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  1. Good thing the Twins didn't trade a heralded closer. They traded an above average reliever for good young prospects while he had value. What he became later allows you to look back on the trade with hindsight. Ok I find that kind of information valuable as a tool for learning and experience. Using hindsight to re-grade every decision and chastise the decision maker every time an asset they spend turns into a good player is not my cuppa. Now, of course if the front office is unsuccessful they probably have many instances that look bad in hindsight and maybe someone else needs a chance to direct the team. Alcala and Celestino can still make this a good trade in spite of Pressley's success.
  2. It was selling high based on his time with the Twins and their control over him. Absolutely. If you have a pending free agent that you don't plan to sign long term, if he is playing well at the deadline the year before his walk year, yes that is the high point to sell. The Santana trade? Based on your logic and the post Twins career he had you might want another example. I did not like the return at the time, but Gomez for a rule 5 pick? That's not bad.
  3. People see the big star on Pressley's hat now and it clouds their vision as to who he actually was when he was with the Twins. Things are looking up his first 3 years, he was progressing, except in his 4th year in 2016 he regressed somewhat. Then he had a 4.70era and 1.5 hr/9 in 2017. What I remember was he would be blowing guys away with his fastball, then he would toss a curveball up there for some reason and watch it fly over the fence. He was frustrating, remember? He has a bounce back start to 2018 and they trade him with 1+years of control left. I think they call that selling high. Yes those 1+years after the trade he was awesome. Would be have done the same with the Twins? Unanswerable. Anything he did after that is not relevant. Let's recap. The Twins spent peanuts on a rule 5, got 4+ years of an above average reliever, flipped him at peak value for 2 prospects that it is highly probable will play many years in the bigs.
  4. If effective relievers are a dime a dozen, then we didn't lose anything either, correct?
  5. This is something Twins Daily could do on all their prospect reports. Never wanted to say anything because it's just more work.
  6. Is this a Bonnes production or Stoh's?
  7. One thing no one is mentioning is didn't Martin have some nagging injury? A wrist? If so that could explain the power drop similar to what we saw with Kirilloff.
  8. Sano finished out well last year, but we have all seen the peaks and valleys and those valleys are deep and lush. Sano works hard and has passion for the game and his team. He is in a prove it year and it would be unwise to do anything right now except see how he responds. If he breaks out the team is covered nicely with the option. If he tanks well it's just one year. Somewhere in between without major growth, then I would try to move him at the deadline.
  9. There was a time when I thought he was goofy good times. He really did hit a peak with his bit. He now has gone off the deep end. I also tried the football and faith podcast and don't believe I lasted the introduction. It surprises me that the station has such good ratings in spite of PA's epiphanies. I know many athletes in the US are very into their Christianity and use it to get outside of themselves and let go of their pressures. In baseball, we have so many Latin players and catholicism is very strong in those cultures, so there is a wide spectrum of religiosity from the casual to the extreme fundamentalist. What I don't understand is how PA can go so over the top and still retain his ratings. Personally I can't listen anymore. I could never listen to the Common Man. Barreiro, on the other hand, has grown on me once I got past the shrill. Can I get a witness?
  10. This would legitimize our staff and still leave plenty of opportunity for the prospects.
  11. Sign me up Tom! I always liked Odo, and thought he was a gamer. He may not have liked being skipped in the playoffs, not sure I liked that either. He would have shown up in that start. Add Snell? Yes please.
  12. I bit on your comment, chewed on it for a while, spit it out, not bad, not bad.
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