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  1. As long as there is that kind of functionality that would be fine.
  2. The Bally app at $26 is $156 for the season. Going to one game with your date will cost you more than that. Seems reasonable to me for 162 games.
  3. This is the exact business model that makes everybody dislike their cable company. New customers pay less while long time customers get rewarded for their loyalty with rising prices. This matrix creates animus and it's why when people do cut the cord they do so joyfully; "adios suckers!" We were on Sling for $35 a month until the season started. Now it's $92 with AT&TTV. 26 plus 35 that's $61 bucks and a better deal. I would welcome it. The caveat is I'm getting 20 hours of DVR for that $92 which is the only way to fly. FF the commercials, rewind important plays, watch when you want.
  4. I saw the title of this thread and was bothered by it. Your post summed up my feelings and made quick work of this thread for me. Blame is boring. Stuff happens get over it and yourself.
  5. Nice, Simmons catches that throw on the runner's back. Smooth
  6. Might want to check out Gordon's relay to the plate the other day and revaluate. He might not have a top SS cannon, but he could be more than serviceable. Labels get stuck on these guys.
  7. This is how I would use him. More than 1 inning, no back to backs.
  8. Took a while for that last one to post. Got a little stale. Ole Double R may just finally get paid. Perseverance, I say!
  9. Another point I took from this article is that none of Cleveland's finds were first or second round picks. Civale in the 3rd was the highest. Others came via trade. I think the philosophy here must be that bats are easier to project so you better hop on them early because everybody else can project them as well. Then with pitching being more of a crap shoot take many shots down multiple avenues. I've been paying attention for quite a while now and it appears we are comparatively loaded with pitcher protects. We'll see.
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