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  1. And the -Strand. That one, I think, will be the cruelest cut of all! We've got to clear house this winter. It'd be nice if the Polads sold the team, as well.
  2. They may have too many starters. But good starters? Too many good starters? That's a laugh, isn't it?
  3. Nice to see some fire from the manager! I hope it ignites our team to go kick some butt in LA!
  4. I read that too, but I don't buy it. I mean it's plausible, but it doesn't explain his abrupt departure in the middle of the season. Something must have happened within the Twins' organization that alienated Johnson in some way. What? I don't know.
  5. I've been wondering why he left to begin with? I've never heard a satisfactory explanation. What's the real story here?
  6. Start the fire sale. And kick it off by kicking out the manager. Then goodbye Mr. Sano and goodbye Mr. Correa, Anybody else? Let's see, I wonder what we could get for Bundy, Archer, Urshela and Sabato? I'd hang on to Cavaco. He seems to be getting it together.
  7. You may be right. And the more comments I read, the more inclined I am to ride it out with Correa.
  8. The mood in the clubhouse, imho, is inconsequential unless it's reflected on the field. If it's true, if it does show up on in their play, then judging by their July performance, the mood can't be all that great in the Twins clubhouse. But if there is a disconnect, and they're all happy campers, who really should give a rats derriere about clubhouse camaraderie? Maybe this is a philosophical question: does good clubhouse camaraderie beget good baseball? Or does good baseball beget good clubhouse camaraderie? Also, can a club with internal tensions and bad vibes play good ball? And vice versa?
  9. "You've been invited in as a guest?" What do you mean? You can't see my name?
  10. How does this send a bad message to other free agents. Everyone knows (including other free agents) that the structure of his contract is essentially set up for either a one-year deal or an August 2nd team opt out. It's really a simple choice between A and B. If the team chooses B, how could any potential free agent be upset?
  11. The clubhouse is pretty pathetic right now. Have you been watching them play of late? Maybe the clubhouse needs some disruption. It might do them some good.
  12. Depending on what the other teams are asking for their players and what we can get by trading Correa and Sano, I'd lean towards rebuilding our farm system--especially our pitching--by trading both Correa and Sano. To do this would be a clear cut move in one direction. Even if it's unpopular, it's better than the hodgepodge whirlwind of bold moves--the signing of Correa--and hedging--the Rogers fiasco--that put us in this bind..
  13. The good: Miranda The bad: The top of the batting order The Ugly: 208. Let's see, we've got four more games. I wonder if our "All Star" center fielder can get his batting average below 200 for the All Star Game. I think it's possible.
  14. Let me count the ways. Pitching Pitching Pitching Catching A New Manager Replace the dynamic duo with an experienced, steady uno. Lower Ticket Prices Lower concession stand prices Focus on baseball; get rid of the PR department. And, uh, did i mention pitching?
  15. Sorry but I disconcur. My core 4 would be Arraez, Kirilloff, Polanco, and Miranda. Goodbye Byron.
  16. What about Hamilton? He's got a 1.something era in St. Paul's bullpen. Why isn't he in the conversation?
  17. I've been listening to him since he was a young curmudgeon. He's a sharp guy and is usually good for a laugh.
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