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  1. I've been listening to him since he was a young curmudgeon. He's a sharp guy and is usually good for a laugh.
  2. You had me with you until you mentioned the word: "lawyer." You blew it with that one. But I'll overlook it and focus on the more honorable part of your resume. Yes, you are right. There's a learning curve in everything. But until the quants produce a world series championship, my trust and heart remain with the blue collar guys who brought the team to Minnesota and delivered two world series victories.
  3. Compare 2016, the last draft from the dark ages, to 2017, the first draft of the enlightened age Under new management, the Twins amateur draft unfolded as follows: The number one pick in all of baseball, Royce Lewis Round 1, pick 35; Brent Rooker Round 2, pick 37; Landon Leach, Round 3, pick 76; Blayne Enlow Round 4, pick 106; Charlie Barnes Round 5, pick 136; Andrew Bechtold Round 6, pick 196; Riley Widel And the list goes on. And it doesn't get any better. (Though, they did get Baily Ober in the 12th round. Still, not too inspiring.)
  4. How about Gibson? I read somewhere that he might be available. If so, a potential reunion could be nice.
  5. He's neither hero nor villian. The word that comes to mind is "uninspiring."
  6. A few weeks ago on the other network, an ironic headline appeared: "Buxton Getting Back to His Old Self." Apparently he had a couple of hits that day, and the writer got a little excited and kind of let his emotions dictate the story. Well, he was right, he is back to his old self: teasing with potential and failing to deliver. That's Mr. Buxton. We're enthralled with his potential, but he rarely delivers. Why we signed him to a multi year multi million contract is beyond me. (Actually it's not; but I'll save those thoughts for a different place) Like with Mauer, I know our hands were forced by impending free agency. But unlike Mauer, Buxton has no track record to warrant a huge contract. When we signed Mauer, he was coming off an MVP season and backed that up with many years of solid to all-star caliber play. Track records matter. Maybe we can find another club dazzled by Buck's potential to dump him upon. IMHO, we should try to trade him.
  7. In hindsight it I don't think it was worth it. We still got our superstar shortstop, so we'll see what happens. I think the more interesting question at this point is the Buxton deal. Will that be worth it?
  8. I like Festa much better than the over-hyped spin master, Mr. Enlow!
  9. Looks like Cavaco is finally starting to figure things out. Maybe's he not a bust. On the other hand there's Sabato.
  10. You can can the Front office for getting rid of our best bullpen arm on the first day of the season.
  11. The "greatest" player in the game today is 0 for his last 26 and is batting 202. Maybe t'werent a good idea to sign The Buck to so many bucks for so many years?
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