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  1. Would a contending team trade a bullpen piece? I was thinking a team that's out of it might want an arb eligible player to fill a hole next year. However I think he will be due $8-10m next year in his final arb year so he may price that option out.
  2. Concur. Might be able to get a nice bullpen piece for him and a low minors flyer.
  3. Nice we squeaked out one, could've been worse or better. Very dramatic series! Miranda made a couple of solid defensive plays late to help us seal it. Kid could be good.
  4. He was only able to pitch 16 freaking innings last year. I for one am grateful for whatever we get out of him.
  5. D the D will be here every Wednesday till the end of the month
  6. From the looks of this thread the season is over. Ah well I've got my summer free I guess. Adios.
  7. We might all be able to agree (am I serious?) that when a catcher sticks his leg out to the side to get low, it has a negative effect on how well he blocks pitches and how well he can throw runners out. I believe going low is thought to improve a catchers ability to get the low strike and even more important for big catchers like Jeffers. It then follows that the organization must, as the article states, place a priority on framing since all their catchers stick their leg out. Ok I guess. I don't like watching a team run at will on my team. If robo umps are instituted I'll bet the leg will promptly be moved in and we'll get to see how well Jeffer's can perform from the traditional catcher's squat. It may be that larger catchers like Jeffers are slowed the most in the run game by the framing stance.
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