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  1. At the time Wells was the one that had me shaking my head. Starting pitcher of the year, big fastball, really good stuff and a huge frame at 6'8". C'mon man!
  2. Any reason Woods-Richardson came out after only 3 innings? I like him as a prospect, but starters only throwing 3 innings in AA doesn't exactly make my socks roll up and down. Since they didn't use him in the Olympics, he didn't pitch for weeks. They are cautiously building him up.
  3. Agree. My sports "career" was very limited, but I did play Y rec league basketball in my 40's and was very inexperienced when I started. Consequently my pinky finger was broken in a scramble for a loose ball. After that I learned how to protect myself better and I believe that is a skill. It would explain why some players seemingly never get injured while for others it might be the opposite.
  4. I think Miller went 6 for 6 or something like that the other day. Hell get there. Another outing like this from Strotman and perhaps a start for the big club is in order. He is on the 40 man. He could even give Ryan a week off although he is one day behind him pitching schedule wise. Miranda's mini slump is ova and the power stroke is back. Gleeman may be right about not calling him up. He is not on the 40 man yet and let him finish his green of a season on a high note right where he is. He won't be up until a ways into next season anyway
  5. Dang this kid is something else. Pissed for not protecting himself. I think we got a good one here.
  6. Nice to see Miranda bounce back after a mini slump. He got his slugging percentage back up this week. Celestino took some lumps with the big club, but you gotta like the grit he has shown in bouncing back.
  7. Had a couple and got a little obnoxious the other night, I apologize.
  8. This can be true, but if you are a 300 pound giant with knee trouble, you are probably plenty strong at 260. 275 whatever. The guy looks so uncomfortable all the time it just seems obvious.
  9. Sign him for depth, but it's gotta be cheap. If the guy could just get in better shape I think it would particularly prolong his career. He and Gordon should become roommates. Gordon cooks for Michael for Big Mike for Flash.
  10. If he could drop some weight and take some stress off that huge frame the man could be an asset for many years.
  11. A big part of Polanco's greatness is being a switch hitter who's big power stroke is from the left side. Plenty of right-handed pitchers to terrorize!
  12. Well I guess this FO aren't complete morons after all. Gleeman tweeted that the Twins called up Moran (pronounced moron)!
  13. How can you be old-timey and also post memes?
  14. I'm only halfway through this thread and it is awesome! The level of discourse is high and disagreements are completely civil; the US could use a dose of this!
  15. Albers is just trying to make Ryan's start last night even more impressive.
  16. What a bummer! I was looking forward to seeing him again tonight and now it's Albers. Gaaaah! Definitely a DVR night with the thumb on fast forward. Anyway was wondering if that new slider he developed in spring training may have caused this finger strain.
  17. Schoop was hoping to block Arraez, but your right he just lost his job.
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