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  1. Arraez has now played in parts or most of 4 seasons and he’s a .314 career hitter. Won title this year at .316…….my point is there’s more of the same to come. I don’t understand how batting average is not a very important stat anymore in baseball? If a batter gets a hit 32 out of 100 at bats vs. 24 out of 100 at bats the Team’s scoring opportunities have to be significantly higher!!! Where do we play him in 2023? Kiriloff - Miranda - Urshella - Arraez - Polanco. So he leads the league in average & has to play 2-3 defensive positions & DH. Plays when banged up! Need him in line-up 150 games per year going forward!! I like Polanco’s potential POP & his defense at 2nd & his demeanor & he’s a switch hitter! May need to move him to split 2nd base between Arraez & Gordon. Need youthful energy & offense throughout the line-up!
  2. Great plan!! ……I was going to suggest, if Correa leaves, we trade Urshella straight up for Red’s SS Farmer. Similar bat & we will need a SS. I like committing to Urshella though and trying to stretch to June/July with someone else at short until Lewis is strong enough to play every day. Urshella is consistency we need - not flashy - but solid.
  3. I agree that Baldelli is somewhat robotic and that the organization smoothing over things continually drains all involved of emotion needed for success!! The move with Ryan after 7 innings was the right move for the TEAM……you needed him ready for his next start in a tight race…….he came back with 3 hits spread over 7 2/3 this weekend. That’s a success. Can’t complain about that! Play to WIN THE GAME not excite the fan base by seeing if Ryan can throw a no-hitter.
  4. I like this outfield mix as well but don’t know if there’s room to roster Celistino? After this year, one would assume Buxton is back and manages to play 100 games in Center in 2023 with Gordon starting the other 62. Gordon’s earned another 40 starts in left & a dozen between 2nd & SS when needed. A “utility guy” that can play 5 positions, start 120 games and can run and hit .275 is a real find. Larnach can play left field…..Kiriloff can play LF & be our 3rd choice at 1B. In my opinion, watching Celistino never hit the ball to left field & watching him run the bases is all we need to see that proves the only way he’s playing is because Gordon’s forced to play 2nd & Keppler can’t go to CF due to his injury. Celistino is our 4th option in CF. As much as I love his defense, Cave is the 7th-8th outfielder, behind Celistino & Garlick if all guys are healthy. Need to trade, maybe not until July, Cave, along with either Larnach or Kiriloff or Keppler. Way too many left handed batters with Gordon already in the mix. I see Arraez & Miranda filling the 1st base DH rolls for a number of years to come. No room there for Kiriloff.
  5. 14-7 (3 of 5 in Cleveland) rest of the year gets us into a possible Tie (85 wins) for the division. We are starting back-ups at 5 positions (whole outfield, 2B, & catcher)…….gonna be tough but have a shot!! Arraez has to play (leg problem) - can’t drop another key guy! More interesting & fun than 2021! I just checked Guardian’s schedule and unless there’s a mistake, they finish with 6 straight home games vs. the Royals. Tough to overcome that.
  6. The overview of more frustration this year is accurate. MUCH rather be in contention & frustrated with injuries - move on from problems, (J. Smith - T. Duffey - E. Pagan eventually) - still have a 10% chance if we go 14 - 7 down the stretch…….than to be out of it by May 15! To not be competitive over a 6 month season is torture if you’re a fan in my opinion……..I live in Cincinnati & see it & hear about it daily.
  7. Agreed on the pitching!! (Varland another #4-#5 in his rookie year of ‘23) I think getting a #2 is $ realistic. Need another stud with Duran in bullpen as well!
  8. Today a win is needed & then 3 of 5 in Cleveland as well. Both doable. That gets us to 1.5 back. A chance, but the reality has dropped to maybe 33%?
  9. Can’t believe that after the Athletic article 3-4 weeks ago statistically/factually proving he’s been the worst reliever in baseball over the past 3 years that Pagan hasn’t been DFA’d to make room for anyone else!!! 97mph occasionally - nice spin rate - MIDDLE/MIDDLE about every 6 or 7 pitches.
  10. Remember, Joe started the analytics drive in Tampa and that seems to be a big part of the fan base disappointment with Baldelli. Rocco can’t bat for Keppler & Polanco nor can he pitch for Duffey, Pagan, nor J. Smith……..nor our recently acquired closer, Mr Lopez….. Neither can Joe Madden.
  11. 1) Pagan - J. Smith - Duffey……minimum of a dozen games lost & that’s allowing for the 5 - 10 additional losses/blown holds or saves that are going to happen to every club (set of relievers). I agree, it’s not Pagan’s fault we haven’t DFA’d him some weeks ago! 2) Buxton hitting 28 homers and not much else - the guy should hit 35 doubles per year playing 110 games! How can you have more extra base hits than singles??? I guess you focus on launch angle and are satisfied batting .225. 3) Polanco & Keppler batting 40 points and 30 points under their career averages respectively………,,Buxton - Polanco - Keppler are the 3 guys we have “locked up” & they are collectively killing us with missed games and a complete lack of run production!!! Can complain about analytics & Baldelli’s handling of starting pitching but with the lack of performance from the 6 guys above we can’t compete!
  12. The FO was on the broadcast during the game saying Varland would be sent down - 10 day minimum. Back up for another doubleheader start in September and likelihood he will remain if successful. Open discussion on national broadcast - planned. These guys in FO might not be perfect but they aren’t idiots!
  13. Duran isn’t experienced or they would have tried to get 3 Fulmer’s at the deadline & not an All-Star closer……problem is, Lopez was falling off with Baltimore a bit before we got him and he’s inexperienced as a reliever as well! He throws 4 pitches & so does Duran - not typical for a closer …….more chances to walk guys vs. a two pitch closer!! Am worried Lopez has a confidence issue with his past 45 days of so, so performances. Gotta be confident to be Closer!! I think Duran is the best choice at this point.
  14. Arraez was supposed to DH & play some 2nd & 3rd along with spelling Sano at First when tough righties were throwing for opposition this season. Maybe 25 games at first at most - if Kirriloff was healthy he maybe plays 5 games at First. He’s leading the league in hitting - playing First regularly - 2nd in defensive metrics. He’s not tall - neither was Rod Carew……he seemed to transition from Second to First without all the hate - skepticism. Don’t get it - the guy’s played 3 positions & DHed and there’s complaining about the metrics not being accurate - why??? Sano didn’t win any gold gloves & his average is .120 points less - he’s tall though - $10 million waste in 2022! Keppler is solid & hope he earns G. Glove the balance of the year. I’ll take Correa or any other SS that’s 5th in defensive metrics……..unlike Arraez, Correa & Keppler need to continue to pick it up with the bat!
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