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  1. I have thought this for a while now. Makes no sense to have him play through this injury and possibly aggravate it when the season is lost anyway. I have to admit though, AK's wrist troubles worry me, especially since he already had them in the minors. If this becomes a chronic issue, his career might turn out less stellar than we all thought. I hope I am wrong.
  2. I don't know what Nick Gordon's ceiling really is. Maybe he will never be more than a utility player. But I absolutely LOVE watching him play.
  3. Farrell looked really nice so far. Dare we hope that one of our bullpen experiments is finally working out?
  4. I don't know, I am really not comfortable watching Happ pitch. He may have been pretty successful with it but Happ pounding the edges of the zone with countless 90 mph fastballs feels like a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Honestly, I have sometimes thought the same. No idea if that's just imagination or coincidence or if their players are just injury prone. Maybe they should just make Nelson Cruz vaunted work out program mandatory for everyone.
  6. He just touched his chest. No word so far on what's the problem.
  7. No wonder Cruz resigned with the Twins. He wanted those 19 games against the Tigers to pad his stats. Cruz is an absolute monster.
  8. Well, Detroit is in full rebuild mode so they could probably keep him on the roster regardless of performance if they believe in his potential. And after he showed quite a bit of said potential I really don't think Detroit lets him go.
  9. * and field. What a throw! Did I read in scouting reports that he has a weak arm?
  10. Sanó's AB wasn't that bad. He didn't chase and would have drawn an RBI walk if the ump hadn't gifted Milwaukee an extra strike.
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