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Everything posted by cheeseheadgophfan

  1. It ain't gonna happen......but this is exactly what would have been said last offseason about the Twins signing Correa......
  2. He pinch hit last night and grounded out to second to end the game. He did not look healthy running down to 1st base. I've always admired his hustle, but to me he looks like he's hurt.
  3. How does someone pad their stats in baseball? You either hit/field or you don't. Do you think he's just trying harder now.???? He could've hit like this all year, but just chose not to???? Silly.
  4. Huh? Who has the front office traded away that you has the pedigree of those 3? Steer is struggling. Povich has had a good season but is at AA. Hajjaar has potential but he's been on the IL too and struggled since the trade. CES continues to mash minor league pitching but doesn't really have a defensive position. He seems redundant with the Twins. Not defending the front office (I guess i am) but it seems they traded the prospects they should have while hanging on the Lewis, SWR, Julien, etc.....
  5. Whoa.....let's pump the brakes a bit on Steer......he's hitting .218 with a .328 OBP....we have no idea if he's a flash in the pan or a legit major leaguer. 90% of the posters on here were fired up when they acquired Mahle. Hindsight is always 20/20.
  6. Agreed....Pagan needs to go. But Rogers has hit more than a "rough" patch.....I think he has one save (last night) since joining the Brewers....they are rarely using him in save situations. His second half struggles have become the norm. Would I like to have him on this team? Heck yeah, but pitching is not our problem right now....the lineup is.
  7. Just goes to show what learning to hit with a wooden bat when you're are young can do for you.... Speaking from experience, it is a HUGE change going from aluminum to wood.
  8. Just something to think about......
  9. I have a sneaky suspicion that Carlos is going to get very hot down the stretch......and we will be begging him to stay. Superstar players tend to step-up when they smell the playoffs/primetime and I believe he is a superstar.
  10. First it was tapeworm and now it's a bad haircut????? At least get your lies consistent.....SMH
  11. 65 pitches!!!! 65 5 innings....little to no hard contact. What does it take for guy to stay in the game? Would Rocco pull Bundy if he had a perfect game going if the linuep was turning over for the third time? It's like Rocco panics after 5 when the Twins have the lead. "If Jax is perfect....if Duran is perfect....if Lopez is perfect, WE WIN!!!" Guess what? That's not always going to happen. He has absolutely no feel for the game or when a pitcher has it on a particular night. This one is all on Rocco.
  12. Is the standard for overturning a call "clear and convincing evidence?" If so, doesn't the fact that there's been sooooo much debate about this call mean it wasn't clear and convincing? The call on the field was out.....what clear and convincing evidence was there to make an overturn? I'm confused. As to the throw from Beckham? I don't think you can complain for a guy playing LF for (I think) the 3rd time.....just a sucky way to lose a game.
  13. Huh? Is it callous to send Moran down? Or how about Sanchez after he won a game or us last week? Are you seriously implying that the Twins should hang on to Duffey in the middle of a pennant race because he's been around for 11 years? Ugh....that's the kind of thinking that needs to go. They're paying him 3.8 million dollars this year....and he's been terrible......and it's not going to suddenly get better. I wish my employer was that callous. I guess I don't know what to say....no one has made a case why Duffey is on the team, other than he's a "good guy".
  14. If it's not Duffey, he must have some compromising pictures of Rocco somewhere......... EDIT==I now see it's Moran and I don't get it. Can anyone make a case for why Duffey should be on this team? I don't even understand the comparisons between Duffey and Pagan. I have zero problem with Pagan being the 6th inning guy. He's got stuff....can get a strikeout and (most) of his issues seem to come in 8th or 9th inning high leverage/save situations. Duffey right now is just praying for something to be hit at someone or the off chance someone will swing at one of his slurves in the dirt. IMHO he's almost unusable.
  15. Cody Lawyerson has a really funky delivery.....looks like he hides the ball real well. I can see him being a 1-2 inning bullpen arm down the road.
  16. The FO couldn't possibly say with a straight face that they are trying to win and then trade Correa. I agree that he isn't necessarily living up to his contract (at least at the plate) but you may have lost the clubhouse if he was traded. I love the moves. I think Povich has a real chance to be a good major league pitcher, but you got an all-star closer and one of the top 5 starting pitchers that got moved. A- grade at least.
  17. Is there some kind of promise that he will get a shot at the full-time shortstop position next year? I know it's a one year deal, but I wonder if that's a possibility?
  18. Winder has been shut down.....sent back for rehab work. No one is going to trade for him right now. You can't give up Miranda....he's been our most productive hitter/run producer over the last month. He's a cornerstone. I don't know if Larnach holds value while injured (hernia surgery shouldn't be a huge red flag). If Arraez can play a serviceable 2B, why isn't Polanco a trade chip? Will it screw with team chemistry too much?
  19. I would agree with you....my post was in general I would use Larnach and Winder as trade chips in any deal, even though i know this is a Montas thread.
  20. Ahhhh....good one. You got me. Rotator cuff would've been the proper term, and worse result for Winder.
  21. Larnach and Winder are the two trade chips that I'd offer. I think AK has the chance to be something special. I think Larnach is always going to be susceptible to offspeed stuff. Winder seems like he's Tommy John waiting to happen......
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