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  1. This subject was brought up before and I wish I could find the post. Somebody did a good job of showing that the Yankees and Twins used their lineups similarly. With similar consistency. Now when the bulk of your lineup is on the shelf, as it is now, consistency will suffer.
  2. They do know where they will be batting based on who is pitching and what they've been told. They also know we there they will be playing in the field based on injuries and where they've been told to take fielding drills. Most of these fluctuations are due to injury and the players involved are fringe players who are happy just to be in the bigs. Do you think a guy like Morneau who seems to really be in his own head is going to be similar in his preparation to a guy like Eddie Rosario? When I listen to former players rail against any change in the game I reflexively look down to make sure I'm not on anybody's lawn.
  3. Wouldn't it be more important to a hitter who the pitchers are they will be facing and the scouting reports than where in the lineup? Do you know that all hitters like to hit in the same spot every day? The focus rigid batting orders seems to be some projecting their own preferences on others.
  4. Ownership has a track record of extreme aversion to change in team leadership. Another year like this, close to 500, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them run it back again. These are good points and the Bundy and Archer thing really bugged me. Having to call St Paul after every Archer start. I get that they were considered the 4th and 5th starters, but if they only go 4 or 5 at best, split em up. If the team exhibits the same weaknesses next year I'd support a change in leadership. I hope it doesn't come to that.
  5. Gutsy year from Buxton, here's hoping for a healthy year instead next year.
  6. Huh? He said he approved of Rocco's performance overall, then mentioned one area where he thought Rocco could improve. Pretty straight forward. And I agree.
  7. Everybody's got an opinion, right? I know mine is very unpopular among the vocal majority, but that is ok with me, I've never been much for following the crowd anyway. I like Rocco Baldelli and am glad he is returning. The team needs to improve in many of the areas mentioned such as the mental errors and the third base coaching etc. However if we are going the have the starters go longer that is on the front office and talent acquisition. Berrios piled up the innings under this staff. I can see Joe Ryan doing the same with a little more pitch efficiency. The bullpen is on them as well. The bullpen needs to be addressed with far more urgency and capital. A good right handed bat for the outfield not named Garlick. I will be watching this off-season. Will they sit on their hands during free-agency waiting till the eleventh hour for a last minute deal? Or will they act more purposefully? They are going to have money to spend, will they make the most of it? If it's more of the same next year then I will be ready to move on. Yes this was as a frustrating season.
  8. I didn't state any number rating for Maeda. I mearly stated that by the time the regular season started Maeda's elbow was already going south. He had a fantastic spring training, I thought he was going to a new level then bam, it was over. I believe there were tears in his elbow discovered when he was signing his first MLB contract, that lead to his signing a team friendly incentive based deal. Now this is just my opinion, based purely on speculation, but this repaired elbow may be stronger than his damaged elbow has been in years. I think he is a thinking man's pitcher and in spite of his age he could have a nice little run here.
  9. His UCL was hanging on by a few threads at that point.
  10. Actually you can angle the clipboard to direct the ball to your throwing hand for super quick transitions. More double plays my friend.
  11. Yep, but at short. Hasn't had much time at second.
  12. Joe Ryan has started 2 games vs Cleveland. He is 1-0 3.0 ERA 6 innings per start and a K an inning. Not bad, hope he builds on that today.
  13. I'm slowly coming around to this, sadly. It is in part because of your excellent posts @chpettit19. The reason it has been so hard for me to give up on this new regime is moving on from the TR experience was so far overdue. I wasn't on board with bringing him on for his second go round and was very excited for change. I liked the revamping of the organization and the idea of a well developed pitching pipeline. Better talent development overall. I'd be inclined to give them one more year with the expectation that something is done about the injury problem and that the bullpen and starters going deeper is prioritized. With the owner's track record I highly doubt they make a move, but if they do it will be a whirlwind off-season.
  14. That's why I strategically said 7 or 8 innings, lol. He should've have gone out for the 6th. I also agree that using the top relievers the night before with this series and a double header coming doesn't make sense to me.
  15. If the Twins are going to have a starter or starters that they can only count on for 4 innings, I don't want them to sign that starter. Especially not 2 of them. Hopefully this year has proven to the front office that getting an above average number of innings from their starters is necessary if they want to be an above average or better team. They had better adjust some of their strategies.
  16. "Opinion: a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge." This is true. "An opinion, by definition, can't be wrong; it is based on a viewpoint. It is how someone views something. A viewpoint can't be proven or disproven; it is an opinion." I don't think this follows logically. In this case @rwilfong86stated that the team quit on Baldelli. A serious accusation against the players and manager. In a bad season the team's best stretch of ball was the last three months. If a team had truly quit how would that manifest itself logically? By playing better? Sometimes things have to make sense, don't they?
  17. In Bailey Ober's last rehab start at St Paul he had ramped up to 4.2 innings and 66 pitches after not pitching for 3.5 months. 3 and a half months? Hey that's kinda like an off-season. But **** I don't care he still should've went 7 or 8 innings because that's what I want!
  18. You can have your opinions and everything. It doesn't even really matter if logic or facts or involved in forming those opinions. Your opinions can also be wrong, such as this one. The Twins record the last 3 months of 2021 was 29-28. It was remarked by many, including myself, that the team played the string out hard in spite of being well out of the race for most of the season.
  19. Larnach was the best player on a team that won the college world series. A first round draft pick he is probably the reason why the twins noticed Spencer steer who was not the best player on that team. There's no way they're going to move on from him right now.
  20. Based on the eye test. When Larnach has been on not only is the D better than many predicted, his all fields power approach makes me dream big on this guy. He had also proven to be clutch in college and with some big bombs in the bigs.
  21. That was a well played game. Got a not so sharp Bundy out of there in what turned out to be a tight game. Worked out well.
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