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  1. You don’t entice a player to forego free agency with incentive laden contracts. 100 million guaranteed would be the serious starting point.
  2. I'd like to see a baseball themed buddy comedy staring JD and Sergio Romo called Loose Cannons.
  3. I don't get exactly how games are called and why this one was called so early. Weather projections currently show clear skies in Chicago from 8pm to midnight. I hate 7 inning games.
  4. Basically a Kohl Stewart. Tigers must have a pretty strong 40 man roster to cut him lose with an option year left.
  5. Yeah, .750 OPS in the big leagues is really good - especially since he'd be starting in AA this week. He's slugging .545 against the best pitchers in the world.
  6. That Bally’s screen flash during the pitch is the worst idea ever.
  7. I get that keeping Badoo with a loaded system is tough but this guy is looking like the kind of transcendent OF with speed who you make room for. He looks exactly like what every best case scenario prospect write up teased us with. If there is a glut of slow bat first corner outfielders in front of him, those are the guys you trade or risk losing.
  8. I give the front office and coaching staff a lot of credit but two things happened today: that challenge and Akil Badoo hitting the first pitch of his pro career for an oppo taco after destroying spring training pitching.
  9. Nice profile from the NY Post https://nypost.com/2020/05/07/aaron-sabato-hitting-in-backyard-may-be-first-rounder-in-mlb-draft/?utm_medium=SocialFlow&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=NYPTwitter
  10. You can't really talk about Puckett's legacy without the domestic violence, which is some serious baggage that Jordan doesn't carry. https://vault.si.com/vault/2003/03/17/the-rise-and-fall-of-kirby-puckett-the-media-and-the-fans-in-minnesota-turned-the-twins-hall-of-famer-into-a-paragon-of-every-virtueand-that-made-his-human-flaws-when-they-came-to-light-all-the-more-shocking
  11. If the Twins are indeed as good as they are being projected to be, every game lost is to their disadvantage as it increases the odds of lesser teams playing above their heads and benefiting from a shorter sample size. Think of all the teams that fell apart with 1-2 months left to go. Really good, really deep teams like the Twins are all hurt by this.
  12. Great comp Tom. Maeda was facing the real Boston lineup too. He made Devers look foolish. I'm feeling pretty good about the rotation after watching this.
  13. Seriously? Not that "Twins Territory" is a well defined concept, but I would bet their marketing people would include Iowa. If you go by radio stations, you can get the Twins out of Mason City, Spencer, Iowa Falls, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines. That's a lot of Iowa. The fan base has also most certainly been on the rise here in eastern Iowa. First because of the Twin's recent awesomeness, but also because the single A Cedar Rapids Kernels, which the Twins took over in 2013 and are a very successful minor league operation. Prior to that there was no Twins radio in most of eastern Iowa. Mason City may well have been the only signal. Most TV packages in Eastern Iowa carry Chicago regional sports networks, but my sense is that Twins fans rival Cubs fans from Iowa City northward.
  14. Try being a Twins fan in the "Twins Territory" of Iowa. MLB owners have traded lucrative short term financial windfalls with archaic regional sports networks and it only cost them the alienation of two, going on three generations of American baseball fans.
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