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  1. Jim did not seem interested in baseball, but Joe seems to be. I would think this is a positive for the Twins. He said he will be around the team much more than his uncle. Maybe Roger Hedrick can lend him his shorts and whistle, lol.
  2. Fun game to watch probably because for some reason, in spite of the bad/no calls etc (and that Washington d-line), I felt they would win. This team has heart and I've got to say, two years ago I said couldn't watch Cousins anymore. Well he has grown on me and I respect him. For a guy with his clean white t-shirt tucked in he is one tough sucker.
  3. Somehow coming to the conclusion that Baldelli is responsible for Correa playing less than the leaders at his position is mind boggling. Baldelli, huh? Gleeman came up with a stat (which I just verified on Baseball Reference) that after Carlos returned from his second injury stint he played something like 96 out of 102 games. A 152 game pace. I looked at it another way. He had 2 stints on the IL missing 21 games. In the 141 games where he wasn't injured he played 132. That is also a 152 game pace. I hope next year there is a least some reduction in people blaming Baldelli for everything they don't like and every outcome that isn't favorable. How about some reasoned discussion instead!
  4. Yes let's see what they do next year before setting this in stone as their pitching philosophy. For those thinking of Duran as a closer last year that just wasn't the case. He was a fireman type facing the other team's best every time out and thus giving us the most value possible from the pen. The inning he pitched was secondary. At the beginning of last year Duran was quoted saying he liked his new role saying he felt great and didn't miss being sore all the time like he was as a starter. Since then he has changed his tune a little probably because he knows how much more money is available to starters. I'm glad I don't have to make this decision because the worst case scenario of moving him to starter is he blows out his elbow. Certain roles do suit certain people better. However he could be that elusive Ace® we've been searching for. I'll decline from saying what I'd do since I don't have all the info that the team does.
  5. Yep he's probably close to done. I was obviously referring to the prime of his career. His first few years with the Vikes he got hurt all the time. Then he went on an incredibly durable steak. Look it up.
  6. Smith can't stay healthy. It's ironic, the guy I always use as an example, when talking Buxton, of a guy who got injured often early in their career, then became an iron man was Rudolf. I don't see how you can count on Smith. Gets dinged all the time then when he started the year with drop after drop, I'm not impressed. I like this move. Next year I'll bet it's TJ and Mundt and Smith is gone.
  7. Kyler Murray is so over-rated. I cannot believe he got that contract.
  8. This team needs quality depth. If Jorge is healthy it is a no brainer he plays. What I want to see with the Twins is if Polo is dinged up, he doesn't play until he is healthy. Right now I'm ok with Luis at second filling in. Hopefully you have AK, Urshela, Miranda for further infield depth. A stop gap SS. Martin and Julien for further depth. Then Gordon along with a good righty bat for outfield depth.
  9. This thread is just making me want to keep my pants on.
  10. Very good topic and reasoned discussion, huzzah!
  11. Very good post! A bitter pill to swallow, unfortunately. Seidler Equity Partners is a venture capital outfit, maybe? Not bankers I presume. Certain professions seem to attract certain types. The Twins spending the last few years has been ALMOST in line with their market size. The preceding years with 6 out of 7 years of 90 loses, however, had payrolls well below what their market size would dictate. I remember this well and I'm sure I'm not alone. I've been defending this front office and rooting for this team, but after reading this it's hard to be positive.
  12. Except that would mean they are out of it again. I hope they are rolling, but I think if they are in it next year they might have to stand pat at the deadline because the farm has already been raided.
  13. The narrative that the Twins made a mistake putting Lewis in the (dangerous?) position of center field does not hold water for me. He's is a ballplayer. His whole life. He is, apparently, prone to knee injuries. That play where he got hurt was pretty routine. The stresses on his knee as he landed after bouncing off the wall could've happened at short, at third, on the bases or walking in Texas after an ice storm. This is one instance where fans are working overtime to assess the Twins leadership with blame.
  14. When he was first called up Palacios played short and did look good. It was when he played second that he messed up. He hasn't played there much.
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