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  1. I don't have the numbers in front of me to compare, but I put Berrios and Wheeler in the same category. Wheeler got 5 years and $118m and the Twins were in it to the end(supposedly). With Berrios having been a healthy SP and many believe he has more in the tank, I would be willing to say that is a good and more than fair offer. As for Bux, no team is going to give a guy $20+m when he has proven he can't stay on the field. He is just one of those players that seems snake bitten. Maybe something along the lines of 5 years $70m with a lot of games played bonuses. If Bux plays 150 games, he
  2. I'm not going to be that guy this year. This year has been a dumpster fire that no one saw coming. Before the year all of us and the national pundits had the Twins battling the White Sox for the Central. After the successful reclamation projects last year, we weren't concerned about the pitching staff. Colome has been a disaster! Happ started out great and now is throwing BP. Shoemaker was a 5 and fly guy on a good night last year and has regressed, let him be a an opener and go 4 innings. Pineda hasn't been healthy, Maeda has been a shell of what he was last year. Biggest dropoff
  3. I am no MLB player, but mine was pain free and back to normal in about 3 weeks. Lesson for all, do not spar with a tree
  4. What do we gain by keeping Cruz at this point? Let him get a chance with a contender and let the team work towards a top 5 pick.
  5. 100% agree! One thing to protect an arm from tossing 100+ pitches in 4 sloppy innings. This was 4 clean innings! Do they not trust him a third time through? He needs to learn because this year is lost. They let Happy stay out and toss batting practice for 6 innings, let the kid get the W
  6. 4 HRs and 4 runs, just fricking sad! We so need Arraez back to get on base. Everyone else just tries to hit long balls
  7. At least we got a HR with guys on base! I am tired if this team not being able to manufacture runs or get on base for the big bats. Positive for the night was Jax coming in on back to back games. Is that smart for a guy that was a SP in the Minors and went on normal rest? I want to pay attention to this team, but they make it so hard. There is no fight in them and little to get excited about. Maybe we'll be back in 2023 😞
  8. Time to move on, if they can find a taker for the contract. Get a couple lower level, but good upside prospects in exchange. Let Polanco and Gordon handle the position the rest of this year, they won't do any worse than Simmons
  9. Jose Miranda is a making a case to be our starting 3B next year! Time to sell off on the major league level and take our lumps with the young guys. Shoemaker needs to be moved to long relief, just too many times he is throwing BP
  10. Are the Tampa bats that good? Or is the pitching staff for the Mighty Mussel Matters that bad?
  11. Any way to have the top 20 prospect names be hot linked to their complete stats pages?
  12. At what point does the brass make changes? This team was put together to win and they look clueless at the plate and the pen has not been as advertised either.
  13. Don't take the Tiggers lightly, they looked great against Cleveland and I'm not sure I'd call them the worst team in the Central. Mize is going to be a stud and Boyd always seems to give our bats fits.
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