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  1. I wish he would stay but clearly there are too many other teams with big bucks that will fatten his wallet. Twins can't compete so he's gone. Next.
  2. If the Twins wanted him that badly, the deal would have been done by now. That he has now opted out means, he isn't coming back, despite everyone 'saying all the right things publicly'. As for the now too cliche-ridden statement about having to take care of family...yeah, its not a good look. How many millions and millions are needed to achieve that in the real world? I would be happier if these guys would just be honest and say...I'm chasing the biggest contract any owner (fool) is willing to pay for my services.
  3. As an O's fan along with the Twins, I was mildly amused at their claiming of Jake Cave. I suspect he was merely a depth signing for Norfolk. Jake was an honest warrior, who played hard despite minimum major league skills. Defensively he was actually pretty decent, but as a hitter, he just couldn't measure up. Enjoyed watching him play briefly in Rochester. He had no future in Minnesota and only played there this season at all due to the incredible number of injuries that really gutted the team. I wish him well. Doubtful he will ever play in Baltimore.
  4. Twins won't be a major player in Correa's search for the big contract. They don't want to spend the money. Lewis may or may not be the replacement. Hope he can come back healthy.
  5. Luis gets his hit and comes out....the AL batting champ for 2022. A tiny silver lining to the lousy season. He finishes .316 and Judge can't catch him now even if he entered the game in the middle innings, which won't happen.Maybe they will give him a cameo pinch hitting chance. Well, Carlos has stated pretty clearly, he will follow the money. If the Twins want him back, they will have to sign him to an extension. Do they want him back? I think they do. Lewis still has a ways to go to get healthy. Can the Twins continue to place their hopes and dreams on so many players that have missed so many games? They've already got Buxton and Kirilloff...and a stable full of pitchers in various stages of hurt. So make him an offer. A decent one, not an overbloated one.
  6. The bunt: some managers always hated it...Earl Weaver for one. However he also had a lineup that had no problems producing runs. Twins OTOH, blow chance after chance because they can't even deliver a 'productive out'. A good bunt, as has been already stated, changes the entire strategy. It turns a routine single into a run scoring chance with another single. It eliminates the GIDP,It also throws the 'd' off. It is a way to beat the shift (that will go away next season) It can also get a slumping lineup out of a rut. Its a great tool, when used properly. Imagine for a moment--Buxton leading off with a single. He gets bunted over to 2nd...he steals 3rd and scores on a sac fly. One hit, two productive outs. Nobody k's or hits into a bang-bang DP. When you're down by 4, its a different situation, but when you need 1 run and you just haven't been able to get one, try a different strategy. It actually works.
  7. Pretty brutal. Watching these guys play lately is like watching the Nats. You just want to close your eyes and hold your nose and put Dead Skunk In The Middle of the Road on the turntable
  8. I'm not (ever) a fan of the overuse of analytics. Its not baseball. Its video gaming. I wish starters could go longer. I wish that when Twins struggle to score runs, they WOULD try something different, like stealing a base, laying one down, or going the other way when half the field has no one defending. I wish Buxton would steal bases again. He may be the fastest player in the AL. (problem is he is so fragile that may never happen again, but it should) Twins were fundamentally un-sound most the season. How much of this was on the manager, and how much was on all the injuries. One thing for sure, the 'talent' on the field in September was hardly major league calibre. And the true major leaguers didn't get the job done. (maybe Correa did) I agree with many of the posters who said there probably isn't anything wrong with Rocco that winning wouldn't fix. It was a real tough year. And the way its finishing is simply awful.
  9. This game as well as the end of the Twins season has been one huge embarrassment. Anyone can disagree but the lack of anything worthwhile in the past couple weeks has been aggravating. the team is totally dead. Hard to believe that on Labor Day these guys were still in serious contention. Then it all fell apart in a big way. Arraez toughs out one hit and currently leads Judge by 5 points. I think his batting title is safe. Judge may not play tomorrow and even if he does, thats a lot to make up in one game. So premature congrats to Arraez....maybe the one thing Twins fans can be proud of in this forgettable season. I'm sure they will find all kinds of positives, but right now I'm really in no mood for them.
  10. Good analysis! My take would simply be...what went wrong? Everything. (and I doubt Sano would have made any difference at all)
  11. I liked the illustration of Ted Williams in 1941. If ever there was a need for co-MVP's it was 1941. Two guys performing feats that will never be repeated. Joe D won the award because 1)he was a Yankee and 2) Williams had a terrible relationship with the press. It will always be debated which 'feat' was harder or more pressure packed. Arraez has sat out the last 2 games, but he needs to play all 3 of the Twins final games. Go out and WIN the title; don't sit back and hope someone else loses it. This has been such a sorry season for the Twins overall, they need something positive to look forward to in these final 3 games.
  12. Another lousy series loss to a basement team. Team is lifeless (eye test...can't crawl into their heads before people complain about this) Twins couldn't even muster enough juice to beat a bad team again. Judge went hitless yesterday, which almost assures Arraez the title, barring a couple of huge games from Judge in Texas, and Arraez either not playing anymore, or going hitless. Its his title to lose. Based on Twins-2022...I wouldn't be betting he gets it done...but I hope he does. A small victory in a useless season. So Correa has pretty much taken his stand. He'll stay if the Twins pay him. So, should they? Prediction: Twins will either get swept by the Sox, or they might possibly win 1 game...and no one will care. I don't know that playing Jeffers is accomplishing anything worthwhile.
  13. Agree about Miranda, Gordon and mostly Gray. And maybe Ryan. There were things to be happy about out of context. I was troubled by the fact that two of our late season recalls (out of necessity) had about 100 combined AB's and could barely hit .100. They were complete failures in the lineup. Didn't expect them to lead the team to greatness, but... uh .100 is pretty bad. I don't think Palacios has had a hit since the Clinton Administration. When Miranda came up, many of us felt he would not last long. the guy stepped up. Garlick and Larnach were major disappointments in important roles. So was Kepler. Sano was a waste.(injuries took their toll) Kirilloff and Buxton injured severely. Kepler and Polanco injured during the stretch run which fizzled like a spent sparkler on 4th of July. Celestino is nothing more than a career minor leaguer who filled a gap by necessity. Jeffers missed a whole lot of the season but has yet to establish himself. I know this is a 'positives' thread, but its just so hard to ignore why there weren't more. Duran was a huge plus. Jax and Thielbar were also pretty decent. Jury is out on Fulmer. Lopez flunked. Pagan flunked. Arraez was Arraez. A guy who always put bat on ball and got his share of hits. He pooped out the final month and I suspect he is really playing more hurt than he is letting on. If he wins the batting title...which is still very much a possiblity, that would be a nice plus. Don't know how to define Correa. From the time he got here, he was always 'out the door'. that got tiresome. Sort of like the Expos...every year the fans were told they were relocating. Never a good look. He did not live up to his 'contract' or hype until very recently. His numbers will look fine. I don't think he hurt the team that much. Everyone knows he is a top talent. If Twins overtake Chicago, and if they finish at .500...all things considered....those would be plusses for me.
  14. Winning a world series is always THE goal...but being realistic of course, only one team can win per year and leaves out a lot of REAL GOOD teams. My problem with the Twins has been their playoff disappearances. That gross playoff losing streak is pretty hard to swallow. A good goal would be to at least become competitive in post season...and then see what happens. The Twins 'core' this year was severely damaged. The new core? Well, the replacements were pretty bad this season. Its troubling to try and 'count on' several players who have been chronically injured and may never reach potential. I wonder if Correa will have the integrity to sit down with management and and try to work something out that doesn't have him just leave with nothing in return...even if he doesn't have to do this. Since he is signed (lets for a second ignore the opt-out) would a trade make sense? (I'm not very familiar with all the terms of his contract so anyone please help me out if I'm wandering aimlessly!) Fans can be critical of Kepler this year. He just isn't progressing. Time to try an new brand. Obviously same with Sano. Lots to do in the off season for sure. For now, beat the Sox, finish in 2nd, and maybe even get to .500.
  15. This was a tough year. My biggest complaint was the constant failure to hit in run scoring situations...or at least to try and change the narrative rather than trying to pull outside pitches, or trying to hit the ball to Winnipeg, when a well placed line drive would do. How many k's, GIDP's or soft fly balls did we see on those many occasions? Next, the injuries to so many key players. While they happen to every team, the Twins lineup second half was embarrassing. Most the players called up from AAA did not produce at all. the bullpen. Ouch. Still a fan. One day they will put it all together. They may even win a playoff game!
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