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  1. I think Berrios will command a bit over $100M. Buxton is hard to put my finger on due to obvious reasons, but I don't think he gets $100M+. He may be hitting like an MVP when he's playing, but it's a pretty small sample size, and his defense is not going to improve with age.
  2. Burrows is probably just here to be depth, with Thorpe and Smeltzer on the shelf longer than usual. He and Barraclough ain't blocking anyone - the FO would make room for them when they are promoted, it's not like we have legitimate depth we can't afford to lose in AAA. Burrows' track record is pretty mediocre, as he's been hittable and doesn't strike out a lot of guys. He is just 24 and has options. Perhaps they move him to the pen full-time and see if he can step his game up that way.
  3. Onto the 11th inning... and it's Shoemaker pitching. Well, that should do it.
  4. Yikes, Duran goes out with an elbow problem, and then Balazovic gets shelled. The pitching prospects are having a hard time staying healthy... Miranda continues to rake like crazy. Also, Spencer Steer seems to be having a great year. He'll get a bump up on my prospects ranking.
  5. Alright, Kirilloff, you got your runner at third. Win this! Never mind, I guess they're intentionally walking him. This is your chance, Jeffers!
  6. Walking Donaldson might be a bad idea for the Reds since he's so bad in 2 out RISP situations. C'mon Larnach!!
  7. Whoa, last I had looked it was $30-40 and going up since they stopped selling it digitally on Amazon. Good work!
  8. Nice, how much did you snag it for? Hit me up if you need any help setting up the mods or anything like that.
  9. Berrios has been pulled when under 75 pitches a single time since 2018 - that being a game against the Reds in April 2018 where he went 3 innings and gave up 4 runs. You're probably thinking more about innings rather than pitch count.
  10. Suarez reminds me a lot of Sano, at least this year. Low BA and high K%, but he's still hitting HRs and knocking in RBIs. He hit 49 HRs in 2019, and also led the NL in Ks, which are two things I think Sano is also capable of, if he stay in the lineup for a whole season.
  11. I don't think Cruz's neck stiffness is bothering him.
  12. It sounds like the umps are checking to see if Happ was using any foreign substances... if it turned out he was, how bad would he be without it?
  13. Watts and Lynch would be iffy, but I would guess Twyman clears waivers. Most 6th/7th rounders can clear waivers and make it to practice squads. There will always be exceptions, but if Twyman was thought of more highly he would have gone a round or two higher. Last year all 6 of our 6th & 7th rounders cleared waivers, though Twyman is probably better than all of them.
  14. Well, I think the point was supposed to be that they haven't taken a pitcher in the 1st round since 2015, which means the current FO has not spent a 1st on a pitcher to date. They've had a handful of competitive advantage 1st rounders that they've spent on Berrios, Rooker, Hudson Boyd, and etc, so the skew towards hitters is heavier than the stat implies.
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