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  1. So, if LaVelle says it is three offers, one 10, one 8 and one 6 that is over 30/year, the offers could be: 6x31 = 186 (opt out after 3) 8x28 = 214 (opt out after 3, 5) 10x25 = 250 (opt out after 3, 5)
  2. One great day at the plate away from a triple crown? I am really surprised he’s not playing. Plus he could hit 63 or 64, cementing his record. Once the post season starts there are days off every game or so…
  3. Judge isn’t in the starting lineup for the Yankees, so it kind of looks like Arraez has it sewn up.
  4. One could note that you didn’t necessarily disagree with me.
  5. How does having Billy Hamilton on the Twins jive with the fact that the Twins don’t attempt steals?
  6. I might recommend a couple of additional, slightly longer, runs first.
  7. The best part of Celestino’s walk off walk is that he stopped to take off his shin guard before he walked to first. That is the walk off walk equivalent of a bat flip.
  8. Good luck! But confused—running in both your first 10K and 5K?
  9. Hold on, so tonight’s game established…Caleb Hamilton is faster than Jose Miranda?
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