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  1. I see Buck is getting the day off. Can I assume its a legit day off (his bat is still not right) and not another injury?
  2. Getting a bit distressed at the brutal slump Buxton has been mired in since returning to the lineup. So far 2-27 with a lot of k's. This isn't exactly what the doctor ordered...guess Buck is allowed to be a it rusty, but its time to snap out of it. I wonder if his hand still hurts bad enough to be affecting his swings?
  3. Bats disappeared in this short series...wasted some decent pitching. Guess if one doesn't care about wins, this wasn't so bad. But Cubs are as inept as Twins this season. Should have done better, but I guess it doesn't matter.
  4. That was a gosh awful 9th inning. Almost couldn't watch it finish. Its very nice to see Donaldson and Sano both starting to play to potential. While one might say, well no pressure so big deal. But actually these guys are playing for a spot on the 2022 team, perhaps...a team management feels will be able to compete again. Twins seem to be hovering around 15 under .500. That's probably where they will land, and from a W-L point of view, thats not very good at all. However there is much more to be gained over the last month. I really want to see some spirited baseball from the guys. And a healthy Buxton...who is a bit rusty at the moment.
  5. Meanwhile, as the calendar is nearly into September and a bunch of teams (not us) are fighting for post season spots...I have noticed that Berrios has not exactly lit the lights for Toronto. After a brilliant first game and a tough extra inning loss, he has not looked good at all. In fact he has looked the way we have seen him for his whole career. Some patches of brilliance and a bunch of very ineffective innings. Inconsistency seems to follow him around; Nellie has 20 RBI and 7 HR's in 26 games with the Rays. His BA is not good. And if you dig a bit you will see that a lot of those RBI and HR's came against the beer league Orioles. IS this possibly end of season fatigue like we saw last year? He says he wants to play next year. I wonder with whom?? If the NL adopts the DH, the field will be pretty open. I don't see the Twins making an offer anymore.
  6. Twins will not trade Buxton...unless the offers are totally unreasonable. They understand his value to the franchise. they surely wouldn't get a good enough return to take the risk. Yep--he is always injured. But hopefully one day (soon) we will get to watch him reach his potential (in A twins uni) Twins shouldn't penny pinch with a potential future HOFer. Moving on, pitching is their biggest weakness. They can start working on that without making Buxton their bargaining chip.
  7. Rocco seems to love Rooker hitting 2nd. So far he hasn't done too well there. Kepler at lead-off? Another head-scratcher, but maybe he feels Arraez is more valuable lower in the lineup where he could bring in some runners? I agree that last night was vintage 2021 Twins in microcosm. They score 9 runs and lose. One of their hottest relief pitchers comes in to hold the fort and immediately puts the team back in a 3 run hole. Then an ex-Twin, who was simply brutal this yeat comes in with men on 1st and 2nd, no outs and shuts us down for his 1st Red Sox save. Buxton needs to get back here on the double IMO. And when he returns, Twins have to totally roll that dice and play this guy regularly...until he re-injures himself again, or demonstrates that he can be a valuable asset to the Twins chances in 2022. He either needs a new contract or a trade and babying him the rest of the way would make no sense to see what he is capable of doing.
  8. Sometimes rushing from AA to the majors works and sometimes not. Mauer bypassed AAA. Vlad Guerrero Sr bypassed AAA. they are HOFers. Sano didn't hone his k-skills at AAA . Celestino had one brutal game defensively when he was thrown into the fire. ..cost the Twins a 'W' that night. And clearly he couldn't hit. He's 22. He has time. Anyone following the career of Cedric Mullins? He came up 2 years ago and hit so poorly that they sent him down two levels because he also failed miserably at AAA. Now, this year he is top 5 to top 10 in many offensive categories for a team that would embarrass a little league squad. He could lead the AL in hits. He is in the 20-20 club....when nobody is stealing bases anymore. He is great defensively and still learning. is Celestino a Mullins perhaps??? Only time will tell.
  9. Wow---you guys have taken this WAY above my paygrade!! And there is a LOT of passion expressed here. For me, I wish the whole draft system would either be scrapped or totally revamped. I intensely dislike 'rewarding losing in this way...especially if losing can be manipulated to look like 'tanking' in order to get a higher pick...which supposedly nets you a better prospect. (well, a higher pick, maybe NOT a better prospect...which has been discussed) The talent pool is very large and a young player doing well in high school (yes, its come to that these days) or college is not a slam-dunk that player will amount to anything professionally. I'm not getting into the money aspect of the picks because I don't feel qualified to enter that ring) Again, for me, I want my team to compete at the highest level possible...all the time. And let the picks fall where they may. Good players will be available. But to re-state..I hate the present system. but thats a discussion for another day gentlemen. thanks for all the hard work expressed in this thread.
  10. wow---some radical thoughts there....especially #3--which I wouldn't like at all.Baseball is a long season and that isn't going to change. You need incentives along the way. Playoffs offer that. Fans love them. In AAA this year there is no playoffs to speak of, in the classic sense....and attendance is way down. I know interest in Rochester is at an all time low (for other reasons as well) eliminate the world series and watch the game totally die.
  11. Hard to imagine him being in decline when he's hardly played enough to evaluate! I don't think the Twins will trade him...unless he manages to get hurt again when he returns. Then I think they will have had enough. He has talent but he also isn't earning his paycheck. For Twins sake and their fans, I hope he comes back strong and they re-sign him.
  12. fair enough. I'm open to all points of view on this. I'm sure somebody out there could post the lets say top 5 picks over the past 25 years and see where they ended up.
  13. I totally forgot about the 'shift'. It needs to go. If hardball needed a rover, thy would have included it in the blueprint! Yes we all know how to beat the shift...but its easier said than done when facing 100 mph pitches.
  14. No--he must p;lay either to justify an extension or to enhance trade value. In both cases, he has to prove he can play for an extended period without going on the IL.
  15. actually decades of history suggests that draft position doesn't always breed success. You would think it would but the roadway is littered with top draft picks that never made it. You'd think the odds favored the higher draft picks but that just isn't often the case. Naturally sometimes it is...but my only point on this is you play hard to the end and let the draft take care of itself. I despise any sniff of 'tanking' simply to get a higher pick. Its wrongheaded and goes against every grain of the purpose of pro sports. A few years back when the Sabres clearly were tanking, their fans actually started cheering for the visitor so they would finish ahead of Buffalo. It was uncomfortable. It was frankly awful. Anyway we both agree the Twins should play hard to win and except for when they play the Yankees, they usually do!
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