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  1. Ah yes, a radio, the Twins broadcast, and chores.......doesnt get much better than that!
  2. Nice to see the Big Boys giving our guys some love! Will it continue? https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/powerrankings/
  3. Per Yahoo, 4 innings of scoreless ball results in Twins increasing Win Probability to 57.4%....... Should be 147.8% when 0-0 in the 9th
  4. 0-3 in top of 1st increased Twins Win Probability to 53. 7 %
  5. Points out the pending logjam when Lewis comes up as well....what to with Urshela and/or Sano. Something will have to give and I'd bet on Sano finding a new home by the trade deadline, even if they have to take back salary. Miranda and Lewis deserve some extended time on the 26 to acclimate and evaluate. Urshela at least brings stable D and have to believe he will start hitting again. It just feels like we are reaching the end of Sano's time here by the force of circumstances, and his uninspiring level of play.
  6. True, but if unequal application of the terms of the agreement can be proven, as Buaer will more than likely argue, the discipline can be reduced or overturned. I believe Bauer is limited to arbitration on appeal, regardless, he will probably make his case by comparing his punishment to previous cases disciplined under this section of the 2016 CBA. Regarding previous comments about privacy and fairness, privacy claims go away when a criminal complaint and/or charge is brought against an adult for sexual assault. (Minors are protected-case in point, new Vikings draftee Ed Ingram). Anonymity is different than privacy, and is granted to accusers/victims of sexual assault, but privacy is not- frequently, accusers are required by courts to disclose medical and personal details to investigators and courts. Regarding the policy, domestic violence definitions are not limited by consent. That there was physical and sexual violence does not seem to be in dispute, although I suppose Bauer could have tried to defend himself by arguing the actions did not meet a reasonable definition of violence. It would seem a high mountain for him to climb though. So, is this just a personal pecadillo of Bauer's, and is he unfairly having his personal life run through the mud? Or....not? I believe his actions and public attempts at justifying those actions reek of a narcissistic, misogynistic, violent personality. His actions caused great harm to another person. I hope he finds genuine help before he harms someone beyond repair. He may have been clever enough to create enough doubt to limit his criminal exposure, but that came at a great cost. His public statements about the case tarnished his reputation beyond repair. The chances of another MLB team taking him on when his suspension is over is probably nil, and I don't think that is unfair. He doesn't seem to have remorse, or, elite talent to the point that some team would try to rehabilitate him by setting up some sort of treatment and management program. LAD might have cause to claim breach of contract, so, he then tries to reach a settlement with LAD and agrees to teminate the contract. Then if he really thinks he wants to continue in baseball, may find chances in Korea or Japan. But if MLB is going to take their own policies seriously, and demonstrate true support for those victimized by sexual assaults, they should not only impose the suspension, but figure out a way to help him move elsewhere if what he wants is to continue a career in pro ball. And MLB should seize the opportunity to take the lead in pro sports in supporting victims of domestic/sexual assaults. I've spent this entire post talking about Bauer and what he might want, and not one word about this woman and what her life is like. Her experiences and those of others treated in this way deserve respect and due process, and it appears this policy may be the only thing that can deliver a semblance of that for her.
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