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  1. I'm sure that's true, but what is he going to say??? "I'm really so unhappy here. This city sucks and I hate these guys in the clubhouse?" Not trying to be a dick...... He's obviously still got the stuff and he surely shoved it right up the Twin's behind during that start.
  2. If I'm Duran and a guy fakes being hit by a pitch (which Rosario did) I don't think I could contain myself from saying something similar to "Next at bat I'm gonna give you something to really shake your hand about......." Eerily similar to what my Mom used to say...."You want me to give you something to cry about?" LOL
  3. I get what you're saying, but I don't want human intrigue...... I want the same strike zone for Derek Jeter of the Yankees and Nicky Punto for the Twins. Know what I'm saying????
  4. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE!!!! He choses to abuse his relievers by babying his starters....... Today is a perfect example. Smeltzer is DEALING! Can you name more than 2 hard hit balls all day? He's at 92 pitches after the 6th and is yanked with a paper thin bullpen. He had plenty of choice.....he's pulling pitchers regularly at 70 pitches. How the heck is he NOT going to abuse his bullpen when he makes this choice? As an aside, I've been watching a lot of the CWS......pitchers regularly throwing 120 pitches. How is this possible???? Are college coaches abusive or is Rocco a coddler?
  5. Must've been the 3 K's and a walk from the other night........he may have aggravated it spitting seeds last night. The man is absolutely fragile.
  6. If you can't even use a pitcher with a 3 run lead (Duffey)....than why is he on the team?????
  7. Ridiculous ...... if there's one play that should always be reviewable, it's whether a ball is caught or not. Just stupid....
  8. Hope Buxton is having a good rest.....maybe taking a bath with a glass of wine. Unbelievable that we need to give the 100 million dollar man the night off after DH'ing.
  9. I was responding to the bizarre take that Ryan gave up a homerun and so did Pagan....what was the difference. i was defending Ryan. If we get 6 inning and 3 ER's from every starter, we'll be fine.
  10. Seriously. Pagan hits 98 mph earlier in the inning and Reyes never even sees a letter high fastball (a pitch the whole world knows he can't hit)......is that all on Jeffers?????
  11. Urshela needs to sit for a while.....his bat looks incredibly slow right now. Miranda at 3rd.
  12. Garlick is 30......Kirilloff is 24....they need a 1B and I think AK is a very good defensive 1B. Just my thoughts.
  13. Kirilloff hadn't had an extra base hit all season.....he hit 2 doubles over the weekend. I hope that's a sign that he is feeling healthy. I think Garlick is the odd man out....
  14. Where did Bundy's curveball come from tonight? Haven't seen that all year......if he can pitch backwards like that going forward, maybe he can survive.
  15. That scoreless inning by Duffey probably bought him a roster spot the rest of the season.....SMH
  16. 250 BA, 8 HR, 34 RBI's in 220 plate appearances as a rookie don't seem to indicate he's lacking in any of those things.....he got hurt....he's rehabbed and he's crushing it currently in the only place he's allowed to play. What do you want from him?
  17. I was thinking the same thing.....no way they throw him a strike, right? 1st base open....sets up the double play.....but thanks Scott Service.....
  18. I sure would rather have Jax pitching the 7th inning than the 6th.......Gonzalez left in with 87 pitchers....Rocco has NO feel for the game. None.
  19. It's beyond ridiculous....and I don't care if it works and we win this game. Wrap our pitchers in bubble wrap.....so so dumb.
  20. KIriloff would look pretty damn good in the middle of this lineup right now....Miranda needs to go back down.
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