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  1. This Pagan guy can't be trusted more than Duffey can. They both led us easily to at least 5 or 6 losses this season and this can be the difference between winning the division or being left off the playoffs this year (even with the expanded playoffs, the AL Central is on pace to have only one team represented in the postseason - the bottom seeded division winner). This FO have to make a decision: compete this year and trade for a real bullpen (this current bullpen is a joke) OR stop pretending, assume this is a preparation for 2023 and stop throwing garbage arms and start to develop guys for the years to come. If I had 3 meltdowns in the same week at my job, I'd probably be without it right now...
  2. Looks like Rocco is trying to get himself in the same path Joe Maddon. Poor choices on the bullpen usage in a winnable game. I have never been a Rocco hater, but he's trying to prove me wrong every night. Sad, just sad...
  3. Did someone bring this up before? https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/05/orioles-claim-chris-vallimont-from-twins.html
  4. Gio's defense has been a gift to watch at 3B. Glad to see him making those catches and saving some runs. Way to go kiddo.
  5. Rumors say the Twins have a deal to bring La Tortuga to be our staff Ace for the rest of the season.
  6. JV is on pace to throw a no hitter sitting down 27 batters and won't be a perfect game. This might be a good trivia question in the future
  7. I'm affraid the FO is going to order to replace his arm for one of Shoemaker's arm
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