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  1. Twins got two years of Paddack for a year of a very good reliever. They’ve already started 7 pitchers in the rotation this year. The trade was worth doing, glad they did it, and I think it will wind up a clear win over two years.
  2. Stankiewicz has the better nickname, so I’m giving him the nod at #1. Hope that we have this same argument every month all season…
  3. Gordon finding ways to take the bat out of Buxton’s hands…
  4. Could not be a nicer night to catch a game in Baltimore. It’s me, my son, and a few hundred Twins and Orioles fans (equally divided). Glad Gordon didn’t get hurt on that ball.
  5. The Twins hit six home runs in the game we went to last year…so a repeat would be just fine.
  6. And I’ll be in attendance for his debut with my 10-year son. We’re sitting in the LF bleachers, as we plan on catching one each of Buxton and Miranda’s homers. Need a good Hamilton quote…don’t give up your shot, Jose!
  7. Seriously liking the line-up…and the fact that I’ll be sitting in LF to watch Jose’s debut….
  8. The Twins could have offered Correa a 10/300 contract this off-season, but they didn’t. But they are committed to 3/105. Could there be a middle ground that both sides would agree to? For example, perhaps the Twins could tack on 4/120, plus an option year for year 8? That would be 7 years, 225, plus another 30 or so option. Or maybe they need to rip up the original contract, and just go something like 6/200 for 33/year? They could also be creative like giving him an opt-out after 3 or 4 years. The Seager contract (10/325) was nuts. I think the Twins and Correa could find something that would work to get Correa to be here for a handful of years instead of just one.
  9. Reasons Correa would sign an extension with the Twins: 1. Just had a baby, his wife is not going to want to move for the second time in twelve months. 2. Buxton - Correa bromance. 3. Seems to love this organization; from Baldelli to Falvey, seems to love their approach and the focus on analytics. 4. Boras will get 100% of the agent fee for any extension or new contract (unlike the contract he signed a few months ago, which was split with the prior agent.) 5. His poor start. Sure, he’s usually a slow starter, but if he has a bad year, or he gets injured, his market would likely be lower, so it would mitigate risk. Yes, he’s saying the right things, but he doesn’t have to say those things. Seems like there is a real opportunity to get him to stay longer than just the one year, in my view.
  10. Which is $5mm less than they’ve committed to pay him for the next three years…
  11. From a Ken Rosenthal piece in the Athletic, here is the money quote: “I told ‘em, ‘Hey guys, I know I have the opt-outs in the contract. But I really like it here,’” Correa said. “‘I love the people here. I love the way I’m treated here. If you guys see the value I bring to this organization and what I do for other people around me and the game that I bring, I would love to have a long-term relationship here if that’s what you guys would like.’ “My wife feels right at home in Minnesota. My son is growing up. We feel right at home already and it’s only been two or three weeks of the season. That’s where I’m at mentally.” Ok…how fun would it be to have Buxton and Correa playing together for the next half dozen years? After a couple of World Series rings, will we even remember the pre-B.C. years?
  12. He timed it so they landed at the same time.
  13. Red jerseys! I know this is unpopular with many around these parts, but I love the Twins alternate red jerseys. Think it’s a great look. It’s like Tiger Woods on Sunday in his hayday.
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