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  1. Tom Kelly was never a good player, had a personality that is best described as good behind the scenes and an overall record 202 games under .500 yet he is well liked by the fan base. I guess that's what 2 WS championships will do for ya. Ron Gardenhire was an irascible, cheap beer drinking scrub utility infielder from Oklahoma with a career record 80 games over .500. His teams made the playoffs many times, but had no success there. He was also well liked by the fan base. Rocco Baldelli is a totally different animal. A top prospect from the east coast, the start to his major league career showed much promise. The guy could really play, but a rare condition led to many injuries, ending his career prematurely. He stayed in baseball learning ins and outs at one of the more forward thinking organizations in baseball. He is a more sophisticated type, articulate and married to an artist. In 3 short years he has 2 division titles and is already 41 games over .500 in spite of a down year last year. The guy is not universally liked by the fan base however. Even after wins people will go out of their way to say how the Twins won in spite of him. I guess we prefer everyman types, over achievers who drink cheap beer and kick dirt at umpires.
  2. On some apps like the DTV app I stream the twins, on when I travel I just have to make sure the location permission is off then the app will presume I am in my billing zip code.
  3. Archer must've done downward dog in the dugout after the first
  4. Archer just seems so rushed out there. Burning extra energy. Yoga?
  5. The part you are missing is they are not keeping him out to avoid injury, they are managing an existing injury.
  6. wabene

    A great problem

    Buxton, Correa, Lewis and Polanco. Polo just plays everyday and produces. Quiet guy, he gets forgotten.
  7. Hearing that cartilage is involved is sobering. That stuff doesn't grow back.
  8. The current hitting coach, Popkins, has Kepler finally going the other way and has Larnach back to his center left power stroke. He has the club swinging a 113 OPS+ this season whereas James Rowson as the bench coach and offensive coordinator for the Marlins has them at OPS+ of 99 this year, 80 last year and 89 the year before.
  9. Garlic mashing leftys is a thing, but is it enough of a gap over Celestino's bat to make up for the wide gulf in defensive prowess? Defense has been a huge part of the success this season. Do they even win yesterday without Gio's plays? I do not enjoy watching Garlic in the field.
  10. I'm sure Buxton just mentioned in an off-handed way a threshold he'd like to pass not taking into account the backlash that might occur.
  11. 224–183 He is a unique type character in the sports world personality wise and I appreciate individuals. He has an interesting backstory as a player, a little tragic and at one time was quite the player. I'm sure this gives him the gravitas and perspective players can relate to. He comes from a good organization. Pisano. I like the new structure of the Twins front office and Rocco fits in well with it. I don't like to complain all the time. It's not all roses Eprav, his taste in music. Phish? C'mon man.
  12. Baldelli the rogue agent of the Twins demise, ha ha ha. I crack myself up.
  13. It is quite remarkable that you and I share the same interest in the Twins, but I read your post and don't not share any opinion with you. Your post may as well be in a foreign language. Do people really believe Baldelli is making decisions alone and against the will of others? C'mon now that is just dumbfounding.
  14. I'm sorry but this thread is just ridiculous. The incentives for all involved are for Buxton to play. If the right decision is to rest or play him, that is what will happen. Why? Because the people making the decisions are not morons. Kind of like our healthcare system. The incentives are for profit. A few people are getting incredibly rich.
  15. This is the truth. This is why I've been on a "closer" rant myself. Rogers did have 30 saves one year, 2019, but no other year with double digit saves with the Twins. What the Twins found out in '19 were Rogers limitations in that role. All pitchers' performance suffers in the second game of back to back games, but Taylor's results were among the most stark. I remember some bad blown saves from him that cemented in my brain that I would avoid using him back to back. He also wore down as the year went on that year. It is interesting that the Padres are using him as a traditional closer. In '19 he saved 30 of 36 games, this year he's at 12 of 13 which is a better percentage than he had previously and really good. I will be watching how he holds up. There are some guys who shine in the closer role, can operate well back to back. Even those guys need a break. Remember Joe Nathan pitching so well in the playoffs until they flat out rode him too hard and made him suffer a horrible defeat to those that won't be mentioned. Will Rogers hold up this year? I don't know. I do know that any good bullpen needs multiple high leverage arms and if a team replies too much on one guy it could haunt them at the worst time. Don't be a closer poser.
  16. @Shmoeman Being a stepdad is quite the tapdance sometimes, lol. As a pro myself, I applaud your work. Larnach looks like he's having fun out there this year. He has come with a plan, which I think includes more of his natural center left power stroke. It is good to have many approaches in a lineup. His reach will add to his middling explosiveness, he did rob a homer this year although he dropped it, which effectively expands his range. Now he's showing the arm even though some had said he did not have a strong arm. Even Gleeman and Bonnes are getting into the act saying Lewis' arm isn't that strong. I disagree, Lewis has really fired the ball from what I've seen. Our last two guys at short, Simmons and Correa have absolute cannons, but I wouldn't count it Lewis yet either.
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