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  1. 2 years on and still trying to replace the quality durability of a Berrios. There just arent that many SP's that can take it every 5th day and give your team a chance. Maybe Bassitt is closest to that model in this years class. Theres something to be said for those guys who can stabilize the rotation. But they should be paid. Twins just dont seem to want to pay for pitching.
  2. Yes it sure does, and others in the pipeline. If they sign Correa dominos will start to fall....who stays/who goes of Miranda, Polanco, Arraez, Kiriloff, Lewis, Lee, Martin, Miller, Joulien?
  3. He had success here, would have welcome him back. He deserves a chance to be a manager.
  4. If they think one of Lewis, Lee, or somebody else can take SS later this year, they should be clearing a path for that to happen. If they dont think they have a SS in the wings, then they need to sign one of the Big Boys. The only thing that really matters is what Falvine thinks, because as Falvine thinks, so Falvine does.
  5. It's T-Day week, and I get to start time off early this week! Yahoo! So I find myself perusing TD today, as well as MLB.com, and MLBTR, looking for news about free agent comings and goings. And not surprisingly, there is none. So I ask myself, and TD community, what gives with MLB and their excruciatingly interminable annual interregnum known as free agency? Aaron Judge was quoted saying not much will happen with him, and not much generally until the winter meetings, because things traditionally don't start moving until then. (Note to Aaron: not even then Aaron, not even then.) Winter meetings are 3 weeks after the start of free agency. 3 flippin weeks. And crickets. Jon Heyman says the Twins have a real shot at signing Correa, but it will be "awhile" before anything moves with him, because, well, just because I guess....Boras and all. "Awhile" could mean March for all we know, and as a matter of fact, probably does. So I wondered, what else can happen in the period of time it takes MLB to process their annual free agent class? 1. A peace treaty negotiated and finalized ending the Russian war on Ukraine. 2. The James Webb telescope could travel an additional 3-4 million miles into space. 3. 3.5 million babies born throughout the world, on average. 4. Regime change in Iran. 5. The final 60% of the NFL regular season, its playoffs, and Super Bowl. And Super Bowl post-game show. And Super Bowl parade. And Super Bowl merchandise setting new sales records for Super Bowl merch. 6. 50 thousand young people will begin and complete basic training in the five branches of USA military. 7. World peace and universal love and respect break out everywhere. 8. Tom Cruise will complete filming Mission Impossible 8 Dead Reckoning Part II. Speaking of Mission Impossible, is there any good reason in the world MLB could not have a reduced time frame to settle FA contracts? Should it really take more time to agree on Aaron Judges parking benefits than it does to negotiate nuclear test ban treaties? How is it possible Tom Cruise can complete a movie, on the international space station, before you guys can sign a friggin' baseball contract? Come on........ So I just ask the TD community, am I off base here, or is this a legit complaint? If so, what can be done to rectify the situation. Because, I feel exactly the same way as does the late, great Tom Petty who, with a big assist from the hooky riff off of the magical fingertips of Mike Campbell, declares the lament of baseball fans everywhere; are you listening MLB? 8.
  6. He's La Tortuga v.2, just not as much fun watching run the bases! I have zero idea if they are going to make a serious run at Correa. I am concerned that Lewis gets lost in the shuffle. He would be blocked at SS, and blocked at CF. Where does he play? His athleticism would be wasted in one of the corners. Maybe they are evaluating Lewis's recovery and deciding the injuries are such that he will not function at SS, or CF. I could live with that. Only time would tell if that judgment was right, but I could live with a decision based on their professional judgment. What would be more upsetting would be if Lewis is just odd man out because of circumstance. Twins have invested a great deal in developing and supporting him, we finally had a brief glimpse of his potential last year, and there is undeniable potential. I'd like for Lewis to have his shot, I think he's earned it with his resiliency and the potential he has shown to date. I am hopeful in a way I havent been for a very long time imagining a left sided infield tandem of Lewis and Lee. There is always uncertainty bringing up a new guy. Worked out OK for Houston this year though. And who can predict if fair value will be extracted over the life of a 300 million contract? Falvine is getting paid to figure it out. I hope he/they get it right, whatever direction they go. There will be no shortage of critics opening fire, this one included, if they mess it up.
  7. Twins Trade Gio Urshela to the Los Angeles Angels What are supposed to call this team? California Angels....Anaheim Angels....Anaheim of Los Angeles Angels...Los Angeles Angels ....should there be more specificity, like the Platinum Triangle Neighborhood of Anaheim in the Vicinity of Los Angeles Angels Who Are Not the Dodgers--- IDK, to me, I say LA and think of the Dodgers. Anaheim of LA is like the drunk uncle of the SoCal baseball family nobody wants to talk about. They need an identity.
  8. Thanks Theo, its fascinating to see the tracings 20 years on and realize the dna of that trade still circulates for Twins. And I hated that move, hated it, when it was made....we should have gotten more for aj! Good thing Im not the gm.... Thie info points out , again, that if the Twins develop high quality talent, at some point market rate contracts are required to maintain that talent. Assuming Duran stays healthy and effective, we have about 3 seasons before the trade chatter will start. Question remains open: will Twins ever pay an elite level pitcher market rate contract?
  9. And, the only guy in MLB who is athletic enough to play SS and LF at the same time. Quick, very, very quick....
  10. Farmer started out mlb career as a catcher. Just sayin.....
  11. Sooooooo, youre not supposed to lick clean your Xperience fitness gym locker after each workout? Dang,,........................
  12. Now if we can only figure out a way to pry Jake Cave from those pesky Orioles
  13. "It's something to be lamented, not celebrated." I agree, a real sense of unfulfilled potential, which makes for a weird sense of disappointment even though he provided plenty of highlights and contributed to some good teams. He seems like the kind of player whose problems are more between the ears than swing mechanics. If he can get squared away he can still contribute....Miami needs power. Cleveland too....that would be interesting!
  14. Saw this in a friend of a friends home, actually looked pretty cool where it was placed: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1313869206/minnesota-twins-3d-sports-logo-wood-wall?click_key=2af16a80fe263358cfb50f1a39130472901e8a5d%3A1313869206&click_sum=ccbc31ba&ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=minnesota+twins&ref=sr_gallery-1-34&organic_search_click=1&cns=1&edd=1
  15. Could see generous opt-outs in particular situations, but they would be the exception to the rule. Guaranteed cash is still king. But for some who are younger, maybe pre-30, and potentially could increase their value over a 2-4 year period, they might be interested. Guess the question might be, if opt-outs are one way to increase the non-cash value of the offer, why not offer annual opt-outs after the first 2 years for shorter overall term? Player has guaranteed higher value on the front end, team has guaranteed performance for 2 years , and if player thinks he can leverage a better deal at that point, more power to him. Would have to be somebody willing to bet on himself in a big way. Theoretically it sounds reasonable, but I suspect in reality it will still be a matter of guaranteed cash carrying the day most of the time. That, and the dreadful no-trade clauses..........but those seem to be the cost of doing business in the high end free agent pool.
  16. Just imagine the pitch counts a lineup starting with Martin, Julien, and Luis Arraez could run up on starters in the majors someday soon. It is fun to imagine an offense that begins with table-setter types. Harder to imagine how all 3 would fit defensively in the same game. But its great to see Martin step-up and Joulien emerge, Twins are developing legit options, and that is nothing but good news !!!
  17. Trevino is the definition of inconsistent. If we're taking him onto the roster in February something has gone terribly wrong. IKF is very interesting, I hadnt read he was on the bubble....gotta believe there is trade value if Yanks are serious about moving him. But if he did pop up in the next few days would have to believe Twins would be interested.
  18. I would love to see them pursue Nimmo, but reports are the Mets will do whatever they need to bring him back. Haniger sounds like he wants to return to Seattle. If not, he'd be a great target. More likely one of Drury or Mancini would more fit the Twins pattern and spending range. Game on in a few days!
  19. Fun material, thanks Mike. Bullies beware, you could be immortalized someday
  20. Whether its coaching or him, results have to improve. Short leash, even if it means admitting a bad trade. Dont sacrifice a bunch of games trying to prove a point. He gets better or team moves on.
  21. Yep. Maybe time to re-define "save". The guy who pitches out of the 7th inning jam preserving a lead that ultimately holds up....maybe that guy gets the "save" designation. Or the save is just discarded entirely. There are plenty of other ways/stats to identify who performs well in high leverage, and who wets the bed. Sequence BP rotation accordingly......
  22. Brewers cut Boxberger, who is similar in style but preferable to Anderson overall imho. These guys will be waiting into Jan/Feb, if they get a MLB contract. If we do sign a "take a flyer" guy, Boxberger might be interesting. But only if there is a substantial BP addition or two b4 that.
  23. Coordinator, Run Creation, analyses trends and then advises baserunners in the strategy of running forward. This is generally considered a proven, effective strategy to increase the possibility of scoring a run. Disco Dan Ford is brought in to advise on those particular situations when running backwards is warranted. This synergizes with the Coordinator, Run Prevention department.
  24. 57-0......guessing they made the playoffs?
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