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  1. I'm intrigued by what our analytics team could do for Giolito. He has the arm and the arsenal, not sure if he has what it takes between the ears.
  2. 100% agree with this take! We have in house options until Kirilloff comes back. I'd also expect us to bring in a guy or 2 in February that hasn't gotten a MLB offer.
  3. Rodriguez would be a solid addition at that price. He seems like a guy that is getting better. Nola would be a dream, doubt he leaves the city of battery throwers.
  4. Twins would be stupid not to listen to offers, though I would not sell low. We have needs in the OF, SP and pitching prospects. If I can get a starting RH OF and a pitching prospect, I'm moving him
  5. Is he healthy? Did he need surgery or just rest? He didn't have a great year with the Saints either
  6. Unless the Cards will take a package of Miranda and a couple 15-25 ranked prospects, I'm staying in house. Options include: resign Solano as part of a platoon, give Larnach a 1B glove now, slide Julien, keep Farmer, or give Chris Williams a shot. Maybe Williams can be our version of Christian Walker.
  7. I'm locking up Lewis first. Even with his injury history, I'm in for an 8 year deal with Royce
  8. Farmer should be good trade bait for a team in need of a reliable SS/3B and IF depth. I'm keeping Castro and trying to get him to shave some money with a 2 year $6m deal. Acala is the only other one I'm even considering.
  9. And removes any question about picking up Polanco's option. Maybe Larnach needs to grab a 1B glove
  10. If I'm Rocco, I'm pinch hitting for overrated boy with the bases loaded
  11. Not sure how much coin you had in 91, but I didn't get my bag phone until 1995 and charges were $2 per minute or more. Pagers weren't just for drug runners then either. Parents could still spank you and they didn't end up in jail. Kids behaved, you feared teachers and respected your elders. You were also happy to get job.
  12. Wallner is Gallo 2.0 without the track record. Unless Wallner heats up in the next few weeks, I'm going with Gallo instead and the reason is defense and position flexibility.
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