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  1. Steer and CES had no positions for a few years. Long run, CES might only be a DH/1B in the big. We have lost some SP talent in the minors today, time to reload in the FA signing period
  2. 2 of the guys given up are lottery tickets and 3+ years away at best. Cano hasn't handled the bigs very well this year, but he has some talent. Well worth the gamble IMO. We could have traded Blaze and Enlow a few years ago for a dang good arm, prospects are ammo until they prove otherwise
  3. Give me smarter base running vs top fielding. We have been atrocious this year and that is squarely on the manager.
  4. Another click bait article by Ted. Dude must be a MN native with his negativity. Should just leave it alone, but I hate the negative nellies, especially writers. Twins went after the As pitchers, but didn't want to give up or didn't have the prospects to match. They went after multiple SPs in FA, but were outbid. They gained flexibility by trading Donaldson and didn't sit on the money. Who are they trading to get Castillo or Montas? We don't have the arms in our minors, unless you dip into A ball.
  5. Beckham and Conteras to the big club? Did I miss an injury or do we have a trade in the works? Hopefully we DFA Sano soon
  6. Watched him play quite a few times as a teenager against teams from my area. He was a man amongst boys then. He comes from a good family and has worked hard to get healthy again. Kid could move fast, but I'm sure the Twins will use kid gloves with
  7. Where will Yasser drop in on the prospect list at the end of the season? One of the best all around DSL years I have seen in awhile
  8. Blaz has dropped way down, no way he is top 5, he looks lost on the field. Canterino has never been healthy, save his arm and bring him to the big as a RP. I'd add Headrick into the top 5 competition, he has been dynamite this year
  9. The velocity added to pitchers drafted last year was impressive. Povich was nothing special in college, but a few ticks and now that ball looks and moves different
  10. Was thinking the same about Yasser. The bat depth that has been built in the organization the last 4 years us quite impressive.
  11. Please don't quote Doogie. Dude throws more crap at the wall then a 4 year old
  12. My crush is on Collier, unfortunately he is being linked quite a bit with Pittsburgh. Berry is my least favorite that has been linked to the Twins, scarred by drafting college sluggers
  13. Contreras is about the only fit for the Twuns and it is going to take a haul to get him. Would it rattle Jeffers sending him to AAA?
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