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  1. Is there an international prospect list of Twins prospects somewhere? We see these guys sign and then they disappear for 3-4 years, so hard to keep track of them
  2. Can I buy you a couple of drinks to calm you down? Our rotation has been fine against the big boys. You want Cole who we biatch slapped all over the mound as your ace?
  3. BA still matters, I don't care what the stat geeks say. During a deadball season where the average player is around .220, I will take my boy Arraez 10 out of 10. In past articles on here he was ripped for not being a power hitter, I really don't care that he isn't. Watching a run get manufactured is much more enjoyable than seeing a guy punch one over the fence and then strikeout his next 4 ABs. Seems that his knee issues that he was knocked about have subsided this year. So i am assuming those issues have been healed and it was not a DJD issue. Have a feeling the Twins are going to regret not locking him up to a team friendly long term deal.
  4. Hunter Wood could be a sneaky good RP add for the Twins in the coming months. He has had some success in the big leagues before having a partial tear of his UCL and having a brace inserted last year vs TJ surgery.
  5. How long are Gray, Winder and Ryan expected to be out? Not much to see at AAA, how long before SWR gets bumped to St Paul?
  6. What kind of pitch mix does he have? Assume with that high of a ground ball rate he has some impressive off speed pitches
  7. Settle down on cutting Gordon. You need guys like him on the bench to come in and run, play D or give a guy a day off. If Punto can play for nearly a decade, so can Nick. You don't bring up a Lewis or Kiriloff to be a backup, those guys play everyday. It will get interesting when Sano is healthy though
  8. Great article! Seems like Royce is a very humble young man. Sky is the limit for him, still shocked that the experts didn't have him as a top prospect coming into the year. On a rerank he gas to be top 20
  9. Sure seems like the Twins are going opposite field more this year. Not sure if I'm imagining it or it is a concerted effort by the hitting coaches with the deadened ball
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Winder get the ball every 5th day. He has been impressive to me. Maybe Canterino can take over his long man BP spot. As LF, if Larnach falters, stick Lewis in. He proved his bat was ready.
  11. Is he a hard thrower? Have noticed he has started out hot this year.
  12. In all fairness they are down quite a few bats. Though I do agree
  13. What an opportunity for Miranda. Kid has a shot to get his feet wet and cement himself on the big club for a long time. We were getting zero production from Sano, so Rocko can have some patience with Miranda.
  14. Lewis is going to have a meteoric rise in the mid-season top 100. He can absolutely hit! D play isn't fabulous, but neither is Correa
  15. At what point is Royce cled up to inject some life into this offense? I know they want him to get reps at SS, but dang we could use that bat in the OF!
  16. Behind Buxton, Arraez is my favorite Twin. (Correa is a 4 month rental IMO). Arraez gives you a great AB nearly every PA, doesn't complain above being moved around and seems well liked in the clubhouse. Not sure where his value lies, but I would love to see him locked up on a team friendly long term deal. I know it has been asked before about his knee, but I don't remember seeing an answer. Are his issues of degenerative nature? Or recurring issues from his knee surgery he had in the minors?
  17. Love this trade! Bit of a risk, but Paddock has the arm to be a solid #3-4 guy for 3 years. I will not miss Rogers blowing saves or Rooker striking out. Pagan needs to cut down on the HRs allowed and if he does, he is a strong addition to the pen. Good move by the braintrust
  18. I just don't trust Rogers as a closer. He is a great RP, but not a great closer. Hope he proves me wrong and dominates in his walk year
  19. If Bundy and Archer can rebound, stay healthy and give quality innings, this rotation is solid for the regular season. It is not a post season rotation though. Need one of the young guys to take a step up and be the next Joe Ryan. Sounds like Winder and Duran will open with the big club in the pen, hope they get enough innings to stay stretched out. Hate 5 and fly pitchers, but we will see way too much of it this year
  20. Have watched Cave and Celestino a handful of times this spring. Celestino looks lost at the plate, while Cave has consistently given professional ABs. Cave's job to lose IMO
  21. Hope Urshela rebounds and turns into a good trade asset in July. Need to see if Miranda is long term solution at 3B
  22. Detroit, Angel's and Royals are hot n after Montas too. It is going to take an impressive package to land him.
  23. Losing teams trade talent for prospects or hope. We gave up a top C and 3B for a below average 3B and C/DH that can't catch. I'm passing on the 2 long shot ML guys, who knows how they will do. Overall, this FO failed at bringing in value for the talent they sent out.
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