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  1. TWins are winning without any offensive contributions from Buxton. Imagine what the lineup will look like when Buck finally snaps out of this very serious slump. Hope this isn't because of an injury that is being hidden. It has gotten very concerning, but hopefully he'll eventually battle out of it. As for Arraez--probably the best trade never made. He's sure a gamer and willing to play anywhere.
  2. Buxton's slump is pretty major actually. Hopefully he will be snapping out of it soon. While 'worry' when the team has picked him up with a lot of wins, is not critical, he is our go-to guy and we need his bat. This is his worse stretch in a long time. At least he is getting on base. Today's win was pretty awesome. Its rare to make that kind of comeback.
  3. I'm old school and the advanced metrics make my head explode. When I read articles like this and see all the little letters infront of Big letters and numbers...well. For me way too much. I don't understand any of it and honestly, I really don't care to. BUT, like loud obnoxious music all the time at games, metrics are here to stay. I won't call them garbage, I'll just call them 'too much for my liking'. OK, thats off my chest. Sano--I think its time to move on from him. He's never going to change. However, right now, probably not the best time to single him out when our superstar Correa is just as bad, if not worse; and Polanco is dead at the plate too. Gotta think the latter two will eventually come around. Sano is who he is. He'll crush a few, he'll miss a lot more. And he will give you so-so D at first base. Probably not tradable. Probably the last year in Minnesota, barring a total epiphany
  4. Amazing that the Twins are winning these games with virtually nothing from Correa, Polonco and Sano. In fact Correa has more k's so far than Sano. Wonder when this guy will finally bust out? Sano is a notorious slow starter. But Twins are getting great pitching and winning begets winning. Well done!
  5. If Buxton isn't re-signed by trade deadline, lets say...and he is having a super season to that point....what do the frugal twins do then? Do they think they could still get true value to trade him mid-season? No. Won't happen. If he has a crap season. then what? What would they get in trade? There are no real answers to any of this. So, you pay the guy if you think he is valuable to the team winning the division etc. Roll the dice, and move on. The more they over-analyze, the less likely anything good will come of it.
  6. For the millionth time...sign Buxton. And then move on to the next step. Keep Donaldson too. If anyone needs unloading its Simmons who contributed the least of anyone in the infield. Yes he has good 'd' but not that good as to offset he was an automatic out at the plate. Too bad too because he usually made contact. It does say a lot about our braintrust that they just don't seem to understand Buxton's overall value to the team and the fans. Will they feel all good about themselves if they play hardball to save a few bucks (not the 'buck' that counts the most)
  7. A footnote on their plaques would suffice. Let the fans then decide how they accept or reject. I think eventually they..or most will get in. What would make me feel better is if the cheaters owned up to what they did instead of denying or claiming 'they didn't know'. That's an insult to all of us. Admitting guilt (not saying sorry because I was caught) goes a long way with many who would be ready to forgive. I think that would matter.
  8. For heaven sakes..make extending Buxton a priority and move on. Do what it takes. Period
  9. all these numbers, small letters, large letters, decimal points, plusses and minuses are making my head explode. Lets not trade Buxton. His injury history might negate the return twins need to replace him. But more than that, (when healthy) he is one of the most exciting players in MLB. Those players are in short supply. Yeah, many are talented, but few can dominate a game. Buck can. He can do it all. And right now he wears OUR uni. Fans love watching him play. Baseball is still entertainment...that people pay to see. (or not) I see Buck as more valuable to the Twins than to other teams. Will they fall apart if traded? No. Will they be less enjoyable to watch? Absolutely. Are they more likely to contend if he stays and can play at least 100 games? Probably. (will there even be a season in 2022? We'll be finding out in the coming weeks) Superstars on a team don't guarantee a championship. But it can help and make fringey teams at least watchable. (Angels have been terrible despite Trout. Cubs never won with Banks. Expos couldn't win with Vladdy...or a boatload of other stars for that matter. There are others. Conversely some superstars transform losers into teams fans will return to watching. Gretzky saved hockey in LA. Anyway, I hope Twins keep their center fielder. And he ultimately leads them to the World Series.
  10. We want 'big hauls' for the regulars we might trade. I just don't think those things exist anymore. First and second and everywhere else...get Buxton signed. He is the centerpiece of the team. Lose him and you are drifting aimlessly in the AL Central again. He is more valuable to the Twins than what he would yield in a trade. Some may disagree, but you can't trade your star and really expect to get better. It could happen, but I don't like the odds. Twins need to get real serious with Buck. then anything they do after that is fine with me.
  11. I don't think I'd do that trade. I think the Twins would be giving up too much AND they would be throwing in the towel for 2022...which I am really against...and I think the FO is too. Is it unrealistic to think Twins can contend next year? Not all with some tweaking. We really need to keep our biggest draw and largest talent.
  12. Glad to see pretty much no one here is remotely considering trading Buxton. Some press articles still seem to float the idea that he could be traded for pitching. That would make absolutely zero sense. You never trade a super-star position playerwho goes out there everyday, for someone that starts every 5th day and expect to get full value. Yes, Buck has certainly been injury prone. But you will never replace his value by trading for pitching with one team. Thats a bigger risk than hoping we can get 120-130 games from Buxton in 2022. He is the centerpiece of our offense (and defense and everything else for that matter). Twins should quickly extend him at seasons end and be done with it. Then figure out how to get a pitcher or two. (and that won't be easy). I'd give Donaldson another year..unless somehow he could be parlayed into an arm or two..which I also doubt. Sano and Kepler could be traded. Arraez slipped badly 2nd half, but I wouldn't be too quick to give up on his talents. Larnach and Rooker have yet to prove themselves. Ditto Celestino. They will have to earn their spots. Don't know what the plan(s) would be for Gordon. Do the Twins like him? Enough to keep him? Clearly pitching is the problem, but trading away valuable position players to take a risk on ANY starting pitcher will always be fraught with peril. I don't envy the FO. They say they want to compete in 2022. I'd like that too. We have seen how quickly a team can go from first to last and vice-versa in just one season. So a big huge rebuild certainly is not necessary. This season was definitely a mess no one really expected. But its fixable. Anyone think Nellie will hang 'em up after this season? He was 'OK' with Tampa, but not extraordinary. He will be 42. I doubt the Rays re-sign him. I doubt the Twins are interested. Some NL team take a flyer on him if they approve the DH. If he does retire, would one of his former teams agree to sign him for the symbolic 'one day' so he could retire in that uniform and maybe sign on for other duties?
  13. yeah--the won-lost record is irrelevant now. Twins are playing uninspired, uninteresting ball this month and are likely to finish on the bottom of the division....a place I'm certain nobody ever saw coming back in April, before the season started. Why are they still playing Simmons? What is there to gain by going with a guy who absolutely needs to go somewhere else? Give the kids a shot...play Gordon at SS and find out once and for all if he can handle the position, or not. Trying to find a place for him to play is messing with him IMO. Arraez must be not 100% because he is a pure hitter and thats not happening for him anymore. Buxton's bat has been mostly quiet but in his case, he needs to play everyday...just to prove he actually CAN. (is his hand still hurting? I'll bet it is and I'm also sure he won't say anything until this season is over) Playing Kepler and Cave is like putting two automatic outs in the lineup. Do they still have a future in Minnesota? the former might; the latter....no way. I hate to see the baseball season end, but for the Twins, it really can't end soon enough.
  14. I can't imagine another season with Simmons. He didn't deliver the goods and there is no reason to hang on to him. A real disappointing FA signing. Cave needs to go also. Surely Twins can find a utility outfielder in the Beer league that can do as 'well'...right? Larnach and Rooker will be 2 to watch. Can they handle major league pitching on a regular basis? I agree that Buxton needs to have a 'comeback year'. Its nice that he is playing regularly right now, finally, but his bat has certainly not been the same since his return. Will the Twins extend him, or try and trade him? Arraez was a bit of a disappointment, relative to what was expected. Struggling to stay around .300 was not what most expected. Kepler was a huge disappointment. Has he peaked? Will the Twins hang on to him? Colome? Yeah, they may decide to give him another shot. Someone said he was no fun to watch. I agree.
  15. I see Buck is getting the day off. Can I assume its a legit day off (his bat is still not right) and not another injury?
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