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  1. Gordon belongs here. He is growing into a major leaguer and will his his prime over the next 6 years. He is a late bloomer that can do most everything and will only better with more playing time.
  2. Its just a matter of time until he sucks worse that Columbe or whatever that thing was that sucked last year
  3. Lewis Thorpe was released and I know he sucked but did the organization release an official statement/reason? 

    1. Musk21


      I couldn't find anything, but I don't think it is common for a team to release a statement or reason for a player's release.

    2. Fatbat



    3. Rosterman


      He was removed from the 40-man. Thus became a St. Paul Saint, and was cut from that team. Just shows up as a minor league transaction. Like the recent released of Ryan Mason from the Saints. 

      Thorpe, an Australian, will soon be pitching for the Kansas City Monarchs in the American Association Indy League.

  4. Its time to trade Sano for a high leverage role RP.
  5. This is an outstanding deal! Paddack gets to restart his career and we got rid of Rooker. Rainbows and unicorns are everywhere!!!
  6. If Miranda has a great April in St.Paul, the twins will find a spot for him a n May. Its a big if. My money would be on anyone of the pitchers getting a shot to see which on sticks on the MLB roster. They need one to step up or this will be a sub90win season.
  7. Maybe a big deal at the trade deadline but they are done with big trades this spring.
  8. Keep bringing in young fresh arms until one sticks at the back end of the rotation.
  9. Twins are a young team with a mass of AAA talent. We just need 2-3 of them to be AAAA talent by June…. I know…. Thats too much to count on to become a playoff team.
  10. I sure hope gray doesn’t suck. Chase has a long way to go but he will be a stud!
  11. Does he really need to be ranked? All he really has to do is play his way into a lineup that has no legit SS.
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