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  1. Some solid bounce back options, but my vote goes to Garver. He literally almost lost a nut and came back swinging a stiff stick. At the least he will be great trade bait after a healthy year
  2. Where do you play Gordon, Arraez and Polanco? Gordon is proving himself down the stretch and has been adequate at SS. Save the coin at SS and spend it on pitching
  3. I know Duran, Canterino and Wilder are on the IL, but where are they at health wise? Are the Twins hoping rest and rehab will keep them away from the knife? Been a painful year for the top pitching prospects.
  4. Twins have to take some gambles like this. Too early to tell if this one will work out, fingers crossed that it does.
  5. Hope he gets some more games at SS this month. Can he be a stopgap until Lewis is ready??
  6. Odd thing with the international list, no pitchers listed in the top 50(besides a 22 year old). Is that just because young pitchers also play SS?
  7. Will there be a fall league this year? If so, any guesses as to who the Twins will send?
  8. Saw Winder a couple of times for the Surge, he was absolutely dominant. Love his build and his business attitude on the mound. Having seen him, Blaze, Duran and Canterino, Winder is by the most advanced and closest to helping out the big club.
  9. Definitely didn't have the under last night with Jax going. Great last 2 games for him and I hope this trend continues. 6 weeks ago Rocco was using him as a sacrificial arm, now he is looking legit.
  10. Was Sabato over drafted last year or was he projected to be a late first? Not sure how a guy can go from terrorizing college pitchers to a whiff machine. FO looks to have whiffed big on 2 #1 picks
  11. Hope we see Ryan up with the big club after a few games in St Paul. His stuff looked legit in the Olympics. We need him to claim a spot in next year's rotation
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