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  1. The flyout that people are mentioning was about 10 feet short of his third home run of the game, and off the bat it 100 percent looked like it was his third of the game.
  2. Crazy how much bullpen depth we have at the ready right now. Might not be the top-end guys that other teams have, but if we need a guy to come up and save our arms for a couple games, we sure have that in spades!
  3. And here I thought Guaranteed Rate Field would remain the dumbest stadium name in baseball for a long, long time. Didn't take long for that to be made completely wrong!
  4. We do remember when not even Dozier had Dozier's power, right?
  5. I think this is a very interesting idea. Honestly, if baseball were any other sport, I think there's a chance they might have actually thought about trying to implement this for the 2021 season. I say that because the two bigger sports that were really thrown off their schedules, basketball and hockey, are now going to have to try and reset themselves into something resembling a normal schedule over the next year or two, and it's going to take a little while. But baseball still has the ability to implement its normal offseason (at least for now), so like you said, it's probably not going to be happening.
  6. Hacks me off we don't get Rooker for the playoffs. Man I loved what he was doing at the plate, even if he wasn't that good in the field.
  7. Especially with how much torque goes into his swing. I mean all swings heavily involve the knees but Arraez in particular I'm sure has to be careful with his.
  8. What could also now happen that we're (for the moment) in first in the division is that the A's take second seed, we could get the third seed, and then we'd be playing the Astros.
  9. I'm glad they went with Wade. I've always had a soft spot for a guy like Wade who can work a walk with a great eye that can drive a pitcher nuts at the plate (one of the reasons why I was an Arraez fan early last year). Hopefully Arraez heals up quick and can be of use to the team in the second round if they make it that far (though if they feel he's healthy earlier, that's good too!)
  10. Though it should be said that FTMP Twins pitchers are probably leading the league in not leaving in the middle of innings, or at worst in the top three. They've done pretty well at getting in and getting out and then passing along to the next guy for the next inning.
  11. We have a stupidly low BABIP against Skubal this season, hopefully that reverts a little tonight.
  12. This one actually surprised me a little, though maybe I haven't been actually watching enough games to notice when Stashak is getting his heaviest workload.
  13. Definite value in having at least one of those be a little more contact- and average-favorable compared to the generally power-focused other prospects (though a guy like Kiriloff has the skills to do both).
  14. Hell I'm hoping that the Mariners can make a run the final two weeks of the season and knock the Astros out of a playoff position! That would be super fun. They're only separated by a couple of games and while the M's have a really tough schedule the final two weeks if they can keep it up and the Astros continue their slide, they might be able to sneak through.
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