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  1. Bullpen blew our great comeback. Colome was awful for several reasons. Bad enough he couldn't keep the score close...but he was slow as a tortoise on the hill...that puts everyone in a bad spot. It was commented on during the telecast and rightly so. Pitchers who work too slow don't do anyone any favors. Robles today was terrible. I guess it happens. but after a 5 run comeback, his outing was pretty discouraging.
  2. What a horrible way to blunt a real nice extra inning win. The comment on MLB.com fits perfectly....'its just not fair'. How bad things tail Buxton like a bloodhound is simply....'not fair'. Maybe for once, the injury will heal quickly and he will miss the minimum of time rather than the longest recover. Meantime, two very unlikely heros last night. Shoe certainly wasn't the guy I expected to be nails in the 11th and 12th. Wow. And Sano...getting hits twice with 2 strikes....and the game winning HR was the cherry on top. 1st 8 extra inning games...losses. Next 4 have been wins. I think Tw
  3. But you just can't make this stuff up...how injuries find Buxton like a pig to truffles. Its simply bizarre how this guy cannot stay healthy. Getting hit in the hand is not an 'unserious' injury in many cases. Shaking head vigorously....is this really happening?
  4. He is a 40 year old DH. What team will give us value for him. He may be more valuable to us in reality. And if. (huge IF) its the Twins that make that run second half...he could be a big help. the most any contender would give up is a single A 'suspect' that may never make it past AAA. While that sounds like negative Nellie, there is a dose of reality there. If Twins simply want to do the charity thing, thats a different matter. but a decent return for Cruz....wishful thinking.
  5. gotta be careful with Kirilloff. He is playing hurt. I wonder if he will make it thru the season.
  6. I honestly don't see the great advantage of being 'sellers' this season. They have a nice stable of young talent already. The vets they would 'sell' won't give them much return, so is it sell just for the sake of selling? Definitely do NOT trade the legitimate prospects they are already grooming. This team, as I have observed before, is a decent team that has played badly...due to factors discussed ad nauseum. They need pitching. They won't get that by offloading the likes of Cruz, Simmons, Kepler, or Polanco. At least not this season. If they continue to heat up over the next month, and
  7. I totally understand the trade Cruz thoughts. And big picture, probably the correct thing. But what I don't agree with is the return. No team is going to offer much for a 40 year old DH to rent for 3 months max. It will amount to Twins mostly giving him away. I do have a very jaundiced view of things like 'top 5 picks' in baseball. Over the years, it almost seems like the budding superstars were very low picks, who just happened to blossom. Many of the top picks never really panned out. Hockey and football place a huge premium on draft picks. I just don't see it in baseball. All I'm clums
  8. I don't think the Twins will get much for Cruz. Draft picks in baseball are mostly crap shoots. A minor leaguer or two? Probably not. Perhaps a team in the AL that needs a DH to put them over the top could bite...but they won't offer much. All trading Cruz will do is do him the courtesy of maybe having another shot at post season. Also it could give Twins a chance to use rotating DH's second half. I guess that could make sense. Me, I think I would still like to see what this team could do second half with their complete lineup...selfishly maybe. Trading Cruz will not yield a good return.
  9. I believe the Twins are a good ballclub playing poorly. The talent is there but between all the off years and injuries, they can't get their engine started. Still lots of talent underperforming on a regular basis. It would be fun to see this team with their strongest lineup playing for a month...just to see what they may be capable of. Do they have to trade Cruz? His recent hot streak may indicate he will be showcased to an AL team in the playoff hunt. I would hate to see that team by Cleveland or Chicago. But maybe he should just finish it out here. The return we would get won't come clo
  10. what an incredibly strange season this has been. And the injuries keep piling up.
  11. Question...I wonder exactly what management is looking for in Buxton? If he comes back 'too soon' and gets hurt...well, that was predictable. but if they wait until they 'think' he's 100%, and he comes back and gets hurt anyway (which is likely), what has been gained? Buxton will get hurt no matter what. His trade value? Right now, who knows? Should we keep him? Might be nice. Would he want to stay here? Unlikely. Are the Twins in a no-win situation with him right now? I think they are.
  12. He may never be 'not sore'. His career arc has been one injury after another...not hyperbole or exaggeration. The dude just can't stay healthy. There will be a limit though, to how much more of this the Twins can handle. It just totally stinks that one of the most exciting players of this day...can't play. If they are 'babying; him (you all pick the correct term that suits it) this much now, how can anyone possibly think he will be able to play much the rest of the season?
  13. Twins can't string together a significant winning streak...so they continue to march in place, falling backward gently every week. The lineup changes every night. Usually when that happens, you are a bottom feeder. So have the Twins noticed something with Buxton that makes them reluctant to bring him back up? thats their call of course. But eventually, he is going to have to try playing with the big boys again. I don't think there is a person here who honestly believes he won't be back on the IL before too long.
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