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  1. Relax and enjoy the show. Twins will be going deep in the playoffs. At some point we will have all the coggs on the wheel turning out win after win. It's still mid April.
  2. Why can't Simmons and Buxton stay on fire most of the season? They are matured leaders and amount the most talented players in MLB. How about Co-MVPs?! A division title and WS Champs in 2021
  3. Set up men that can pitch 2 innings consistently are rare. Baldelli was experimenting with a big lead. I bet duffy will be our closer come Sept.
  4. When Sano heats up, the ball will be scared to cross the plate. We are winning without his bat now, we will be crushing the Yankees when Sano rakes in October. Have some patience twins fans!!!
  5. Sure seems like Baddoo has some magic in him. Great kid and I hope he has a great career!!! I think the rule 5 draft worked well for him and baseball as a sport!
  6. I agree with D.C. Twins, La Torga need to learn how to lay off the garbage pitches. He is a great depth player! I'd like to see him pinch hit more than start at 3rd base!
  7. Twins should extend/sign him for 2022 at 15M and option for 2023 at 10M. He needs to win a ws ring and we have that window wide open with him around and the developing young guys. He isn't going to slow down anytime soon.
  8. Pickles help with dehydration. Apparently donaldson will be out another week. Buy stock in gedney
  9. The way game #1 went, I wouldn't be surprised to see everyone from the 40 man play in a twins uniform this season. Ugh. Baddoo will likely be mashing in Detroilet for years to come.
  10. Wander Javier is in fort myers, Balazovic is in wichita with celestino but that could all change by may 1st.
  11. Arraez needs to be in the lineup every day. Idk if he has to pitch. Lol. Good thing we have alot of youngsters that can play multiple positions!! Donaldson will be back on Saturday. He is getting massaged today and eating jars of pickles.
  12. At some point this season, a beat writer is going to have to write this... Garlick mashed taters today. DocBauer knows his stuff too
  13. Well Kepler has sucked all spring so Cave might be in RF and Garlick in LF
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