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  1. I thought you were the one who referenced WAR, in regard to Donaldson's being better than Correa, Urshela, and Sanchez combined.......my bad. Thanks for the cheers. Enjoying a good Bloody Mary as I type.... You asked for anecdotes, not analysis.....I gave you one from TODAY!!! You want more? How about his feud with Cole? How about his feud with Giolito? How about getting ejected after hitting a HR? Just to name a few......
  2. Damn....didn't think he looked right the other night. Rocco left him out there to cook.....you could see his velo was down......
  3. You're the one who used WAR with such a small sample size....that's why it's ridiculous. Are you saying that Urshela is not a "good" third-baseman? That's all i said. Donaldson has started 2 fights today with the Sox......just sayin'.....he's a douche. How's that for an anecdote?
  4. And here's a perfect example of why, in my opinion, WAR is a ridiculous stat. Hmmmmmm wonder if the Yanks would trade Donaldson for Correa???? What part of Sanchez's defense THIS SEASON has been poor? He looks like just fine to me. Urshela is what he is.....good 3B, average to below average bat.....but what others have mentioned, dumping Donaldson was worth it. The atmosphere on the team this year seems night and day compared to last year, and I don't think it's just the winning, and Urshela is a big part of that. He's a glue guy. Everyone loves him. Yankee teammates loved him. Adding him (and Correa) who both seem like leaders and great teammates (and subtracting Donaldson's pouting and bitching) makes a difference. Anyone who says leadership and attitudes don't matter in baseball, has never spent much time in a dugout.
  5. You can question the trade all you want.....but the FO being in over their heads? Joe Ryan for 1/2 season of Nelson Cruz? Signing Correa? Dumping Donaldson for Sanchez and Urshela? I think the FO is doing just fine.....they made the trade....they took a shot and in the present time, it's a loss, but I like the fact that they went for it.
  6. Defense can save a pitcher, but in no way would this have been a terrible night for Smeltzer. The run the Royals got in the first was on seeing eye ground balls. The play that Polanco made was on a weak ground ball. Celestino's throw was terrific but essentially was a hard single. I was so impressed with Smeltzer who seemed in complete control and gave up few hard hits. Frankly, he got the 1st out in the 6th and should have been given a chance to finish the inning. He'll be back soon. He has options and others don't. I don't know what other move they could make with Ober coming back, although I think that Stashak is just a body taking up a spot right now.
  7. Mandating that every team uses PitchCom is probably the first thing coming.......
  8. I'm assuming his first TJ surgery was the "old style".....the new TJ now has a double-band procedure which is supposed to not only be stronger, but requires shorter recuperation time. Don't know if the newer procedure is doable the 2nd time around, but I hope it is.....
  9. IMHO.....Lewis belongs in the majors. Why couldn't he DH while learning 3B from major league coaches? Spell Correa a couple of games at SS (while Correa DH's) and work him into 3B.......just seems our lineup would be incredibly well balanced with Royce in it. Two observations from the minor league highlights......Wallner hitting that blast off of a lefty is impressive and Povich hitting 97 mph with his fastball? Holy #%%!!!!! Even if the gun is a little elevated, we haven't had a lefty with that kind of juice since Liriano.......
  10. How many of those guys made the switch at the Major League level? Chipper, Molitor, Moncada, Ramizer, Witt....none made the move without playing the position in the minors......that's all i'm saying.
  11. Range isn't the issue.....the reaction time and footwork at 3B is totally different. Machado made the move look easy, but he may be an outlier.
  12. I do think Sanchez will hit for some more power as the summer rolls on. I know that close doesn't count, but he's hit at least 3 balls right to the fence that have been caught that probably would have been out in that little league park he used to play in LOL
  13. IMO--Archer has to change his mindset. He looks like he's trying to strike everyone out. He gets ahead in the count and then tries to make the perfect pitch for strikeout, which has lead to higher pitch counts and shorter outings. I hate the pitch to contact philosophy as much as anyone, but there has to be a middle ground if he's going to get into the 5th-7th innings in future starts. He'd be an interesting closer with how demonstrative he is on the mound......just a thought.
  14. Has Royce ever played 3B? Too lazy to check. I know that he played some outfield, but the switch from SS to 3B is not an easy one......
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