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  1. Not being within a whiff of the postseason all year vs losing in the postseason in heartbreaking fashion.
  2. Being “linked” to a player is useful in the sense that usually a player signs with a team they are linked with, as opposed to a team with no linkage reported.
  3. Another possible player to look at would be ARod. From 2003 to 2009 (age 27-33) he won three MVP awards while earning $175mm guaranteed. From 2004 to 2009 he only won two MVPs while earning $186mm, and he was locked in to long-term guarantees at $33mm/year through 30s. If Buck wins 2-3 MVP awards, the deal will be a huge steal without the typical albatross contract accompanying that kind of performance.
  4. In the scenario you describe, Buxton plays full-time for the next seven years and wins seven MVPs. From 2015 to 2021, Mike Trout won 3 MVP awards while earning $187mm guaranteed (including his last couple of arbitration years, I believe), with the Angels on the hook for a massive guaranteed contract for him at $37mm/year for the next decade or so. So yeah, seven consecutive MVPs at $25mm per year, with no financial commitment beyond those MVP years is VERY team friendly. We should be so lucky that Buck achieves all of those incentives. He will have out-performed Trout at his peak.
  5. Assuming they tender Cotton after going after him as a reclamation project. Minaya and Coulombe are both marginal players at the fringe of the roster. Ok to tender them, but, if, say, they could sign Matthew Boyd for $6mm (after the Tigers non-tender him) I’d prefer taking a flyer on him over either of them on the 40-man, I think.
  6. The Twins chose Ralph Garza Jr over de Leon, who just signed a minor league deal with the Red Sox. For some reason Darren Woodson was following his signing closely, tweeting which teams showed interest (but not the Twins).
  7. I think they bought low on Simeon Wood-Richardson, not Martin.
  8. MacLeod signed: https://www.saltwire.com/atlantic-canada/sports/christian-macleod-son-of-retired-cape-breton-professional-baseball-player-signs-with-minnesota-twins-100618508/
  9. Interesting that you compared the Scherzer return and Berrios return. I was going to come on here to ask: If you had to choose between Josiah Gray/Keibert Ruiz or Austin Martin/Simeon Woods-Richardson, which would you take?
  10. Yes, college seniors are drafted for $10K pretty regularly to save on cap space, And to give them the dream fulfilled of getting drafted by a major league team.
  11. De Leon was the (former) Reds pitcher who fits this description I wanted them to scoop up. Now that they have some roster space…hope they do so.
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