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  1. Who would say our outfield was going to be Gordon-Contreras-Cave after the All Star break?
  2. I'm really frustrated about this FO. We needed BP guys and they DIDN'T EVEN TRY to get Astudillo. Can't be serious about contending. This FO is a joke.
  3. I'm constantly shocked with this Megill guy. Can throw 100mph but always throwing soft curveballs just to get crushed.
  4. Yesterday Aaron Gleeman published a new overview of Twins top 20 prospects after this year's draft. Having 4 SS and 0 C on that list caught my attention. Here's the breakdown by position depth: C - 0 IF - 7* OF - 3* RHP - 8 LHP - 3 * Austin Martin is listed both as IF & OF https://theathletic.com/3434545/2022/07/25/twins-top-prospects-rankings-list/
  5. I remember once upon a time there was a Fernando Romero & Stephen Gonsalves duo as next wave of Twins SP of the future. Prospects are really hard to predict. (Although Byung-ho Park was not a prospect, I remember there was a lot of hype going on with the Korean slugger too)
  6. Next article might be about bringing Mauer back from retirement. This post is laughable.
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