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  1. You're correct which is why I doubt this is a good sign for Gary's health.
  2. After watching him a lot last year, I couldn't agree more. He's a good prospect who does many things well but just isn't a SS. In my opinion, he lacks the necessary arm strength and accuracy to play there, leading to a lot of rushed plays and wild throws. I also don't think the Twins do Austin any favors by forcing him into a position he doesn't look comfortable at. It would be one thing if he was only below average and not considered good enough for the majors. But at this point you hold your breath on every routine grounder and I imagine that has to really mess with his entire game from a mental standpoint. I would prefer it if he could just play outfield and focus on his hitting instead of always having to worry about his defense at short.
  3. Since the Twins are (smartly) limiting his innings I kinda like the idea of using him as an opener or pairing him with Archer who also doesn't give them much length. But only if that doesn't shut the door on him starting again in 2023. I have always been very high on Canterino and I am still convinced that he can't only be a starter but maybe even be that elusive frontline starter the Twins have tried to develop forever. I would hate it if he ended up in the bullpen because of need and never even got a chance to prove himself in the rotation.
  4. Doesn't give the ump an excuse to call these strikes. And who knows if Larnach would have swung at that if the same pitch hadn't been called a strike a pitch earlier.
  5. Trevor Larnach agrees. Man, these were two awful strike calls by the ump.
  6. More signs of life from Alex Kirilloff... And it looks like Royce can play 3B just fine!
  7. Looks like we got the good version of Duffey tonight. Thankfully. Duran for the ninth?
  8. On mlb.tv there are issues as well. It's a problem everywhere, apparently. Man, I love Byron Buxton. And Correa too. They're both amazing.
  9. Buck is just looking brutal today (and of late). Wonder if the Twins wouldn't be better of just putting him on the IL until he gets healthy again. This isn't doing him or the Twins any favors. Of course, the rest of the Twins (minus Luis) isn't helping today. That Polanco AB was atrocious. Come on Polo, you can do better!
  10. Wow, one of the smoother innings Pagán has thrown in a while. Interesting what Bremer said about his splitter grip.
  11. Man, the Twins' plate appearances are looking awful. Tons of weak grounders or flyballs, not hitting anything hard. Hope they get going offensively.
  12. He is definitely not playing at 100%, that's why he is sitting so often. That knee injury from a few weeks ago is still bothering him. An article in the Strib yesterday called it right knee patella tendinitis, I believe.
  13. What the hell was that? Don't see Buck miss a ball like that very often. And of course it costs the Twins immediately. Damn.
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