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  1. I also would want to know the type of knee injury before making a decision. If he DJD in the knees, I don't extend him and move him if he has good value. If we can't get something of value, I keep him until the knees become a real issue
  2. Starting to get into some legit big league prospects. If the Twins don't make any moves and instead go with a 6 man rotation, Sands and Srotman are options. Though I see Strotman in the pen, unless his control is fixed.
  3. I like Steer, he has a loud bat. Needs to cut down his Ks a bit and continue the power. Not sure he sticks at SS, though I believe he can be a regular in the Bigs
  4. Arraez is one of my favorite current Twins, as I'm more of an on base guy vs slugging. Anyone know what his knee issues are? Is degenerative joint issues or is it that he has had ligament issues over the years.
  5. How he became a Twin really doesn't matter to me. That trade is looking like am A+++++ right now. I am just not excited about him as a prospect
  6. Loved watching Shane Mack play. There are a lot of good RP arms available this year, hope we hit the lottery
  7. True, but his lowest WHIP the past 4 years has been 1.42. He also regressed when he left the Rays pitching system last year. I am hopeful, but wouldn't put him in the top 10 of our SP prospects.
  8. I just don't see Strotzman as a big league SP option right now. His walk rate is just way to high for a MLB pitcher. Maybe the coaches can fix it, but I'm not betting on it
  9. Even if Dobnak can become an effective long innings guy out of the pen, it will be a win. If we roll with a bunch of young SPs next year, we are going to need a guy that can go multiple innings a few days a week.
  10. Those first 5 are less than exciting. I follow the minors quite a bit and had only heard of 2 of these guys
  11. Woods-Richardson is a big part of any future Twins success. Can they harness his potential? Do they cut down his repertoire to focus on his 3 best pitches? More importantly, can he stay healthy to allow the Twins to build up his arm to 120+IPs?
  12. Only if you getting someone like Mantas or better back in the deal that is controllable for multiple years
  13. Sign Big Mike, trade for Gray or Montas and find a reliable back end bullpen guy. I'm fine with Gordon at SS until Lewis is ready.
  14. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out how the players proposals would hurt many markets. As a small market writer, the OP should at least have a clue. Players want to remove the soft cap, hurting small markets
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