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  1. Defense is 1 part athleticism and 2 parts commitment/repetition. Polanco and Arraez initiated this FO trend of creating interchangeable infield parts. Polancos injuries necessitated a permanent shift to 2b, he has improved since. Arraez is treated like a positional wandering nomad, and the team suffers. His offensive contributions are mitigated by his defense. But its not all on him. Whats worrying is the number of guys being developed in the same way. Is Kiriloff a 1b or OF? If 1b, play him there. Regularly. Miranda? Ditto. Arraez? Ditto. Lewis...SS, CF, corner? Really? After how many years , still cant figure out where he plays? Martin? What are they doing with some of the other minor league infielders featured on this site? Advancing high level prospects to MLB roster and deploying them like 26th man utility players? IMHO it is not only depressing wins now, but if our team somehow navigates this god-awful division to make a playoff series, will most certainly cost runs and games when the pressure is really on. It is clearly an organizational philosophy, but its the wrong one, and is detrimental to individual player development and the actual MLB product. Identify their best positions, give them rep's in MiLB, let them develop. Unless MlB wants to do something really radical, and roster for designated defense and offense....but thats for another discussion
  2. He does. But agree he is not being served well here, specifically by the organizational philosophy of not giving a hoot about developing defensive skills. Identify their position in minors, develop their skills, and plant them in that position in mlb. Expecting young guys to plug and play positions they are not practiced at...at the mlb level ...is ludicrous. It's OJT. See Lewis,Royce. Our organizational fascination with developing infielders who are not tasked with mastering a defensive position in their minor league development, then asked to learn a new position on the fly at mlb level....truly is mystifying. Jack of a few positions, master of none. Miranda, et al, deserve better organizational commitment and development.
  3. Time to clean house. Herein a list of everyone who should be fired after last night: Rocco Baldelli 5 Manager Jayce Tingler 33 Bench Coach Rudy Hernandez 63 Hitting Coach David Popkins 79 Hitting Coach Tucker Frawley Infield and Catching Coordinator Wes Johnson 47 Pitching Coach Luis Ramirez 91 Assistant Pitching Coach Hank Conger 35 First Base/Catching Coach Tommy Watkins 40 Third Base Coach Pete Maki 88 Bullpen Coach Bill Evers 67 Major League Coach Tony Diaz 46 Assistant Bench Coach Nate Dammann 75 Quality Control Coach Garrett Kennedy 97 Bullpen Catcher Connor Olson 98 Bullpen Catcher Packy Casey 48 Assistant Coach Chad Jackson Minor League Medical Coordinator Chairman: Jim Pohlad Board Member: Bill Pohlad Board Member: Bob Pohlad Board Member: Dave St. Peter Bat boys Ball boys Bat girls Ball girls Wally the Beer Man Corey Povus Dazzleman Bremer Entire TV crew
  4. Good sluething and encouraging report on Mr Jeffers. Here's hoping it comes true
  5. Don’t be excited. Let your soul wither and die. Optimism is your enemy. Misery is your birthright as a Minnesotan. Expect nothing and then expect it to get worse. This perfectly captures Minnesota sports fans pathos. So spot-on! Buck and AK should not occupy the field or dugout in any sort of proximity to one another.
  6. What's interesting about this article is pointing up the shifting paradigm in managing pitching rotations. But then it's hard to gauge where the Twins' FO sits on this spectrum. Trading Berrios indicates one thing, trading Rogers another. Maybe the consistency there is a decision not to extend contracted pitchers at FA market rates-whether that rate is length, cost or some combo of the two. If so, for Twins, it would then be about identifying controllable pitcher (define controllable? , IDK, pick a #, but guessing at least 1.5 yrs + of control for any mid-season trades), performing at or above their salary, who are flippable in future years, or whom the FO is willing to let walk if their FA contract projections exceed Twins' willingness to commit budget. That feels like a narrow lane to occupy. And the cost to the Twins will be in prospect capital, moreso than financial capital. They do have prospect capital this year to be competitive bidders, if they wish. But the whole situation just "feels" off this year. We traded our best SP and best RP in a matter of 6 months, clearly not expecting to be in this position, and now that we are, will they reverse course, and concede some of the prospect capital they gained to improve quality, especially BP, for the 2nd-half run? Or, just try moving internal pieces around the chessboard, since they were not investing in a playoff run this year anyhow? Or, the 3rd, maybe likeliest scenario, find the "under the radar" flyer type who they think they can squeeze better performance from, with minimal further stretch to the payroll? Again, narrow lane thing. I have no idea. But it does seem like July will be a really interesting month that might reveal more about their long-term strategy for roster construction, at least the pitching staff.
  7. Trade rumors are starting to rumble, and will hit high gear after the ASG. What/who should Twins target? This Bleacher piece is 6 weeks old, and hoping it hasnt already been featured in previous posts. If so, my bad. If not, it's fascinating. It's logic leads me to believe Twins should strengthen the 6/7th inning RP roles, by trade (or even internally....would Archer profile for this, or Bundy? ) All comments and ideas welcome! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2955675-the-newest-trend-taking-over-mlb-in-2022-and-beyond
  8. Agreed. Then again, how many times does he get to see a 4 seam cookie up and over the plate on a 2-0 count with bases full? I think his value is solid contact, strike zone control, pressure pitcher and defense to execute pitches and plays, or make mistakes, as pitcher did today. He didnt bite on the first two pitches away- unlike many of his teammates to exercise plate discipline in that situation. His game is contact and obp, the grand was a by-product of that not a deviation. I hope he sticks to his game because he's really good at it, and every now and then, he can launch one. I'm glad he's on the good guys team, he'd be a Twins-killer with anyone else, and I wish we had another 1 or 2 with comparable skill set in the regular order.
  9. No, firestick. I set up the apple acct but it wont play on firestick unless its first downloaded to a watchlist on an apple device.....some kerfuffle between apple and amazon abt apple app on prime...money apparently....go figure
  10. Took me multiple tries to realize cant access AppleTV via Amazon without a secondary Apple device. Nice. So, no Apple in this house. AM830. It's ok, the game in my mind is probably more interesting than the real one.
  11. A lament for Royce and fans: Deceptive this hope Here now, faint now, whispers only of the never-next
  12. Stunned am I the good guys won one. Knock me over with a feather stunned. And 15 runs combined against Nestor and Gerit. Who wouldve thought? But...... 20 runs allowed in 2 losses. No further statistical analysis needed thank you. I foresaw Sanchez inverting karma, a JR Murphy revenge series. Big #'s, single handedly win a couple. Oh for eight. Cashman still laughs. Urshela a bit better but was a typical Twin when needed the most. These 2 were Bad Guys 3 months ago who surely wouldve raked in this series if still so. Is it the uniform then? Something in the water? What is most needed for next series against Evil Empire? Stickem in our gloves Hotpepper in Bad Guys jocks Official exorcism of Bad Guys Above, but of Good Guys Twins take heavy doses of magic mushrooms b4 each game Or at least a lot of Ativan Better pitching Better hitting Better defending All of the above Some of the above
  13. A haiku celebrating the dessication of the Empire: Why runs totalled nine One only one those brazen Yanks Scoffed twins from the eights
  14. , it’s worth wondering if third base isn’t a position where Royce Lewis could find some additional playing time when he returns from the injured list. Interesting idea. Maybe so, but then what to do with Urshela? DH rotation? This begs the longer view question of how FO wants to develop Lewis. I'd prefer they settle on his best projected position and let him play until he proves he can or cant. To me that is SS. Mid-season try-out at 3b just seems disruptive to the IF rotation and potentially counter-productive to his transition to MLB. 20/20 hindsight: This 3B issue conundrum goes back to the Escobar trade. 3.5 yrs on and the jury is out still on the trade, but Escobar is one of the most underrated players in mlb, Duran will need to have quite a career to balance out what the Twins lost since that trade.
  15. Yes, and we shall have plenty of organic material to form haikus of lament over the next couple of days. It ought to come naturally to all Minnesota sports fans..... And the weekly haiku is actually a cool idea....TD staff, can we get something started? Chief will need an outlet or he might end up springing a major leak!
  16. But what's Chief gonna come up with for the next two? We need a weekly Twins haiku post/thread, all submissions accepted. Normal TD editorial policies need not apply. It's cathartic poetry after all
  17. Yep. Wow. Who can win in Anaheim? It seems no one can. Amazing with their talent they struggle every year to even make 500. Managers are more like doctors in my mind. First order of business is do no harm. 2nd thing is give players best chance possible to do their job. At the end of the day, its up to the players to execute pitches and plays. TK had that part figured out.
  18. This is succinctly putting it out there: how can this be? I look at it this way: It's a default position. Twins are in 1st because no other team in the division is. Somebody has to be, so it is the Twins, for now. They've taken advantage (so far) of the suckfest that is the AL Central, playing well in part but also benefiting from sad-sack level of play within division. So I dont carry great confidence in Twins chances of making noise if they do make playoffs. Oh and Eighteen buttresses this reality-based skepticism, and why that skepticism extends to moving any of our top tier prospects for rentals. We need to know who can play at mlb level, so bring the kids in, and if some contender develops a need for Correa, and it makes sense as in obtaining controllable, quality pitching depth, then be bold, creative, and make a move that strengthens the emerging core, and makes room for them to play. Talking about you Royce Lewis.
  19. And the potato's and gravy! Buck would benefit from some down time. Twins will benefit giving more rep's to the young guns. The problem points to the surprising development of these position players, and others in the wings. A good problem to have. Let's find out what we have in these guys. No one is going to run away with this division. Also agree on Kiriloff comments here. Guys currently on mlb roster (positional) deserve a chance to keep playing. Roll with them, give Buck a rest, and hope he comes back strong, and able to go more than 3 weeks between injuries.
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