pick a few where he didn't...
  13. Rocco's riding Winder as if he's going to be shown the door to AAA tomorrow... I don't get any of this. The bullpen's been good lately, just let them clean up in the 7th onward.
  14. What, Winder's pitching in the 4th? Why isn't he keeping his spot in the rotation? Lewis and Miranda could not be hitting any differently right now... wow, gotta get Lewis in the lineup every night! The kid's looking like a #1 overall pick so far.
  15. It's the Spongebob Movie, the character Dennis played by Alec Baldwin.
  16. Agreed with several of the other posts, Rocco is a fine manager and takes a lot of blame for things that are out of his control or is just part of the modern game of baseball. I just don't think managers make much of an impact, and say if you fire him, Falvine is probably hiring a slightly different version of him that's going to do many similar things because of how much a collaboration the whole operation is. It just annoys me that when anything goes wrong I see "this loss is on Rocco", and then when things are going well, he rarely draws credit (I usually hear "the Bomba Squad carried him" or "his record is only good because they're in the NL central"). But there are plenty of moves that he makes that I question, no doubt. But I'm not going to fall into the mindset that I know better (because it feels like a lot of baseball fans I know from other teams all think their manager is bad at decision-making). Manager of the Year? That's gonna be a hard no from me. But I'm interested to know which managers consistently get more from the players, make better lineups, make better bullpen decisions... no that I doubt that there are any, just that I never hear or see any managers making huge differences compared to the likes of Rocco.
  17. Cano's stuff looks good, and his command has been fine as well. I'm liking his chances of improving our pen this year.
  18. Apparently this was a thing pre-game? Man, Oakland's stadium really is in rough shape.
  19. He still probably will, but it's probably not going to be smooth... best case scenario for Archer is to end up in the bullpen sometime this summer, though Paddack's injury and Bundy's return to being mediocre are getting in the way of that.
  20. Garlick's been in the 3/4 spot usually vs lefties, since he pulverizes them. And it's not like we have many better options, though I don't know why Lewis is still down in the #8 spot.
  21. Perhaps, but Larnach and Celestino have been examples of guys who really struggle their first times up, and then the second time (the next season), something clicked. This might be the case for Miranda too, or maybe 2021 was all a fluke. Who knows, but I'll err on the side of patience.
  22. It's too bad Contreras didn't get into the lineup once (only had 3 PAs as a replacement), but he'll probably be back eventually with how injury-prone this team is.
  23. So Buxton admits the only is to play 100 games... so the plan is to only play 77 of the next 127 games (60.6%)? Can't say I'm a fan of this.
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