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  1. Luis Gil, 5 shut out innings so far tonight as Yankees begin their annual August rocket launch to playoffs: Gils line in his MLB career: 1 0 0.00 3 3 0 15.2 9 0 7 18 1.02.....just like Mr Blutarski, Zero. Point. Zero. But hey, we got Jake Cave so what should we complain about.
  2. Bailey Ober has a future in MLB, and not just owing to his very baseball-esque name.....expand the zone B.O.!
  3. Thanks for all that. Makes better sense. And too bad abt Burdi, hadnt heard he was having tj#2. Hope he can come back next year.
  4. Thanks for clarifying. Does the 90 day rule apply to the 40 man roster or 26?
  5. If Twins played in AL East we'd be competing for #1 draft pick.
  6. Agree it had to be the WS. Thats the story. And of course MLB Corporate, er, Yankees, had to be there. Watching that video almost gave me warm fuzzies for Yanks. Almost. The game was made perfect when the Yanks went down in excruciating fashion, stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. Any team that beats the Yankees is my 2nd favorite team that day. And loved the throwback scoreboard. What a money saver for future ballparks.
  7. Great article Stu, as usual. I never knew Lefty trafficked in conspiracy theories. Learn something new every day! As for Simmons, I honestly wasnt sure what he was trying to say, other than it seemed odd, to say the least. As a BB guy, his defense still plays, too bad the offense has gone missing....which leads me to this suggestion for a new rule/look/model for MLB. The new rule proposal is this: Teams get a Designated Fielder, to be designated before each game by mgr decision, variable position, This also means one additional DH, and it would also mean the NL adopting the DH rule. Whew, it's a reach I know, but I have actually backed off my initial impulse, which was baseball rosters be structured like football, with a dedicated 9 on offense/ 9 on defense. I may be crazy, but I am not an extremist! Great gibbons, two DH's and one DF would be a better product. A guy like Simmons can do what he does, as long as he stays on whatever meds are needed, and the rest of us are spared the pain of having to watch him take an AB. Even better, we are spared the terror of watching the likes of Willie Norwood, Josh Willingham, or Luis Arraez, et al, try to track a hooking fly ball in the LF corner. Who do I contact at MLB to get the ball rolling on this, this needs to happen in 2022?
  8. What a surprise to logon and see Twins not only played a game this afternoon....who knew?....but won a 1-0 pitching duel. Didnt even dream of 1-0 and Twins being in the same sentence. Good for Ober and the BP. Great to see them have success against quality competition. Sadly, Yankees won. KC is oficially looking over their collective shoulders as Twins close in on 4th place.
  9. So if you take the first letter of the last name of our 4-5-6 batters, you get GAS .....so if nothing else, we can at least threaten Keuechel with getting gassed by our power trio....
  10. Spot on. It's a long way up between these pitching staffs. Can Austin Martin pitch? Now Im just being pissy. But honestly, hard to know what direction this organization is going when we trade our sole true #2 SP for a IF/LF who knows what and a guy who maybe is a SP prospect and maybe is a SP suspect....hard to tell the difference these days. Yeah, I'm just being pissy.
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