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  1. Both the Cubs and Braves have similar records... but it seems Joc is taking Acuna's spot, and he wasn't hitting well enough for the Cubs to warrant keeping him around.
  2. Barnes profiles as a AAAA pitcher, but there have been exceptions to the "soft-tossing" lefty trope, and he could end up sticking as a long reliever / or even gain a few ticks on the fastball upon joining the pen. I do think it is important to figure out whether you can count on him as depth in the future, as he will likely be back in the AAA rotation in 2022. I'd prefer figuring out if he stinks now rather than later.
  3. I'd take healthy Donaldson over injured Buxton. If we're ever going to do anything in playoffs, how is Buxton going to help from the IL? He can't make it through a full season, and I would bet that he gets more brittle as he ages.
  4. Good work! Some of these names bring back memories. I forgot about Marcos Diplan, I was surprised when they gave up on him but I think they needed a 40 man spot, but he's still only 24 and now pitching as a reliever at AAA with the Orioles with decent numbers.
  5. This has been a rough year for hitters, so seeing top prospects struggle shouldn't be a huge surprise. It's nice to see Kirilloff and Larnach putting up good numbers, and hopefully they can continue improving through the second half so that they can make themselves fixtures in the lineup.
  6. I like the pick, it was about time they took a pitcher in the 1st round. High school pitchers may be a longshot, but in reality all picks are crapshoots, so why not? Can't wait to see him pitch in 2025 or 2026.
  7. I approve of the Petty pick. Now, take another P/SS/CF and I will be happy.
  8. I am hoping for BPA (best pitcher available), and if they do take a hitter, he better be a true SS/CF. I don’t think the focus on 1B/DH hitters is going to pan out for them. Obviously it is all a crapshoot, but if a prospect ends up weaker as a hitter, it’s be better to at least have a quality defender at a premium position.
  9. Rogers making the case for not deserving to go to the all star game...
  10. Smeltzer and Thorpe could be 60 day IL'd, but I wonder how the other relievers will be dealt with. Farrell and Columbe have put up good numbers, but are they really worth keeping around? How fast can we get rid of Colome? Why is Law getting another chance when it could be Hamilton or anyone else like Cano/Moran?
  11. Getting no-hit by a guy with a 7+ ERA... good job, Twins.
  12. Yeah, turned it around... with the Yankees! And I do know about how bad Gibby was at the end of 2019, he was clearly not in condition to pitch by the end (though from what I could tell he was healthy for at least the first half of the season, and he was still shaky), yet they still kept throwing him out there. I was 100% fine with him being let go... but my point still stands that we didn't maximize him.
  13. Griffin Jax was sent to AAA to make room for Pineda. Random aside, the Twins are still at 39 on the 40 man roster (Shaun Anderson's spot has yet to be filled), and Devin Smeltzer is certainly eligible for the 60 day IL. They could add anyone they want at this point. Perhaps Charlie Barnes next? Josh Winder?
  14. My problem isn't that they let Gibson and Lynn left, it's that they haven't gotten the most out of them compared to how other teams have. Lynn has been a very good pitcher before and after his year as a Twin, and yet he looked awful here. "He didn't want to me here" doesn't cut it for me, even if that was true, wouldn't he be trying to pitch his best as to earn a more substantial deal on the FA market? Gibson, meanwhile, is having by far his best year at age 33... we had him in his prime and he topped out as a #3 guy. Not a bad outcome, but why couldn't we have maximized his abilities here? Tampa is lucky Hill is still healthy, he was simply too much of an injury risk to bring back IMO. I'm not surprised he's doing well. This has just been a single bad year of pitching, but man is it a completely rotten one. The previous FO had things screwed up in the pitching department so bad that Falvine had next to nothing to till the farm for a few years, but this is their farm system now.
  15. Holy cow, 7 XBHs hit off Pineda... to be fair to him, he probably needed more time in AAA after he got shelled there last week.
  16. I did think that deal for Eaton didn’t make sense, especially with the other bats they have in their org. Also, Seby Zavala... sounds like a randomly generated name to me. Apparently his full name is Bernardo Sebastian Zavala.
  17. Oh, so now Arraez can make a routine throw to 1st to end the game. Too bad he couldn't do that last time this situation popped up...
  18. I guess Alcala, since he usually only gives up solo HRs? But I don't envy his decision here... he did try to get too much out of Thielbar, but it isn't Rocco's fault that Duffey also looked like crap today.
  19. I have little faith in Robles holding down the 9th with how bad he's looked, but a 3 run lead... guaranteed, at least 2 will score here.
  20. That's 3 XBHs off Thielbar... new reliever, please!
  21. I think Ober could also be a standout reliever, as he might be able to bump his K/9 rate up even higher (and he already has the highest K rate in the rotation). If they do keep him as a starter, hopefully he can start reaching the 6th inning more often, and into 2022. Jax is barely a prospect at this point, and the FO knows it, or they would have protected him in the Rule 5 draft in either of the past two years. He's a classic case of "very good minor league track record, but doesn't have the stuff to get MLBers out".
  22. I would guess it's a mix of how close the player is and how likely they are to reach their ceiling. Ober has shown the ability to strike out MLB hitters and has had a few good starts, while Sands and Enlow are further back in the minors. If those two were to keep pitching well as they progress, I would imagine they would jump up higher in the rankings.
  23. I would entertain a one year extension, but I wonder if Cruz will get more from an NL team with the DH likely coming back in 2022. There is also a high chance of a holdout happening, which would make extending Cruz riskier (I assume all contracts would be pushed back a year). If he is intent on hitting the market again, I would trade him, since we wouldn't give him the qualifying offer.
  24. I watched that Larnach play 10 times and I have no idea how he was out. Foot was clearly on the bag before the tag.
  25. Ohtani has been better at the plate, but he's neck-and-neck with JD Martinez. Methinks he should get a spot on the bench for the All Star team.
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