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  1. OK, so we are now onto the great RBI vs RBI's debate, and fella's, there is only one right answer here😀: R'sBI. Runs is plural, always has been, always will be. We are not talking intestinal distress here, but moving multiple runners across home plate over time. An argument may be made to move the possessive to the end, after In, but, for consistency, I prefer it remain where it rightfully belongs, proximate to the noun it so modifies, hence, R's it is. I have dutifully notified MLB of the same and expect full compliance forthrightly, in about the same time frame as the sticky stuf
  2. I like the idea of exploring the possibilities next month, have felt for some time he provides most value of reasonably tradeable assets. Agree with others here, Twins FO unlikely to pay him if he continues to pitch well. There is a larger point here of the inscrutable economics of MLB, and why most franchises like Twins are forced to constantly shed elite players. Maddening. The Pressly trade hurt this team..he would have made a difference in playoffs. Now with Duran hurt and Celestino not ready for prime time, its just hard to both "keep the window" open while simultaneously re-tooling to sh
  3. Agree 100%. Question is does Berrios want to stay? Extend him this off season, if he doesnt want it then look to trade him b4 ST. He should be priority 1, Buxton 1A.
  4. Mid 5th, Seattle Win Probabiliy: 94%. We havent made it to our bullpen yet. Twins Win Probability: 0% The 6% lag is explained by the strikeouts, variety of mental midget plays, fielding follies, and pitching heartburn yet to come. Sigh.....
  5. Last season Twins risp was 2.60/game, which would be best in mlb this season. Now Twins are 24th at 3.60/g.
  6. Yes. All employers ought be required to have IL disability in addition to PTO. As much as you need to get back to 100%. I have a zit on my butt cheek, painful to sit at the desk. 14 days should clear it up. Much like bi-lateral leg weakness. As I told the boss, no sense in pushing through these things.
  7. Seattle's response to big inning potential was truly Twins-esque. We are not alone.
  8. Twins at 62% win probability in 1st....is this a 1st in 2021?
  9. And you have to ask WHO from the whole mix you expect to see on the roster in 2022, which is either a rebuilding year around a new crop of players, thus plugging in B-level free agents, of you do make a splash keeping Buxton and Berrios on the team, move Sano to DH and make Alex the 1B. Berrios contract status is the straw that stirs the roster make-up for 22 and beyond. I dont favor trading him now, but if he cant be extended, then he should go before ST. Extended or not, they will have to commit to finding front end SP's through the FA's, and hope a couple of the farm kids can fill 4-5
  10. Fan base reacts as Dobby, Alex, and Matt enter, turning a run of the mill loss into yet another blowout...
  11. Oh-oh. There it is. Synchronicity. Now you will have to nod off in later innings of all future games against NYY. Failure and the resulting loss will be on your conscience forever. Bummer. On the positive side, sleeping is better than, say, having to don the same underwear without ever laundering, or overstepping cracks in the sidewalks a full 24 hours b4 each game. It is a burden to bear, but only you can do it. At least you can do it from your favorite chair, and know that we are all pulling for you.....counting on you.....no pressure.......and happy dreams! And thank you for delivering
  12. Dobby's WAR 2019: 0.6 FIP 2019 2.9 2020: 0.3 2020: 3.96 2021: -0.5 2021: 4.65 Apparently the new slider is not helping much.....................
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